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Deaf and dumb person, trial of a, 158.
Deblor and creditor, laws of, 201.
Deed, opinion of David Hoffman on the construction of one, 65

to 86; acknowledgments of, regulated by Illinois statute, 147;
registry in Illinois, 147; covenants implied in Illinois, 150;

laws respecting deeds in New Hampshire, 395.
Delirium tremens. See Insanity produced by Intemperance.
Digest of Recent Decisions, 122, 352.
Divorces, legislative objected to, 180; governor Shultze's opinion,

180; in Maine, 392.
Dower, law of, in New Hampshire, 395.
Drew captain, tried for murder, 7.

Elections regulated in Illinois, 147.
Electors of President, Pennsylvania law respecting, 142.
Executions in Illinois, 148.
Executors, statute in Pennsylvania relating to, 142.
Executors and administrators, in Maryland, 153.

Feme sole's marrying does not abate her suit in Virginia, 398.
Foreign attachment regulated in Maine, 391.
Frauds, statute of, what a signing within, 329.

Habeas Corpus. See Seaman.
Harris & Gill

, review of their reports, 314 ; commended, 316;
repetitions in, 317; some cases on construction of facts too
long, 318; digest of decisions in, 352.
Hoffman David, an opinion by him on the construction of a power

of attorney and of a deed, 52 to 86, review of his Legal Out-
lines, 86 to 100; introductory part not sufficiently connected with
main subject, 86 to 88; opinions as to state of nature, 88 to 90;
natural rights, 90; origin of society, &c. 91 to 93; discusses
question whether revolution reduces members of a community
to a state of nature, with ability, 93; extract on this subject,
94; ex post facto and retrospective laws, 94, 95 ; opinion on
codification, 95, 96; extract respecting conflict of laws, 95 to
98; extract on abolition of territorial jurisdiction of barons in
France, 98 to 100; work recommended, 100.

Idiots and lunatics, Illinois statute, 148; Maryland statute, 152.
Illinois, legislation of session of December, 1828, 145.
Inner Temple, new regulations proposed in, 174.
Indians Creek, statute of Alabama, declaring their territory to be

annexed to counties of the state, 401.
Insanity produced by intemperance, person not responsible for acts

done under influence of, 7; case of captain Drew, 7; Judge
Story's opinion, 9; case of John Birdsall, in Ohio, 10; remarks

of Dr. Drake 10 to 16; remarks in Boston Medical and Sur-

gical Journal, 16 to 20.
Insolvent law of Illinois, 148.
Insurance, agencies for, regulated in Pennsylvania, 144; against

fire, right of assured to make repairs, 330.
Interest, regulated in Illinois, 149; of England, 224; of France,

Interest. See Witness.
Internal improvements in Pennsylvania, 144; in Illinois, 150.
Judges in the United States, list of, 167.
Judgments in Illinois, 148.
Jurisdiction. See Admiralty Jurisdiction.
Jury, instruction to, as it regards facts, 328.
Justices of the peace, laws respecting in Maine, 390; in Alabama,

Land Patents, Pennsylvania law, 143.
Lands of non-residents in New Hampshire, 396.
Law drafting done in a slovenly manner in Massachusetts, 182.
Law reforms in England, 408.
Legislation, recent in Pennsylvania, 142; Illinois, 145; Mary-

land, 151; Maine, 390; New Hampshire, 393; Virginia, 397;

Alabama, 399;
Lien of mechanics in Illinois, 149.
Lien. See Ships and Shipping.
Limitation of real actions in Tennessee, observations on the

statutes and decisions on the subject, 255 to 281.
List of Law publications, 183, 416.
Literary fund and free schools in Virginia, 397.
Lotteries licensed in Maryland, 153.

Maine, recent legislation in, 390; law respecting disputed terri-

Mandamus, when issuable in Maryland, 152.
Manufacturing Corporations in Maryland, 154.
Maritime Loans at Athens, 248.
Maryland, legislation of session of December 29, 1828, 161.
Master. See Ships and Shipping.
Medical Jurisprudence, observations on, 5.
Militia law of Maine, 390.
Minors entering into joint contract, the other joint contractor

must be sued alone, 163.
Misnomer not to cause abatement in Maryland, 154.
Morris Judge, of Indiana, opinion on question as to rights of

slave holders in the non-slave-holding states, 404 to 107.
Mortgage, law of, in New Hampshire, 395.


N. Navigable channel, indictment for obstruction of, 185, 190. n. New Hampshire, recent legislation of, 393. New Hampshire Cases, review of, 109 to 115; abstracts generally

well made, 109; a defective one commented on, 109, 110; opinion of C. J. Richardson on a question whether a right of way had been granted to the public, 111 to 114; opinions clear

and logic close, 114; digest of cases in, 122. Notaries public in New Hampshire, 394. Nuisance by obstructing a navigable channel, 185 to 190.

P. Partnership creditors, postponed to separate creditors, as it re

spects separate property, in Maryland, 320. Pauperism in Virginia, 397. Parsons, Theophilus, C. J. of Massachusetts, a dictum of his, that

the colonial laws were annulled when the colonial charter was

annulled, controverted, 118 to 121. Pennsylvania, laws passed in 1828, 1829, 142. Peters, Richard, Jr. review of his second volume of reports, 101

to 109; liable to same objections as preceding, 109, statements of case unnecessarily repeated, 109, 110; abstracts very faulty, 102; mere extracts from opinions of the judges, 103; examples of abstracts badly made, and their defects pointed out, 104 to

109; digest of cases in, 122. Power of attorney, opinion of David Hoffman, Esq. on the con

struction of, 52 to 65. Probate courts, historical sketch of, in Massachusetts, 237. Probate Directory for New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachu

setts, reviewed, 237. Probate judges in New Hampshire, 394. Provincial and colonial laws, still in force as laws, notwithstand

ing change of government, 115 to 121; dictum of C.J. Parsons

to the contrary controverted, 118 to 121. Real actions, limitation of, observations on the statutes and decis

ions in Tennessee, 255 to 281. Redesdale Lord, biographical sketch of, 412. Richardson, C. J. of N. Hampshire, his opinions commended, 114. Salaries in New Hampshire, 394; in Alabama, 402. Seaman. See Ships and Shipping. Seaman in the navy under arrest, may be retained for trial after

his term of service expires, 281. Ships and Shipping. Ship owners have lien on goods for freight,

which may be enforced in admiralty by a libel in rem, 31, 32; do lien in case of charter party, where the charterer has possession of the ship, 32 to 37; master has a lien on the freight for disbursements and wages, 36; and on cargo of charterers, 39, 40; seamen have a lien on the freight for their wages, 43

to 50; and have a lien on cargo of charterers for a charge in

the nature of freight, 50 to 52. Slave holders, rights over their slaves in states where slavery is

not permitted, 404. Slavery in District of Columbia, Pennsylvania resolution respect

ing, 144. Story, Judge, his opinion in a case of insanity produced by intem

perance, 9.
Sunday, observance of, enforced in Illinois, 150.
Sureties, statute for their protection in Illinois, 150.
Surname, lawsuit respecting, 177.

Tariff, resolutions against, of Virginia 399; of Alabama, 402.
Tax on lawsuits proposed by Governor Shultze, 181, taxes in

Virginia, 397; in Alabama, 401. Temperance, laws to promote in Maine, 392. Tennessee, statutes of limitations as to real actions and decisions

on them, examined, 255 to 287. Tenterden, Lord, biographical sketch of, 163. Thacher, Peter 0. Judge, his charge in a case respecting the ob

struction of a navigable channel, 188. Trustee process in New Hampshire, 395.

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Virginia, recent legislation of, 397.
Votes, printed, are written, 408.

Ware Ashur, Judge, two decisions by, 26 and 40.
Washington Bushrod, biographical notice of, 156.
Way, right of, case in New Hampshire, 111 to 114.
Wilde Samuel S. Judge, his opinion in a case of habeas corpus, 285.
Wills, Illinios statute of, 151.
Witness, persons interested in a suit ought to be permitted to

testify, 20 to 26 ; universalists, disbelieving in any future punishments, not competent witnesses, in Connecticut, 338. ERRATA.–Page 243, seventh line from top, for constitutional read“con stituted;' same page, thirty-second line from top, for provisional,' read * provincial.'

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