Godfrey of Bulloigne, Or, The Recovery of Jerusalem: Done Into English Heroical Verse, from the Italian, Bände 1-2

Wiley & Putnam, 1845

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Seite xxxvi - Where throngs of knights and barons bold, In weeds of peace, high triumphs hold, With store of ladies, whose bright eyes Rain influence, and judge the prize Of wit or arms, while both contend To win her grace whom all commend.
Seite iii - In scenes like these, which, daring to depart From sober truth, are still to nature true, And call forth fresh delight to Fancy's view, Th' heroic muse employed her Tasso's art!
Seite xlii - Milton was the poetical son of Spenser, and Mr. Waller of Fairfax, for we have our lineal descents and clans as well as other families. Spenser more than once insinuates that the soul of Chaucer was transfus'd into his body, and that he was begotten by him two hundred years after his decease. Milton has acknowledged to me that Spenser was his original...
Seite viii - Treman le spaziose atre caverne, E l'aer cieco a quel romor rimbomba...
Seite xliii - How have I sat, when pip'd the pensive wind, To hear his harp by British Fairfax strung ! Prevailing poet ! whose undoubting mind Believ'd the magic wonders which he sung ! Hence, at each sound, imagination glows ! Hence, at each picture, vivid life starts here ! Hence his warm lay with softest sweetness flows ! Melting it flows, pure, murmuring, strong and clear, And fills th' impassion'd heart, and wins th' harmonious ear ! All hail, ye scenes that o'er my soul prevail!
Seite xliii - Th' heroic muse employ'd her TASSo'S art. How have I trembled, when, at Tancred's stroke, Its gushing blood the gaping cypress pour'd!
Seite xxx - ... enclose you a piece of the wood of the very door which for seven years and three months divided this glorious being from the air and the light which had nourished in him those influences which he has communicated, through his poetry, to thousands. The dungeon is low and dark; and, when I say that it...
Seite 46 - Flower of goodness, root of lasting bliss, Thou well of life, whose streams were purple blood That flowed here, to cleanse the foul amiss Of sinful man, behold this brinish flood, That from my melting heart distilled is ; Receive in gree these tears, O Lord so good, For never wretch with sin so overgone, Had fitter time or greater cause to moan.
Seite 132 - To ease the griefs of discontented wight, Spread forth his tender, soft and nimble wings, In his dull arms folding the virgin bright ; And love, his mother, and the graces kept Strong watch and ward, while this fair lady slept.
Seite 158 - Thus to himself he thought: how many bright And 'splendent lamps shine in heaven's temple high! Day hath his golden sun, her moon the night, Her fix'd and wand'ring stars the azure sky...

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