Metallic Structures: Corrosion and Fouling and Their Prevention: A Practical Aidbook to the Safety of Works in Iron and Steel and of Ships, and to the Selection of Paints for Them

Spon, 1896 - 374 Seiten

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Seite 224 - Tempest the ocean : there leviathan, Hugest of living creatures, on the deep Stretch'd like a promontory sleeps or swims, And seems a moving land ; and at his gills Draws in, and at his trunk spouts out, a sea.
Seite 224 - Graze the sea-weed their pasture, and through groves Of coral stray, or sporting with quick glance Show to the sun their waved coats dropt with gold ; Or in their pearly shells at ease attend Moist nutriment, or under rocks their food In jointed armour watch : on smooth the seal And bended dolphins play ; part, huge of bulk, Wallowing unwieldy, enormous in their gait, Tempest the ocean...
Seite 224 - Forthwith the sounds and seas, each creek and bay, With fry innumerable swarm, and shoals Of fish that with their fins, and shining scales, Glide under the green wave, in sculls that oft Bank the mid sea ; part single, or with mate, Graze the sea-weed their pasture, and through groves Of coral stray; or, sporting with quick glance, Show to the sun their wav'd coats dropt with gold...
Seite 21 - Q. What new compounds are produced by the change called PUTREFACTION ? A. The carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen, of the original substance (being separated by decomposition) reunite in the following manner. 1. Carbon and oxygen unite to form carbonic acid. 2. Oxygen and hydrogen unite to form water. 3. Hydrogen and nitrogen unite to form ammonia. Hartshorn is a solution of ammonia in water.
Seite 142 - Below the line of the bottom, the outer scale of the wrought.iron pile itself was still smooth, hard, and bright, with only a few rusty spots here and there. From the level of the bottom up to the low water, the surface of the pile, after the mussels, which covered it to the thickness of six inches with a closely adhering coat, were scraped off, was found to be full of small cavities, and of a streaky fibrous appearance. Between low. and high.water marks the pile was still smooth ; but above...
Seite 115 - is considered separately from ' unstrained ' metaL When, however, the strained metal is in galvanic circuit or combination with the unstrained metal in any solution, an increased total corrosion ensues from the galvanic action, which research has shown to arise consequent on the diffei-ent potential between the two.
Seite 116 - ... their strained condition to be acted upon by sea-water, or other waters, than in their ordinary normal or softer condition. The experiments, however, indicate that an increased total corrosion, in excess of the normal corrosibility of the metal, occurs in a metallic bridge, vessel, boiler, or other structure, from the action of the local galvanic currents which are shown to be induced between 'strained' and ' unstrained ' portions of even the same piece of iron or steel forging, bar, or plate.
Seite 116 - unstrained ' portions of even the same piece of iron or steel forging, bar, or plate. Hence a strain occurring in a metallic structure tends, owing to the local galvanic action thus set up, to increase any corrosive forces which may be deteriorating the metal of which it is composed.

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