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Held At Laki Chautauqua, N. Y., June i6, 27, 28, And 29, 1877.

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The Transactions of the Thirtieth Session of the American Institute of Homoeopathy are herewith submitted. The Institute having repealed the rule by which such papers only as related to the subjects selected by the various bureaus were allowed to be published, a wider range of essays will be found in the present volume.

The delay in issuing the work, which would otherwise have been ready for delivery by the first of October, was due to the failure on the part of the engravers of the charts accompanying Professor Ludlam's paper to furnish the plates in time. It was tbe decision of the Publication Committee that the Transactions would be greatly depreciated in value by the omission of the excellent paper "On Clinical Thermometry applied to the Diseases of AVomen," and hence your Committee decided to wait.

On behalf of the Publication Committee,

Robert J. McdiATCHEY,

General Secretary.



Proceedings and Miscellaneous Papers.

Officers of the Institute for 1877-78 *87l 11

Aet. LIV. Proceedings of the Thirtieth Session 877 17

Address of the President, E. C. Franklin, M.D., 877 17

Appointment of Committee on Credentials and Auditing Committee, 892 32

Report of the Committee of Publication, 892 82

Report and Statement of the Treasurer, E. M. Kkllouo, M.D., . . 893 33

Necrolotfieal Report submitted, 894 34

Discussion on the Publication of Papers, 895 35

Bureau of Pedology 899 39

First Report of the Board of Censors 900 40

Bureau of Gynecology, 901 41

Report of the Censors. Admission of Members, 902 42

Bureau of Obstetrics, 903 43

Report of the Auditing Committee, 904 44

Committee on Medical Literature, 904 44

Committee on a Homoeopathic Dispensatory 904 44

Committee on Foreign Correspondence, 905 45

Bureau of Surgery 905 45

Memorial*Session In Memory Of Carroll Dunham, M.D., . . 906 46

Bureau of Materia Medica, Pharmacy and Provings, .... 921 61

Bureau of Clinical Medicine 922 62

Alteration of the By.Laws, 924 04

Speedy Publication of the Transactions, 924 64

Bureau of Anatomy and Physiology, 927 67

Amendment of the By-Laws, 928 68

Committee on Legislation, 929 69

Election of Honorary Members, 931 71

Bureau of Ophthalmology, Otology and Laryngology, .... 931 71

Election of Officers, 935 75

Bureau of Microscopy, 936 76

Bureau of Organization, Registration and Statistics 936 76

Letter from Dr. Alrert W. Houpt, of Chemnitz, Saxony, . . . 937 77

Intercollegiate Committee, 937 77

Bureau of Psychological Medicine, 943 83

Bureau of General Sanitary Science, Climatology and Hygiene, . . 944 84

The Order ot Business in Future, 947 87

Committee on Credentials, 948 88

A Petition to the President, 953 93

Votes of Thauks, 956 96

Complete Report of the Board ot Censors, 958 98

* The first column of figures refers to the top and the second to the bottom of the page.

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