The gun, ram, and torpedo, manoeuvres and tactics of a naval battle in the present day: prize essay. To which are added 2 essays (Essay on naval tactics) by J.K. Laughton and (Essay on steam tactics in a general action) by C. Campbell


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Seite 25 - Constitution and Practice of Courts-Martial, with a Summary of the Law of Evidence, and some Notice of the Criminal Law of England with reference to the Trial of Civil Offences. By Capt.
Seite 73 - Bams are the arm of naval warfare to which I attach the " chief importance. In my opinion the aim of all manoeuvring
Seite 33 - Whether the \ar,->. formation for attack in line abreast, in echelon, in detached triangular groups, or in line-ahead, be the one to be generally adopted, is still debated by naval officers — each method has its advocates. But whichever finds most favour, there is little doubt that the attack itself, indeed that the whole combat, will consist of a series of rapid penetrations of the enemy's line, not unlike the diecphio of tinGreeks. Each side will be equally an attacking party.
Seite 15 - ... ships well enveloped in smoke, and doing all the damage it can with guns. In the meantime (or directly the leading ships meet), the other (or second) division, having been previously instructed, will turn eight points towards the first division, and, in column of groups in line abreast, will pass astern of the first division and charge the enemy along its whole line before it can have recovered from the effects of the first encounter : this ia the time to use the rams.
Seite 5 - ... distinguished naval officer, who from 1893 up to 1898 was a sea lord of the Admiralty, recorded his own convictions in 1874 in an essay which, from among many others, was selected for the prize by such other distinguished officers as Admirals Milne, Ryder, and Cooper Key ; and they are as follows : "In a, general action I do not hold that the guns will be the " principal weapon ; but should the ship's engines or steering" gear be disabled, temporarily or permanently, her guns will
Seite 15 - ... that division exchanging broadsides and moving directly ahead, keeping all the enemy's ships enveloped in smoke, and doing all the damage it can with its guns.
Seite 92 - ... de sa route, à s'inspirer de son exemple et à se passer de ses signaux. Tout le secret de la tactique navale est là.
Seite 25 - I endeavoured to point out that however valuable in theory as an attacking formation, this angular figure might be, it was so unwieldy and so difficult to maintain, that practically it was valueless. Since I gave that opinion I have had opportunities of making experiments in an actual fleet, with the fullest confirmation of those views.
Seite 73 - the beak is now the principal weapon in naval combats — the ultima ratio of maritime war,' set about the construction of a new system of tactics. The Russian, under the guidance of that distinguished seaman, Admiral Boutokov, an officer who gained the admiration of the British fleet in the Black Sea by his enterprise and gallantry when commanding the Vladimir against us, accepted the results...

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