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Brown filly by Glenmasson, dam by Ion, out of Rhedycina (Mr. J. Day)...
Chesnut illy by Glenmasson, out of Bellona (Captain Lane)...
Chesnut colt by Glenmasson, out of The Happy Queen (Mr. Sanger)

[blocks in formation]

British Lion by Nutbourne, out of Rosina, 3 yrs (Mr. Parlby)
Bay colt by Vedette, out of Weatherglass, 2 yrs (Mr. C. A. Parker)
Pirateer by Buccaneer, out of Vicountess by Stockwell, 4 yrs (Mr. Sanger)
Countess by Thormanby, out of Princess by Iago (Mr. Parlby)

45 20 40 20

At Middle Park, on Saturday, July 10th :



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30 50 50 35 25 60

30 120

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160 55 35 155 150 170 150

50 200 210 280

110 220 160


Bf by Amsterdam, out of Touch-me-Not by Touchstone (Mr. Price)
Bf by Amsterdam, out of Miss Erskine by Loup Garou (Mr. Jaques)
B f by Dundee, ont of Restless by Burgundy (Mr. J. Nightingall)
B f by King John, out of Christina by Wild Dayrell (Mr. Sadler)
Ch c by Thunderbolt, out of Boadicea by Marsyas (Mr. Walters)
B c by Trumpeter, out of Queen Anne by King Tom (Mr. Nightingall)
B c by Weatherbit or Amsterdam, out of Creeping Rose by Surplice (Sir T. B. Len-

Ch c by King John, out of Lily Lye by Sweetmeat (Mr. Harris)
Ch c by Marsyas or High Treason, out of Butterfly by Knight of the Whistle (Count

B c by The Prime Minister, out of Chalybeate by Leamington (Mr. Jos. Dawson)
Ch f by Amsterdam, out of Rosy Morn by Harkaway (Mr. A. Briggs)
Ch f by King John, out of Vesuvienne by Gladiator (Mr. F. Fisher)
Ch f by Dundee, out of Rose of Kent by Kingston (Mr. A. Briggs)
Ch f by Weatherbit, out of Andromaque by The Flying Dutchman (M. Cavaliero)
Ch c by King John, out of Exact by Birdcatcher (Mr. A. Briggs)
B c by Dundee, out of Summerside by Lexington (Mr. Pryce)
Ch c by King John, out of Merlette by The Baron (Mr. Foster).
Ch c by Gladiateur, out of Goldfinch, by West Anstralian (Mr. Nightingall)
Br c by Gladiateur, out of Frolic by Touchstone (Mr. T. Jennings)
Brf (sister to Sunshade) by Weatherbit, out of Furbelow by Cotherstone (Mr.

Bf by Weatherbit, out of Fayaway by Orlando (Mr. J. B. Morris)
B c by Newminster, out of Merry Wing by Birdcatcher (Mr. J. S. Bland)
Ch c by Blair Athol, out of Polly Noble by Hobbie Noble or Connaught Ranger (Mr.

H. Tunstall)
Brf by Saunterer

, out of Alma by Flatcatcher (M. Cavaliero)
Ch f by Saunterer, out of Aspasia by Pyrrhus the First (Mr. Edwards)
Bl f by Saunterer, out of Tested by Touchstone (Mr. Jaques)
Chf by Blair Athol, out of Silkstone by Touchstone (M. Cavaliero)
Ch c by King John, out of Marseillaise by Bay Middleton (Count Batthyany)
B e by Dundee, out of England's Beauty by Birdcatcher (Mr. Robinson)
Bi (sister to Auld Lang Syne) by Dundee, out of Reconnaissance by Stockwell (Mr.

Bf by Claret, out of Coimbra by Kingston (Mr. Weatherby)
Chf by Weatherbit, out of Ada Mary by Hobbie Noble or Marsyas (Mr. Nightingall)
Br f by Dundee, out of Madame Stodare by Sleight-of-Hand (Mr. Dangar)
Bl f by Saunterer, out of Lady Vernon by Poynton (Mr. R. Sherwood)
Bf by Macaroni, out of Remedy by The Cure (Mr. C. Brooks)
At Albert Gate, on Monday, July 12th :

Ch c by Thunderbolt, out of Mazurka by Fandango (Colonel Maude)
Ch c by Thunderbolt,

165 510 150 190 510 170 140

105 125 210 35 60 55 GS

out of Blanche de Nevers by Vengeance (Mr. Evershed)
Bc by Peon, out of Eugénie by King Tom (Lord Meath)
Ch c Ly Thunderbolt, out of Golden Hair by Orlando (Mr. J.S. Bland)...
Br c by Surplic, out of Zerlina by Annandale (Lord Eglinton)
B c by Wild Dayrell, out of Leoville by Claret (Mr. Toynbe)
Chf by Thunderbolt, out of Lady Weymouth (Mr. Bourke)...
Bf by Thunderbolt, ont of Lay Sister by Orlando (Mr. Johnstone)


45 50 45 150 60 50 26 40

Ch f by Thunderbolt, out of a Daniel O'Rourke mare (Junius's dam) (Mr. Bead

B f by Thunderbolt, out of Coterie by Cotherstone (Sir A. Neave)
Bf by Blair Athol, out of Francesca by Newminster (Mr. Bourke)
B f by Thunderbolt, out of Cordelia by Vengeance (Mr. Bourke)...

Anton, b c by Atherstone, out of The Twin, by Wild Dayrell (Mr. Case)
Caradoc, b c by Caractacus, out of Flower Safety by Wild Dayrell (Mr. J. S. Bland)...

70 40 65 60

70 100

[blocks in formation]

Cork Jacket, 4 yrs, by Lifeboat, out of Lygonia by Pantaloon (Mr. Simpson)

At Knightsbridge, on Monday, July 19th :


Diana by Musjid, out of Harridan by Kingston ; with a colt foal by Chevalier d'In

dustrie, and covered by Prime Minister (Mr Stone)







100 30 20 430 240 150 32 70 11

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80 40


Plansible by Springy Jack, out of Pasquinade ; with a filly foal by Thormanby (Mr

Excitement by Annandale, out of Emotion ; with a colt foal by Prime Minister (Mr

Ylang-Ylang by Buccaneer, ont of Stockade by Stockwell (Mr Allatt)
Canard by Weatherbit, out of Stuff and Nonsense (Mr Newnham)
Viridis by Marsyas, out of Maid of Palmyra, 5 yrs (Her Majesty)
Python by Y. Melbourne, out of Latona, 5 yrs (Mr H. Wright)
Hammerton by Colsterdale, out of Greylock, 4 yrs (Mr Barnes)
Limerick by Drumour, out of Sister to Dalby, 3 yrs (Mr Bainbridge)
Wild Willie by Wild Dayrell, out of Mrs Grundy, 2 yrs (Mr Jones)
Roma by Promised Land, out of Delilah, 2 yrs (Mr Ross)

Forerunner, b c, by Trumpeter, out of Shunting by Ugly Buck (Colonel Astley)
Rebeller, b'c, by Scottish Chief, out of Irish Queen by King Dan (Colonel Astley)

Chieftain, b c, by Neville, out of Queen of Scots by Lord of the Isles (Mr Annesley)
Eglamour by Yellow Jack, out of Verona by Orlando, 5 yrs (Mr Brick)...
Princess by Promised Land, out of Vera by Touchstone, 4 yrs; with a colt foal by
Chevalier d'Industrie, and covered by him again (Mr Hope)
At Stamford in the Race Week :

Bay yearling filly by Knight of St. Patrick, out of Sunbeam (Mr Lawrence)
Bay yearling filly by Knight of St. Patrick, out of Donna Sabina (Mr Heene)
Chesnut yearling filly by Knight of the Whistle, out of Azalia (Prince Soltykoff)
Chesnut yearling colt by Lifeboat, out of Golden Drop (Mr C. Rayner)...
Brown yearling colt by Knight of St. Patrick, out of Seville (Mr Chaplin)
Azalia (1855) by Nutwith, out of Gardenia by Beiram ; with a filly by Knight of St.

Patrick, and put to Knight of the Thistle (Mr Golby)
Seville (1858) by Birdcatcher, out of Donna Sabina by Don John ; with a colt by

Knight by St. Patrick, and put to Knight of the Thistle (Mr Chaplin)
Golden Drop (1860) by Stockwell, out of Hoppicker by Orlando ; put to Knight of

the Thistle (Mr C. Rayner)
Brown filly by_Nutshell, out of Miss Stamford by Voltaire, out of Galatea by Sultan,

4 yrs (Mr Howse)



20 35 50 100 300

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Brown colt by Gladiateur, out of Algebra (dam of Lecturer) (Mr John Day)
Empress by St. Albans, out of Eulogy, 4 yrs; covered by Bonnyfield (Mr A. Good-




Brown colt by Warlock, out of Ceres by Pollard (Mr Davies)



By Mr. Tomkins, at Reading, July 16 :

Chesnut pony,

yrs (Mr Day)
St. Kilda, bay billy, by Star of the West, out of Proserpine (h b) (Mr Rice)
Pimplea, brown filly, by Wild Dayrell, out of Spots by Motley (Mr Treen)
Hamlet, brown colt, by Wild Dayrell, out of Christiana (Mr Weever)
San Francisco, brown colt, by Star of the West, out of Mexico (Mr Werver)
Puckaster, b c, by Wild Dayrell, dam by Lambton, ont Latakia (Mr Weever)
Vicary, brown colt, by Wild Dayrell, dam by Flatcatcher (Mr Reeves)

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25 25 42 100 15

Brown filly by Atherstone, out of Queen of Egypt (Mr Goater)
Alice Vivian (late Termagant) by Sweetmeat, out of Fidget; with bay colt by Redoubt,

and served by him again (Mr Shrimpton)
Chesnut mare by Touch wood, out of Ma Mie, 5 yrs (Mr Collins)
Robert Bruce, bc, by Lord of the Isles, out of Lord Chatham's dam (Mr Reeves)
Great Britain, b c, by Lord of the Isles, out of Eau de Vie's dam (Mr Stevens)
Brown colt by Carnival, out of Fiancée by Stockwell (Mr Legg)
At Ladykirk, by Mr. S. Donkin, on Friday, July 19th :

Bay mare by Goldfinder, dam by the Cure, out of Equation, 9 yrs (Mr Oldaker)
Brg by Auchinleck, dam by The Colonel, out of Dublin, 7 yrs (Mr Van der Weyer)
Maid of Tweed by Little Known, dam by Cure, out of Equation (Mr Oldaker)
Chesnut colt by Storm, dam by the Colonel, out of Dublin, 4 yrs (Mr Chirnside)
Ch gelding by Knight of Avenel, out of Sleight-of-Hand mare, 4 yrs (Mr Oldaker)
Bay gelding by Storm, out of a Rifleman mare, 3 yrs (Mr Oldaker)
Chesnut filly by Storm, out of Waterwitch, 3 yrs (Mr Chirnside)
Chesnut yearling colt by Storm, out of Blue Bell by Nutwith (Mr Oldaker)
Chesnut yearling colt by Storm, out of mare by Sleight-of-Hand (Mr Oldaker)
Bay mare by Rifleman, dam by Sleight-of-Hand; with a colt by Storm, and stinted

to him (Mr Oldaker)
Blue Bell, br m, by Nutwith, out of Celia by Touchstone ; stinted to Storm (Mr Rain-

cock) Colt by Storm, out of Blue Bell (Mr Lewis) Maid of the Mill, b m, by Little Known,

out of mare by The Colonel ; with a colt by Storm, and stinted to him (Mr H. D. Raincock)

1.40 120

70 150

95 130

75 145 100




155 50



(Run September 15.)

July 5.

July 12.

July 19.


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The Pretender

2 to 1 2 to 2 to 1 Pero Gomez

9 2 4 1 The Drummer.

5 1 11 2 11 Martyrdom


6 Brennus

20 1 Thorwaldsen

25 George Osbaldeston

No further betting on St. Leger.
THE DERBY, 1870.

(At Goodwood).
10 to 1 against Kingcraft.

40 to 1 against Bribery colt.
10 to

45 to 1 Thunderstorm.
5000 to 350

50 to 1 Torreador.
25 to 1

1000 to 15 Exciseman.
30 to


Printed by Rogerson and Tuxford, 265, Strand, London,

THE OM N 8.8 US,

" There he sat, and, as I thought, expounding the law and the prophets, until on drawing a little nearer, I found he was only expatiating on the merits of a browu horse."-BRACEBRIDGE HALL.

WAY BILL: -Mems of the Month-Hound and Hunter Shows

Lincoln and Beverley-Racing.

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UGUST has been, in a great measure, only a supplement in dulness to

the rest of the Turf season. There have been meetings in plenty and stakes in plenty, but “soul is wanting there," and the roughs and the welshers seem to grow in number and strength. Grand Stand enclosures will soon have to be heightened.

Mr. Brayley's stable has been in force, and the Voltigeurs have had an unusual amount of pickings ; but no new St. Leger candidates have cast their shadows before. The performance of Pretender at Stockton has shaken public faith, and caused many to vow that he is the "worst horse that ever won the Derby.” The Drummer, Martyrdom, Ryshworth, and Pero Gomez have all a fair amount of clients, and if twelve to fourteen reach the St. Leger post we shall be thankful. Yorkshire's dream of Brennug is over. The Doncaster Corporation are making great preparations with their new Stand ; but the list will never be what it ought to be until they guarantee £2,400 plus the Queen's Plate. At that season of the year, and with such large sales to occupy the mornings, six races on three days and seven on the other are ample; but they should have £100 apiece. The Thames has been more lively than the Turf, and the dislike of the Newcastle scullers to it will be more inveterate than ever, since Reoforth lost his four-oar race through a gig fouling him.

. The Harvard men have also done us the unspeakable advantage of getting rid of the steamers at a race, and “Freshwater Billy" and the rest of the gallant tars who command them may chew their quids and curse the Thames Conservancy in vain. The Surrey Club have been in better form as the cricket season draws to a close ; but everywhere the game has been suffering from the same chronic disease of three figure innings; and the runs made this year must be nearly half as many again as they were in '68.

Agricultural shows have been the staple of our month. We know very little of the Local Committee's jumping pranks at Manchester. They authorised Mr. Parrington to issue press tickets,

and when they were presented they repudiated them. The fact was they were making so many four-shilling payments out of people, who went into the Grand Stand not so much to see twelve horses jump the three fences, but to say that they had sat so many yards off Royalty in the flesh, or where Royalty had sat the day before, that they grudged all free space.

It is said that the stands produced £3,400, and saved the committee from the necessity of calling on the guarantors for the second 50 per cent. All this bye-work is quite out of place, and the implement-makers, more especially, who pay the Royal Agricultural Society heavily for space, feel that it is unjust to have their visitors drawn away after this fashion. The prizes of the Hound Show seem to have been pretty nearly divided between Lord Kesteven and the Brocklesby Kennel, but very few people went to see it. Mr. Barnard was one of the judges, and Captain Skipworth and Mr. Wood, of Market Overton, the others—so we are told. The committee wore assured from the first that it was a mistake, as Lincoln and Beverley were both going to have hound shows; but they persisted, and gave away a deal of money to precious little purpose. Lancashire is not a fox-hunting country, and, except in the very wild parts down Lancaster way, there is not a fox in it. The hare is its specialty, and the greyhound its delight.

Most of the stock-owners left Manchester on Wednesday, and we saw very few of them at the Highland Society's Show at Edinburgh the next week. It was a great let-down to come to the hunter sires and hunters. There was not much to covet, save a model of a coverhack, which was second in a harness class. One of the Shetland ponies was about the smallest we have seen, and a boy of equal dimensions was always sitting, booted and spurred, in the manger, ready to ride him out on the smallest provocation. There was a furze fence, and the hunters were tried over it before the decisions were given; but the people's hearts were with the Clydesdales ; and the daily procession round the field, headed by one of the Society's gillies with a flag, was very pleasant to see, especially when it was the turn for the mares. The scene when the magnates of the Society were grouped in front of the secretary's hut, to be photographed, was remarkable. The Lord Provost and bailies had got into the group as supporters of the society pro tem., and very important they looked. Christopher North knew them well when he wrote

“And down the plane stanes

Like a provost he would go;"

and, in fact, a bailie dressed for a public occasion (more especially with weepers on his wrists for a funeral) is something for importance quite out of the way. The crowd did not seem to think much of them, and spoke of them quite familiarly as “ Jacky" and "Billy," and those unfortunates were quite at a disadvantage, struggling to keep their features dignified for posterily. Mr. McCombie, M.P., with his long whito beard, was just behind the Marquis of Tweeddale, and at his shoulder stood Mr. John Gibson, whom coursing fields know well. On the left was the Duke of Buccleuch, with his hand resting on his umbrella as he stood, and fresh from his labours as attending member to the judges

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