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Edited by HENRY MORLEY, LL.D. In Weriav YOLUMES, price 3d.; or in Cloth, 6d.









taining particulars or upwarus vi vivo

ES published by Messrs. CASSELL & COMPANY, ranging in price from.

THREEPENCE TO TWENTY-FIVE GUINEAS, will be sent on request post free to any address. CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED, Ludgate Hill, London

N.L. 2


In WEEKLY VOLUMES, price 3d. ; or in Cloth 6d.

List of Second Year's Issue. 53. The Christian Year

JOHN KEBLE. 54. Wanderings in South America :: CHARLES WATERTON. 55. The Life of Lord Herbert of Cherbury. 56. The Hunchback, and The Love-Chase J. SHERIDAN KNOWLES. 57. Crotohet Castle


of Pericles, Fabius Maximus, &c.". PLUTARCH. 59. Lays of Ancient Rome,


LORD MACAULAY. 60, Sermons on Evil-Speaking

ISAAC BARROW, D.D. 61. The Diary of Samuel Pepys (1663–1664). 62. The Tempest

WM. SHAKESPEARE. 63. Rosalind

THOMAS LODGE. 64. Isaac Bickerstaff

STEELE and ADDISON. 65. Gebir, and Count Julian

W. S. LANDOR. 66. The Earl of Chatham

LORD MACAULAY. 67. The Discovery of Guiana, &c.

SIR WALTER RALEIGII. 08 & 69. Natural History of Selborne. : vols, REV. GILBERT WHITE, 70. The Angel in the House

COVENTRY PATMORE 71. Trips to the Moon

LUCIAN. 72. Cato the Younger, Agis, Cleomenes, &c. . PLUTARCH. 73. Julius Caesar

WM. SHAKESPEARE. 74 The Diary of Samuel Pepys (1864–1665). 75. An Essay

on Man, and other Poems ALEXANDER POPE. 76. A Tour in Ireland.-1776-1779

ARTHUR YOUNG. 77&78. Knickerbocker's Hist.of N.York. 2 vols. WASHINGTON IRVING. 79. A Midsummer-Night's Dream

WM. SHAKESPEARE. 80. The Banquet of Plato, and other Pieces PERCY BYSSHE SHELLBY. 81. A Voyage to Lisbon

HENRY FIELDING. 82. My Beautiful Lady, &c.

THOMAS WOOLNER. 83 & 84. Travels in Interior of Africa. "2 vois. MUNGO PARK. The Temple ..

GEORGE HERBERT. 88. The Diary of Samuel Pepys (Jan. to Oct., 1866). 87. King Henry VIII. ..

WM SHAKESPEARE. 88. An Essay on the Sublime and Beautifüi EDMUND BURKE. 89. Lives of Timoleon, Paulus Æmilius, &c. PLUTARCH. 90. Endymion, and other Poems

JOHN KBATS. 91. A Voyage to Abyssinia

FATHER JEROME LOBO. 92. Sintram and his Companions, &c.

LA MOTTE FOUQUE. 93. Human Nature, and other Sermons BISHOP BUTLER. 94: The Diary of Samuel

Pepys (Nov., 1686, to May, 1667). 95. The Life and Death of King John WM. SHAKESPEARE. 96. The History of the Caliph Vathek WILLIAM BECKFORD 97. Poems

JOHN DRYDEN. 98. Colloquies on Society ::

ROBERT SOUTHEY. 99. Lives of Agesilaus, Pompey, & Phocion PLUTARCH. 100. The Winter's Tale

WM. SHAKESPEARE, LOL. The Table-Talk of John Selden. 102. The Diary of Samuel Pepys (June to Oct., 1667). 103. An Essay upon Projects

DANIEL DEFOE. 104. The Cricket on the Hearth :: :: :: CHARLES DICKENS.


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