Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Ausgabe 263


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Seite 263 - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900,
Seite 262 - All records of mining claims hereafter made shall contain the name or names of the locators, the date of the location, and such a description of the claim or claims located by reference to some natural object or permanent monument as will identify the claim.
Seite 220 - It shall be the duty of said board, as far as practicable, to keep in proper repair all roads and trails constructed under their supervision, and the same rules as to the manner in which the work of repair shall be done, whether by contract or otherwise, shall govern as in the case of the original construction of the road or trail. The cost and expenses of laying out, constructing, and repairing such roads and trails shall be paid by the Secretary of the Treasury, through the authorized disbursing...
Seite 219 - ... of Alaska shall be deposited in the Treasury Department of the United States, there to remain as a separate and distinct fund, to be known as the "Alaska fund," and to be wholly devoted to the purposes hereinafter stated in the district of Alaska.
Seite iii - The serial publications of the United States Geological Survey consist of (1) Annual Reports, (2) Monographs, (3) Professional Papers, (4) Bulletins, (5) Mineral Resources, (6) Water-Supply and Irrigation Papers, (7) Topographic Atlas of United States — folios and separate sheets thereof, (8) Geologic Atlas of United States — folios thereof.
Seite 220 - ... said district to any town, mining or other industrial camp or settlement, or between any such town, camps, or settlements therein, if in their judgment such roads or trails are needed and will be of permanent value for the development of the district; but no such road or trail shall be constructed to any town, camp, or settlement which is wholly transitory or of no substantial value or importance for mining, trade, agricultural, or manufacturing purposes.
Seite 259 - placers," including all forms of deposit, excepting veins of quartz, or other rock in place, shall be subject to entry and patent, under like circumstances and conditions, and upon similar proceedings, as are provided for vein or lode claims; but where the lands have been previously surveyed by the United States, the entry in its exterior limits shall conform to the legal subdivisions of the public lands.
Seite 220 - for the construction and repair of roads and trails, and no greater liability for construction or repair shall at any time be Incurred by said board than the money available therefor at that time in said fund. The members of said board shall, in addition to their salaries, be...
Seite 219 - An Act to provide for the construction and maintenance of roads, the establishment and maintenance of schools, and the care and support of insane persons in the District of Alaska, and for other purposes...
Seite 102 - An Act to create the California Debris Commission and regulate hydraulic mining in the State of California", approved March 1, 1893, as amended, 27 Stat.

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