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Silk worms, on rearing of, in Water pipes, an efficacious me

237 | thod of drawing off accumu-
Sinclair, Sir John's address to I lated air from, - 323

the Society for the improve- Wilson, Reverend James, his
ment of British wool, 31 method ofdecomposing Glau-
Sketch, descriptive, of Edin- I ber's salt, - 310
burgh, when viewed as a Windischgratz's Problem, .225

picturesque object, 241 Wool, British, Society for im-
Sketches, characteristical, of Mr. I provment of, - 31

Sõlitary philosopher, a living Young, Arthur, Esq. view of

19! the amount of the taxes on
Songs, Scottish, on,

201 his eftate,
Sparrows, miscellaneous re Obfervations on do... 265

marks on, -' 224
Spewing out of plants, pheno

mena, 'of explained,
Statistical inquiries, observa Address to Robert Burns, 110
tions on,

6 to the Swallow, : 274
Story, a Moorish one, : 335. Aldridge, Doctor, his five rea-
Subtenants, petition and com- fons for drinking,
plaint of,

300 Ambition, on the vanity of, 274
Swedish turnip, letter on, from

Doctor Coventry of Edin Burns, Robert, address to, 110

Cherokee Indians, death-fong
Tale, Walter, . ,* 231 of,

Taxes, amount of, on the estate Cumming, extracts from his

of Arthur Young, Esq.*** *180,1 poems, -
Observations on do:

-Effects of war,
Test act, Union Parliament, 2701 Love of fame,

Tondi and Ruprecht, Messrs. -Mifer,

account of their discoveries -Benevolence,
of metallic earths,

Varieties in Natural History, Death song of the Cherokee

utility of attending to with Indians,
regard to practical arts, 339/
Vegetables, inquiries concern- Edwin the comedian, on the

ing useful productious that death of,
may be obtained from, 2151 Egremont, Earl of his fair
W .

Walpole, Sir Robert, anecdote

- 144 Fair thief, by the late Earl of .
Walter, a tale, translated from 1 Egremont,
the French of Mr. le Grand, 2311!

i H.
Happiness, !a poem, extracts

Hill, Aaron, prologue by, 279
Horace imitated,


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• 187

Horace, ode attribued to, with its

354 Play ticket,

Prologue by Shakespeare
Johnson, Dr. S, his address to V

by Aaron Hill,

Mr. Urban, - 29 Shakespeare, prologue by,

Kate o' Bruntsfield links, 357 ganz verses on, 355
Sonnet from Werter,

Lammy, a favourite new song, Swallow, address to,

147, 200
Lark, a song,

317 Tale for the ladies, a 69
Lover's wish,

- 317

M .

Urban, Mr. address to, by Dr.
Maffinger's play, “ a new way S. Johnston,

to pay old debts," extract
352 | Vanity of ambition,


Verses on the death of Lady i
Night thoughts a fragment, 2291 Mitchell,

Nothing new,


Werter, Sonnet from, 230.
Ode to content,

316 Whift, a poem, extracts from, 28,69
attributed to Horace, White Rose . ..218
with its tranflation,



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Page 2d 1. 7. bot. for deprecate, read 12: 200, !. 3, for calves read calces depreciate

lib. 1. 5 from bottom, for young and D14. note, I. 2, for freignt, read freight smiling, read young, my limiling . 12, note, bot. add, the same effect p_201, motto, for 'Tib. 43 Ec. read would be produced

T Tib, I, 3. El. 0.26. 1. 2d' from bottom, for favour.lib. 1, 2, for thort read ftriet able, read unfavourable,

lib. l. 3, for, ose read rise p. 27. 1. 4tb, for funk, read fhrunk. p. 202,1 + from bottom for iníc ib. for Sainsoin, read Sainfoin

I read inserted 2. 28, 1. 6 from bottom, for broken, p. 204, 1. 17, for Jack and Jenny read read brazen

the woning of Jock and Jenny n. 36, line 20, for falt fmerring, read lib. note, for Troipart read FroidTart salt, smearing.

|p. 205,1. 3, for provided, read promot. 26 l. 26, for aurels, read laurels. l ed p. 55, l. 5. for rate read rule.

Ip. 209, 1, 21, for Scots read score 0.60.1. 17, for husbandmen mifanpre. lib. l. 27, for make a new model of, hend, read husbandmen thould either read make, of new model misapprehend

p. 210, Sig. for Runcole read Ruricola p. 64,1.4. for concerting read conduct p. 211, 1, 28, for quick read Meg. ..

p. 214, notel, :, for great resd aerial P, 69, 1. 6, for the, read they

p. 225 1. 1, for crown read brown 1.3 from bottom, for the virgin'sp, 232, penult, for Amadas of Sebaila, hand, read her virgin hand

read Amadis, of Sebilla X. . penult, for fighs rend figns I p. 237,l. 18, for bertizen read Bertep. 70, between the 10 and I line, add zen a line of dotts . .

ib, 1, 20, for Norille read Noaille ib. 1. 19, for always on read oft upon p, 238,1 31 for owe read own p. 71,1. 12, for enough his mind re-ib, l. 35, for flatterers read Autterers

veal'd, read his mind enough rep. 245, note I, 14, for Brtiith read Briveal'd

tith p. 14, 1. 12. for propable read probable p. 255,1. 7 from bottom, for mild read p.77, l. 22, for ane read and

wild ib. 1. 40, for ventulution read ven- P. 274 motto, for Sapiffet read Sapuiffet tilation

Tp. 275, 1. 17 from bottom, for ot read 1.79, . 4, for hat read that ib. 1. §. for hat read that

p. 279,1.1, for Kiug read King p. 108, 1. 18, for scringa read (eringa glass

111, 1. 18, for probation read pro- ib. ib. for fnpply read supply teaion

p. 280, 1, 5, for to to try read to try p. 113, 1. 2. for Sir John read Sir Willp.294,1. 19, for substances that, read

subitances laid upon objects that . 138,1. 5, for Hymn I. rend Hymn Il. lib. 1. 24, for have been, read have not ib. 1. 20, for upon read up on

been ib. l. 22, for o er read over

PA 299, 1. 20, for under read in p. 143, 1. Il from bottom, for even Ip. 305, 1, 11, for rise read use read Leven

ib, laft line, for ruit read trust

p, 306, nore 1, 2, for respected read reabsorb

puted ib. 1. 6 for Bergmarn read Bergmann ib: 1.4, for involuntarily read involun. 1. 179, 1. 12. read ibus. Soon after tary

the earthquake at Lisbon happened, p. 307,1 . 14, for tew read few by which difaftrous accident Mr, M. p. 312, 1, 13, at the end of the para. loft almost all his property. But after graph add left a part of the alkali wards the lucrative division of the disengaged prize money, gained by the capture p. 323, 1. 11. for cylindrical read fphe. of the Hermione, having made a more rical than favourable change in their p. 325,1. 13, for ducility read du&ility circumstances, there generous Cap-lp. 327, 1. 8, from bottom, for Schim

tains, &c. This extraordinary error was occafion-D. 328, 1. 3, for primatie read prismatic ed by the carelelsness of the transcrib. p. 339, 1. 20, for confounded read con er, and ought to be altered, as it ma l

ugnt to be alterca,, as it mas founded terially affects the sense of the passage p. 342, 1, 21, for Fig. 2 read Fig. 4 p. 184, 1, 13, for a read an

Tp. 350, 1, 6, for lights read light 1.1. 18. at the beginning of this line, p. 356, 1. 3, for nickly read Quickly and the thrce following paragraphs, Add"

TO THE DINDER. The three half sheets of the Chronicle to be bound up before the Inder



hele generous Capo Pinitz'read Shemnitarie read prismatic

End of VOL. II.

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