Calcareous Cements: Their Nature, Manufacture & Uses with Some Observations Upon Cement Testing

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Page 85 - SKETCHES OF BRITISH BIRDS IN THEIR HAUNTS. BY CHARLES DIXON. The Spacious Air. — The Open Fields and Downs. — In the Hedgerows.— On Open ; Heath and Moor. — On the Mountains. — Amongst the Evergreens. — Copse and Woodland. — By Stream and Pool. — The Sandy Wastes and Mudflats.— Sea-laved Rocks.— Birds of the Cities.— INDEX. "Enriched with excellent illustrations. A welcome addition to all libraries.
Page 38 - Duties and Present Position. EDUCATION : A Seaman's Education : what it should be — Present Means of Education — Hints. DISCIPLINE AND DUTY — Postscript — The Serious Decrease in the Number of British Seamen, a Matter demanding the Attention of the Nation.
Page 59 - Calcination — Motor Power and its Transmission - Company Formation — Mining Appliances and Methods — Australasian Mining Regulations. " PRACTICAL from beginning to end . . . deals thoroughly with the Prospecting. Sinking, Crushing, and Extraction of gold.
Page 43 - The Master's Duty in relation to Pilots, Signals, Flags, and Light Dues— The Master's Duty upon Arrival at the Port of Discharge— Appendices relative to certain Legal Matters : Board of Trade Certificates, Dietary Scales, Stowage of Grain Cargoes, Load Line Regulations, Life-saving Appliances, Carriage of Cattle at Sea, Ac., &c.— Copious Index.
Page 78 - SECOND EDITION, Revised. In Crown 8vo. Handsome Cloth. Profusely Illustrated. 8s. 6d. net. SANITARY ENGINEERING: A Practical Manual of Town Drainage and Sewage and Refuse Disposal. For Sanitary Authorities, Engineers, Inspectors, Architects, Contractors, and Students. BY FRANCIS WOOD, AMlNsr.CE, FGS, Borough Engineer and Surveyor, Fulham ; late Borough Engineer, Bacup, Lanes.
Page 78 - Pollution of Water. — Ventilation and Warming. — Principles of Sewage Removal. — Details of Drainage ; Refuse Removal and Disposal. — Sanitary and Insanitary Work and Appliances. — Details of Plumbers' Work. — House Construction. — Infection and Disinfection. — Food, Inspection of ; Characteristics of Good Meat; Meat, Milk, Fish, &c., unfit for Human Food. — Appendix: Sanitary Law ; Model Bye-Laws, &c.
Page 54 - CONTENTS. — INTRODUCTION. — Occurrence of Minerals. — Prospecting. — Boring. — Breaking Ground. — Supporting Excavations. — Exploitation. — Haulage or Transport. — Hoisting or Winding. —Drainage. — Ventilation. — Lighting.— Descent and Ascent.— Dressing, &c.— INDEX. " A remarkably clear survey of the whole field of mining operations."— Engineer.
Page 36 - II. Classification of Steel Ships. III. Considerations in making choice of Type of Vessel. — Framing of Ships. IV. Strains experienced by Ships. — Methods of Computing and Comparing Strengths of Ships.
Page 29 - TRAVERSE TABLES: Computed to Four Places of Decimals for every Minute of Angle up to 100 of Distance. For the Use of Surveyors and Engineers. BY RICHARD LLOYD GURDEN, Authorised Surveyor for the Governments of New South Wales and Victoria, ** Published with the Concurrence oj the Surveyors- General for New South Wales and Victoria. "Those who have experience in exact SURVEY-WORK will best know how to appreciate the enormous amount of labour represented by this valuable book.

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