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performed, and that prayer should be hospital in Konia and other mission-
made without ceasing that the Lord stations make similar complaints.
stir up His Church to greater zeal, to In spite of Government opposition,
greater activity, to greater liberality however, the people of Turkey have
and to greater consecration in the been welcoming, more than ever, the
service of the Master.

opportunities offered by Christian THE OUTLOOK IN TURKEY

missions. There are more Moslems

in the college at Beirut, altho attendWITHOUT doubt one of the most significant events of the

ance at Bible-classes and chapel woryear in its influence on the kingdom ship is strictly enforced. Turks and of God is the war of Greece and the

Kurds are attending mission-schools Balkan Kings against the Turk in

in large numbers; many hundreds of Europe. This subject is dealt with

Bibles and Testaments are being sold more fully elsewhere in this number

to Moslems—in the city of Konia and we here call attention to only one

(Ancient Iconium) alone 1,500 were or two salient facts. The Turk has,

sold to Moslems in the last 12 for

many years, been a barrier and a months. The influence of Protestant menace to Christianity. Oppression, schools and colleges is being more bribery, persecution, massacre have

widely recognized and after the prescharacterized the Ottoman dealing

ent war is over we believe that they with Christians, so that the prayer

will be more than ever patronized by of missionaries has been that God

all sects. Temptations will come to would "turn and overturn” the evil

the Christian because of increased librule of the Sultan's Government.

erty and opportunity to secure wealth This prayer has been abundantly an

and advancement in the State. With swered in the uprising of the Young education also may come growing Turks and now in the victories of

self-sufficiency and rationalism-althe Balkan armies. We can not doubt ready it has begun to creep into Protthat God has in view great and bless

estant pulpits-followed by infidelity ed changes that will come out of this

in the pew. The faith of Moslems in terrible bloodshed. The Ottoman

their prophet and in the Koran is Empire is suffering for the misdeeds being shaken; will the faith in Jesus of centuries, and out of the trouble Christ, the Son of God, take its place? and turmoil the hand of God is sure

Imans and Mullahs are calling down ly working out beneficent results.

curses in vain on those who disregard In spite of the promises of relig- tradition and sacred law; will reverious freedom given by the reform

ence for the law of God as revealed government it has been as difficult

in the Bible take the place of that

which is discarded ? as ever to obtain permission to estab

The day of

Will the lish Christian institutions; open-air opportunity is dawning. Protestant meetings were stopt in

Christian Church be ready to take adCæsarea, the Syrian Protestant Col- vantage of it? lege in Beirut has been denied per

A YEAR OF THE REPUBLIC IN CHINA mission to take over purchased prop. In October the republic of China had erty for church or school use; per- been in existence for a year, altho mission was also refused to build a it has not yet been "recognized" and

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many predicted that it would not last Chinese hitherto untouched by Chrissix months, probably not six weeks. tian influences are moved to inquire At the expiration of a year from the what Christianity is. The Y. M. C. declaration of a "republic" the men A. student summer conferences, folwho began the work and who put it lowed up by other methods later in through are still to the front. Dr. the year, are interesting incidents of Sun Yat Sen (Sun Wen, or Sun this enlightening process. The ChiChung Shan) unquestionably did nese churches tend more and more more than any other single individual to call themselves “independent,” but to bring about this mighty change. the meaning of this term is by no He has given himself with energy to means as yet clear even to themthe task of traveling through China, selves. The great question is whether studying its conditions and its needs, these bodies are able to stand for a and by his presence, his stirring ad- positive faith, and to maintain true dresses and his earnest private ex

Christian standards among their hortations doing a great work of uni- members. fication. Dr. Sun is an avowed so- While perhaps the republic is not cialist, a specialist in economic re- assured, it is on its feet, and shows forms, and is enthusiastic in regard its ability to remain there indefinitely. to the necessity for a vast network of The capacity of the Chinese people is railways to overspread all China.. unlimited both for government and The National Assembly has risen

for social order.-A. H. Smith. to its duties in a way which no most ardent friend of China would have HALF A CENTURY IN SUMATRA ventured to predict. It attacks ques FIFTY years ago on October 7, tions of the utmost intricacy and diffi- 1861, four Christian men counculty with an offhand air of extreme seled together concerning the work of confidence. As an avenue for accom- God in the highlands of Si Pirok, on plishing things the National Assembly the island of Sumatra. Two, Klamleaves the American Congress out of mer and Heine, were messengers of sight.

the Rhenish Missionary Society; Betz The national system of education, and Van Asselt were missionaries of a much interrupted by the revolution, is Dutch Society, but ready to aid the once more in operation, with ideals Rhenish missionaries in the new great which are gradually becoming ele- task of taking the Gospel to the vated, but with resources which prob- Bataks. This was the first conference ably bear no relation to the magni- of Rhenish missionaries that marked tude of the vast task to be under the opening of the first mission upon taken.

Sumatra. It is the general testimony that the Fifty years have passed and a flourChinese are now more open-minded ishing native Church has arisen among toward religion than at any previous the Bataks. Her members number period within foreign experiences. 103,000, and out of her have come 29 This does not mean a readiness to ordained ministers and 659 missionary accept foreign dogmas or to accept teachers and helpers. The one station anything, but it means that classes of of fifty years ago has grown to 41


missionary centers and 432 out-sta- sion upon the community was protions, upon which 55 European mis- duced. (See illustration on page 30.) sionaries are at work, while 27,500 The General Assembly of Korea Batak children are pupils of the 494 consists of 7 Presbyteries, and these missionary schools. A great training Presbyteries contain some of the larschool for native evangelists and gest Presbyterian

gest Presbyterian churches in the teachers and a well-appointed hospital world. stand in the valley of Si Lidung, and The Assembly decided to undertake on the shore of Lake Toba have been missionary work among the Chinese, erected a large asylum for unfortu- thus launching out on a distinct fornate and helpless lepers and an ex- eign-mission enterprize. The plan is tensive industrial school and printing- to secure a definite field (probably office. To the south the natives in North China) and establish a stabrought to Christ through the instru- tion there. The work, however, will mentality of the Rhenish missionaries not be started until a sufficient sum is are successfully opposing the threat- on hand to pay the expenses and it ened progress of Islam, while to the was proposed to begin the raising of north district after district is opening money on November 12th, which is up into the preaching of the Gospel. a sort of Korean Thanksgiving Day.

The forerunners of the Rhenish The Presbyterian churches missionaries in the work among the asked to take a special offering for Bataks were two American mission- foreign missions on their Thanksaries, Munson and Lyman, who came giving Day. to the island in 1834, but soon fell vic

IN INDIA–THE CHRISTIAN CONtims to the cannibalism of natives.


among Christian workers have IT a noteworthy event in the come to be a recognized order of prohistory of Christianity in Korea cedure. There

interdenomiwhen the first General Assembly of national and international conferences the Presbyterian Church convened on religion, on missionary policy, on Sunday, September 1, 1912; 118 pas- division of territory and on educators (including 50 foreign mission- tional work. Such meetings are taaries) and 123 elders were present. king place in Africa, Japan, China, Dr. H. G. Underwood was elected as and elsewhere. Last October there the first moderator, and Rev. Kil were ten sections of the Christian Moksa, of Pyeng-Yang, vice-modera- Church in India that united in an tor.

Indian Christian congress, held in One of the striking features of the Madras. The speakers included minfirst Sunday session of the Assembly isters and missionaries and laymen. was an open-air meeting, consisting in the evening meetings the Lord's of the missionaries, the members of Prayer was expounded by 12 Eurothe Presbyterian church at Pyeng- pean and Indian teachers. Five hunYang, and visitors. Three or four dred believers united in a Commuthousand persons were present at this nion service, in which ministers of 8 service and a most profound impres- different churches took part. This



THE French

Congress (which has been held an- tant denominations. Various bodies of nually for 25 years) proves an in- Baptists, Congregationalists, Methodspiring time of fellowship and in- ists and Presbyterians have already struction, as natives and European united in their own families, and Christians unite in the worship of nine years ago the Congregational, their one Lord. This Congress is Methodist and Presbyterian Churches doing much to break down denomi- appointed committees to consider ornational barriers on the mission-field. ganic union, and these committees reRELIGIOUS LIBERTY FOR

ported favorably and prepared a basis MADAGASCAR

for union. The Baptists remained Government has apart on account of close Communion, adopted a decree for the regu- and the Church of England because lation of public worship in Mada

of emphasis on the "historic Episcogascar which will, in the opinion of pate.” friends of religious liberty in France

The basis of Union consists of 19 who have seen it, constitute an im- articles not so much as a hard and portant advance in the direction of fast creed as a general basis of agreereligious liberty. The decree has not

ment. The Methodist and Congregayet been officially published, but will tional bodies have already voted in appear shortly in the Journal Of- favor of union. The Presbyterians ficiel. While it does not fully satisfy showed a minority of about one-third the wishes of our friends, it has been against union on the basis proposed, framed, we are assured, in a liberal and the committee therefore deterspirit. The decree puts an end to the mined that it is not practical at presarbitrary régime which has hitherto ent. The Assembly last June deprevailed in Madagascar, and having clared in favor of union, but deemed been adopted by the Conseil d'Etat it unwise to consummate it immein Paris, it will, as soon as it is pro- diately. Recently three theological mulgated, become a legislative enact- colleges in Montreal have united in a ment of the highest authority, which joint session; Presbyterians and it will be impossible for any illiberal Methodists are planning a similar governor-general to set aside. On step in Winnepeg and in Toronto and the other hand, there is not likely to

Vancouver. A Union hymn-book is be serious difficulty in obtaining any

proposed. If the three denominations amendments which experience may

unite the result will be a membership prove to be necessary in order to

of over 600,000 as opposed to the carry out the intentions of the legis

200,000 Anglicans and the 135,000 lature-in this case the weighty body Baptists. Canada is in a marked deof French jurists known as the Con

gree a Christian country. Rev. Wm. seil d'Etat.

T. Gunn, general secretary of the PROGRESS TOWARD UNION IN

Congregational Union, reports that CANADA

there is not a place of 150 inhabitCANADA has taken the lead in ants where Christ is not preached.

active measures looking toward The great task for the future is the the closer cooperation and union education of the large immigrant among at least three of the Protes- population.


'The Moslem World,” “Islam," etc.

Coslem empire. It is the heart of lam. Cairo is the head, where regious thought and education, conoversy and Moslem propagandism rough the press have their real cenr. And Constantinople has, since e Ottoman Turks made it their pital, been the hand of Islam, the inter of its political power and also, as! of grievous political persecution.

Mecca—The Religious Capital I. Mecca is not only the religious pital of the cradle of the Moslem .ith and the birthplace of their ‘ophet, but it is the central shrine of lam, toward which for centuries 'ayers and pilgrimages have gravited. The whole Old Testament irrative as it is given in distorted irm, both in the Koran and in tradion, finds in Mecca its real environent. Adam and Eve met each other

Mt. Arafah. Eve lies buried at ddah. God himself appointed the ace for the Kaaba, and the stone is ill sacred on which Abraham stood hen he erected the building! The importance of Mecca is not in s stationary population of scarcely 0,000, but in the number of pilgrims om every nation of Islam that visit every year. Statistics are hopelessly intradictory and confusing as ards the number of those who visit e city annually. According to Turkh official estimates in 1907, there ere no less than 281,000 pilgrims. heir coming is an index of the rowth and strength of Islam, and eir return from Mecca to their itive villages in Java, Bengal, West frica, Cape Colony and Russia,


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