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PLINY. Commonly called "Pliny the Elder."

His great work-"Natural History," is, according to " Pliny the Younger," of " great compass

and erudition, and as varied as Nature herself." Born 23; perished, by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius, 79PLUTARCH. A famous Greek writer, chiefly distinguished for a work entitled "The Parallel Lives of Forty-six Greeks and Romans." Born about 50; died about 120.

POCOCK, REV. EDWARD. An eminent English theologian and orientalist. Born 1604; died 1691. POE, EDGAR A. An American poet of great promise, but whose life was not prolonged to fulfil the bright hopes his first productions kindled. Born 1811; died 1849. POLHILL, EDWARD

POLLOCK, SIR FREDERICK. A distinguished English judge. Born 1783; died 1870. POLLOK, EDWARD

POLLOK, REV. JOHN. The biographer of Robert Pollok.

POLLOK, REV. ROBERT. The gifted author of that magnificent poem-"The Course of Time." Born 1798; died 1827. POLYBIUS. An eminent didactic Greek historian and moralist. Born 204 B.C.; died 122

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PRAED, WINTHROP M. A distinguished English poet and magazinist. Born 1802; died 1839.


Richard Cecil.


The biographer of

PRENTICE, GEORGE D. An American poet and journalist. Born 1802; died 1870. PRESCOTT, WILLIAM H. An American historian of the highest order of merit: author of "The History of Ferdinand and Isabella," etc. Born 1796; died 1859.

PRICE, REV. AUBREY C. Author of "Occupy till I Come."

PRICE, REV. DR. A political and miscellaneous Welsh writer. Born 1723; died 1791. PRICHARD, PROFESSOR. An eminent English ethnologist and physiologist. His "Researches into the Physical History of Mankind is a work displaying great talent and perseverance. Born 1785; died 1848. PRIERIO, SILVANUS DE PRIESTLEY, REV. DR.

A celebrated English

chemist, philosopher, and theologian: author of "The Institutes of Natural and Revealed Religion." Born 1733: died 1804.

PRINCE, JOHN C. Author of "Dreams and Realities," etc. Born 1808; died 1866. PRINGLE, THOMAS. A Scottish poet and miscellaneous writer. Born 1789; died 1834. PRIOR, MATTHEW. An English diplomatist and poet. Born 1664: died 1721. PROCTER, ADELAIDE A. An English poetess and magazinist: her literary fame rests chiefly on her "Legends and Lyrics." Born 1825; died 1864.

PROCTER, BRYAN W. A distinguished Eng


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RABELAIS, FRANCOIS. A French writer, famous for his learning, wit, and humour: his "Les Faits et Dicts du Géant Gargantua et de son Fils Pantagruel," is his master-piece. Born about 1483; died about 1553. RACINE, JEAN. A distinguished French dramatist, highly commended by Voltaire, and a rival of Corneille. Born 1639; died 1699. RAGG, REV. THOMAS. The thoughtful author of "Creation's Testimony to its God." RAIKES, ROBERT. A noted English philanthropist the founder of Sunday-Schools. Born 1735: died 1811.

RALEIGH, REV. DR. Author of "The Story of Jonah," etc.


An illustrious scholar, warrior, and statesman: his "History of the World" was written in the Tower. Born 1552: beheaded 1618.

RAMSAY, ALLAN A Scottish poet of considerable fame. Born 1685; died 1758. RAMSAY, REV. DEAN. The popular author of "Reminiscences of Scottish Life and Character," etc. Born 1793: died 1873. RANDOLPH, THOMAS. An English dramatist, a protégé of Ben Jonson. Born 1605; died 1634. RANEW.

RANTZAU, COUNT DE. A distinguished French warrior, often so severely wounded, that, at last, he possessed but one leg, one arm, one ear, and one eye! Died 1651.

RAPIN, PAUL DE. Author of an exceedingly popular "History of England" in eight 4to volumes. Born 1661; died 1725.

RAWLE, WILLIAM. An eminent American jurist. Born 1759; died 1836. RAYMENT, REV. DR.

RAYNAL, GUILLAUME T. F. A gifted French

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RICHTER, JEAN P. F. A German writer whose numerous productions are full of beauty, wisdom, and rich and rare humour. Born 1763; died 1825.

RIDGE, DR. An eminent physician.
KILEY. Editor of "The Dictionary of Classical

tinguished Flemish philosopher: author of "A
Treatise on the Method of Study." Born about
1500; died 1536.

ROBERTS, REV. RICHARD. A popular English preacher.

ROBERTSON, REV. DR. A justly celebrated historian author of "The History of Scotland," etc. Born 1721; died 1793. ROBERTSON, REV. FREDERICK W. One of the greatest preachers the Church has lately produced: author of "Expository Lectures on the Epistle to the Corinthians," etc. Born 1816; died 1853

ROBESPIERRE, MAXIMILIEN M. J. A French demagogue, surnamed "the Incorruptible." Born 1758: guillotined 1794.

ROBINSON, MARY. An English poetess and actress. Born 1758; died 1800. ROBINSON, REV. THOMAS.

naturalist of some note.


An English

Died 1719.


ROCHEFOUCAULD, DUKE DE LA. illustrious French courtier and moralist; chiefly remembered by his "Reflexions et Maximes.' Born 1613; died 1680.

ROCHESTER, EARL OF. An English courtier and satirist. Born 1647; died 1680. ROGERS, PROFESSOR. A talented English essayist author of "The Eclipse of Faith," etc. Born 1806.



known by his "Century of Scottish Life." ROGERS, REV. TIMOTHY

ROGERS, SAMUEL. An English poet of many and eminent qualities. His name is associated with "The Pleasures of Memory," and "Italy.” Born 1763; died 1855.

ROLLIN, CHARLES. A French professor and historian: author of a popular work, entitled "Histoire Ancienne," which has been translated into English. Born 1661; died 1741. ROMAINE, REV. WILLIAM. The well-known author of "The Life, Walk, and Triumph of Faith." Born 1714; died 1795.

KOMILLY, SIR SAMUEL. An eminent English


lawyer and statesman. Born 1757; died, by his own hand, during a paroxysm of brain fever, ROSCOMMON, EARL OF An illustrious English poet. Born 1633; died 1684. ROUSSEAU, JEAN J A Swiss philosopher and writer of splendid abilities, which were unhappily employed on behalf of Infidelity. Born 1712; died 1778.

ROWE, NICHOLAS. A poet-laureate and tragic writer. Born 1673; died 1718.

ROWLEY, WILLIAM. An English dramatist, a contemporary of Shakspeare. RUDYARD, SIR BENJAMIN. An elegant

English scholar. Born 1572: died 1658. RUSKIN, JOHN. One of the most eloquent and brilliant writers on art and nature: author of "The Stones of Venice," etc. Born 1819. RUSSELL. EARL. An illustrious British statesman; the biographer of Thomas Moore. Born


RUTHERFORD, REV. SAMUEL. A Scottish divine, eminent for piety, eloquence, and love of truth: author of "The Life and Triumph of Faith." Born about 1600: died 1661. RUYSBROEK, JEAN DE. A Flemish. mystic, called "the Ecstatic Doctor." Born about 1294; died 1381.

RYLAND, REV. DR. Author of "A Life of Andrew Fuller." Born 1753; died 1825. RYLE, REV. CANON. A highly gifted Evangelical clergyman, and author of numerous works in divinity.


SAGE, ALAIN LE. A distinguished French dramatist and novelist. Born 1668; died 1747. SALA, GEORGE A. An English littérateur: author of "Rome and Venice," etc. Born 1827. SALLUST. An eminent Roman historian: his chief works were "Bellum Catilinarium" and "Bellum Jugurthinum." Born 86 B.C.; died

34 B.C.

SANDERSON, BISHOP. Author of "De Juramenti Obligatione," etc. Born 1587; died 1663. SANDFORD, MRS. JOHN SANDYS, ARCHBISHOP. A learned but greatly persecuted prelate, and one of the translators of the Scriptures known as "The Bishops' Bible." Born 1519; died 1588.

SANNAZARO, JACOPO. An illustrious Italian poet: author of "Arcadia," etc. Born 1458; died 1530.

SAUNDERS, DAVID. "The Shepherd of Salisbury Plain.

SAURIN, REV. JAMES. A truly eloquent French preacher, whose "Sermons" are still held in great repute. Born 1677; died 1730. SAVAGE, RICHARD. An English poet of singular ability, and of still more singular life. Born 1698; died 1743.

SAVILLE, SIR HENRY. "We may justly deem him," says Hallam, "the most learned Englishman in profane literature of the reign of Elizabeth.' Born 1549; died 1622. SAVONAROLA, GIROLAMO. A vehement Italian orator and political reformer. Born 1452; strangled 1498.

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SCIPIO. Probably the greatest military genius
Rome ever produced; he also excelled in the
Greek language and literature.
Born 235 B.C.;

ried 183 B.C.


SCOTT, REV. JAMES. A noted pulpit orator: author of a series of political essays published under the signature of " Anti-Sejanus," and "Old Sly-Boots. Born 1733: died 1814.

SCOTT, REV. THOMAS. Author of the wellknown "Commentary on the Bible." Born 1747 ; died 1821.

SCOTT, SIR WALTER. The great Scottish
novelist and poet, who "did for literature what
Shakspeare did for the drama:" author of "The
Waverley Novels," etc. Born 1771; died 1832.
SCOUGAL, REV. HENRY. A Scottish philo-
sopher and divine; his chief work is entitled
"The Life of God in the Soul of Man." Born
1650; died 1678.

German court-preacher: author of "Gotthold's
Emblems," etc. Born 1629; died 1693..
SCUDERY, GEORGE DE. A French dramatist.
Born about 1601; died 1667.

A distinguished prelate, whose charges and sermons form twelve volumes. Born 1693; died 1768.

SECKER, REV. WILLIAM. An English clergyman of peculiar genius and original talents: author of "The Nonsuch Professor.' SEED, REV. JEREMIAH. An English essayist and correspondent. Died 1747. SELDEN, JOHN. A famous English statesman, lawyer, and conversationalist. "It has been said,' states Hallam, "that Selden's Table-Talk' is worth all the Ana of the Continent: in this I should be disposed to concur." Born 1584; died 1654SELKIRK, ALEXANDER. A Scotchman celebrated as a navigator. It is supposed that his adventures were narrated to Daniel Defoe, who based thereon his "Adventures of Robinson Crusoe." Born 1676; died 1723. SENECA. A Roman philosopher, stoic, and moralist of great note and eloquence. Born about 5 B.C.; died, in a warm bath, 65 A.D. SEVIGNE, MADAME DE. A French writer, distinguished for her epistolary talent and great personal beauty. Born 1626; died 1696. SEWARD, WILLIAM. A friend of Dr. Johnson, and author of "Anecdotes of Distinguished Persons." Born 1747; died 1799.

SEWELL, DR. G. An eminent English physician and miscellaneous writer. Died 1726. SEWELL, ELIZABETH M. The gifted authoress of "Amy Herbert," etc. SEYMOUR, REV. M. HOBART.


known by his "Evenings with Romanists." SHAFTESBURY, LORD. An illustrious English


SHAKSPEARE, WILLIAM. The immortal bard of Stratford-on-Avon-" the myriad-minded man. Born 1564; died 1616.

SHARP, ARCHBISHOP. Author of seven volumes of sermons. Born 1644; died 1714. SHAW, THOMAS B. An English writer and translator: author of "Outlines of English Literature." Born 1813; died 1862.

SHEA, JOHN A. An Irish poet and magazinist. Born 1827; died 1845.

SHEA, SIR MARTIN A. Clever both as an artist and a poet. Born 1770; died 1850. SHELLEY, PERCY B. One of England's greatest poets. Born 1792; drowned at sea 1822. SHENSTONE, WILLIAM. A pastoral poet and miscellaneous writer of correct sentiment and cultivated taste. Born 1714; died 1763. SHERIDAN, RICHARD B. An illustrious statesman, and a dramatist and wit of the first order. Born 1751; died 1816.


SHERLOCK, REV. DR. An eminent English theologian: author of "A Practical Treatise on Death." Born 1641; died 1707.

SHERMAN, REV. JAMES. Author of "Acquaintance with God."

SHIRLEY, JAMES. A celebrated writer of tragedies, comedies, and poems. Born 1594; died 1666.


SIBBES, REV. DR. A sound and voluminous writer on theology. Born 1577; died 1635. SIDNEY, ALGERNON. A noted English republican author of "Discourses on Government.' Born 1622; died 1683. SIDNEY, SIR PHILIP.

One of the most accomplished English statesmen and writers of his time. Born 1554; fell in battle 1586. SIGOURNEY, MRS. LYDIA H. An American poetess and author of world-wide popularity. Born 1791; died 1865.


The author of

numerous theological works which are highly esteemed. Born 1759; died 1836.

SIMONIDES. A distinguished Greek lyric poet, a friend of Themistocles, and a rival of Pindar. Born 556 B.C.; died 467 B.C. SIMPSON, MRS. J. C. SIMPSON, REV. DAVID. for Religion," etc.

Author of "A Plea

SIMPSON, REV. R. J. An eloquent advocate of Freemasonry.

SISMONDI, JEAN C. L. An eminent Swiss historian: his " Histoire des Français" is considered his best work. Born 1773; died 1842. SKELTON, REV. JOHN. An English scholar and poet, whose learning was strongly praised by Erasmus. Born 1460; died 1529. SKINNER, REV. ROBERT SLADDEN, DILNOT


SMART, CHRISTOPHER. An English poet, celebrated for his classical knowledge. 1722; died 1770

SMILES, SAMUEL. A popular English biographer: author of "Self-Help," etc.

SMITH, ALEXANDER. The gifted writer of "A Life Drama." Born 1830; died 1867. SMITH, DR. ADAM. A well-known political economist: author of "A Theory of Moral Sentiments." Born 1723; died 1790.

SMITH, DR. SOUTHWOOD. An English physician and writer of great ability, and one of the projectors of "The Westminster Review." Born about 1790.

SMITH, DR. WILLIAM. Chief editor of "A Dictionary of the Bible," etc. Born 1814. SMITH, E. P.

SMITH, REV. HENRY. Styled the SilverTongued Preacher." His "Sermons" are intensely suggestive and eloquent. Born 1550;

died 1600.

SMITH, REV. SIDNEY. A political writer, critic, and preacher of extraordinary efficiency. Born 1771; died 1845.

SMITH, WILLIAM. Called "the Father of English Geology." Born 1769; died 1839. SMOLLETT, TOBIAS G. A distinguished Scottish novelist and editor. Born 1721; died 1771. SMYTH, PROFESSOR. Author of "Lectures on Modern History." etc. Born 1766; died 1849. SOANEN, BISHOP. A French prelate and eloquent writer. Born 1647; died 1740. SOCRATES. An illustrious Grecian, who "may be justly called," says Cicero, "the Father of Philosophy" Born 470 B.C.; died 400 B.C. SOLON. A famous Athenian legislator, who was ranked with the Seven Sages of Greece. Born 638 B.C.; died 558 B.C.

SOMERVILLE, WILLIAM. An English poet and man of letters: his principal composition is entitled "The Chase." Born 1692; died 1742. SOPHOCLES. The renowned Greek tragic poet The Ancients gave him the appellation of "the

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Attic Bee," because of his native gracefulness and sweetness. Born 495 B.C.; died 405 B.C. SOUTH, REV. DR. A divine possessing great wit, originality, and earnestness. Born 1633; died 1716.

SOUTHERN, THOMAS. An Irish dramatist of celebrity. Among his best works are "Oronooko" and "Isabella." Born 1660; died 1746. SOUTHEY, DR. A distinguished poet-laureate, biographer, and miscellaneous writer. Born 1774: died 1843. SOUTHEY, MRS. Her maiden name was Caroline Bowles.

SOUTHWELL, ROBERT. Author of several hymns and religious treatises. Born 1560; executed 1595.

SPENCER, REV. JOHN. Editor of "Things New and Old."

SPENSER, EDMUND. An illustrious English poet: author of "The Faerie Queene." Born 1553 died 1599.


SPRAGUE, CHARLES. An eminent American poet and magazinist. Born 1791. SPRAT, REV. THOMAS. An English poet and the historian of "The Rye-House Plot." Born 1636; died 1713.


An exceedingly

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STANLEY, REV. DEAN. The eloquent author of "Sinai and Palestine," etc. Born 1815. STEBBING, REV. HENRY. Extensively known by his valuable "History of the Christian Church." Born 1800; died 1857. STEELE, MRS.

STEELE, SIR RICHARD. An accomplished essayist and dramatist; the first editor of "The Tatler." Born 1671; died 1729.

STEEVENS, GEORGE. An elegant scholar,
and well-acquainted with old English literature.
Born 1736; died 1800.

STERLING, REV. JOHN. Eminent as an
essayist and a critic. Born 1806; died 1844-
STERN, REV. A. H. The renowned Abyssi-
nian missionary and captive.

A celebrated

Irish humorist: author of "Tristram Shandy," etc. Born 1713; died 1768. STEVENSON, REV. DR. The popular author of "The Lord our Shepherd," and other religious works.


STEWART, DUGALD. A distinguished Scottish philosopher: author of "Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind." Born 1753; died 1828.


STILLINGFLEET, BISHOP. Of great reputation as a religious controversialist. Born 1635; died 1699.

STIRLING, EARL OF. An illustrious Scottish poet and courtier. Born about 1580; died 1640. STOCK, REV. RICHARD

STORY, JOSEPH. A celebrated American judge and law-writer: author of "Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws." Born 1779; died 1845. STOUGHTON, REV. DR. Author of " The Pen, the Palm, and the Pulpit," etc.

STOWE, MRS. HARRIET BEECHER. An American authoress of great distinction, but known chiefly as the writer of "Uncle Tom's Cabin," a work which obtained an immense circulation. Born 1812.


STRICKLAND, AGNES. A talented English authoress: her literary fame is derived princi. pally from her "Lives of the Queens of Eng. land." Born 1806.


STUART, REV. A. MOODY. Author of "The Three Marys," etc.

STUART, DR. An eminent Scottish editor and miscellaneous writer. Born 1746; died 1786. SULLIVAN, DR. WILLIAM. Author of "The Public Men of the Revolution," etc. Born 1774: died 1839.

SULLY, DUC DE. A very celebrated French statesman and historian. Born 1560; died 1641. SUMNER, ARCHBISHOP. A distinguished prelate author of "The Records of Creation," and other invaluable treatises. Born 1780; died


SUMNER, BISHOP. A thoroughly evangelical and highly revered divine: author of "Sermons on Christian Charity," etc. Born 1790. SUPERVILLE, REV. DANIEL DE. A French Protestant minister of note. Born 1657; died 1728. SURREY, EARL OF. "An accomplished nobleman, a brave soldier, and one of the best English poets of his age." Born 1516; beheaded 1547.

SUTTON, REV. CHRISTOPHER. Died 1629. SWAIN, CHARLES. Known as "the Manchester Poet:" author of "The Beauties of the Mind," etc. Born 1803.

SWENDENBORG, EMMANUEL. The famous Swedish mathematician and theosophist-the founder of the "New Church "sects. Born 1688; died 1772.

SWIFT, REV. DEAN. A celebrated Irish humourist, satirist, and political writer. "The Tale of a Tub" is considered his master-piece. Born 1667; died 1745.

SWINBURNE, ALGERNON C. A rising English poet. Born 1843.

SWINNOCK, REV. GEORGE. Author of "The Christian Man's Calling," etc. Born 1627; died 1673.


SYNESIUS, BISHOP. An eminent philosopher : author of "A Treatise on Dreams," etc. 378; died 430.

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TALFOURD, THOMAS N. A celebrated English judge, poet, and promiscuous writer: his "Ion"-a tragedy, was very successful. Born 1795; died, on the bench, while delivering a charge, 1854.

TALLEYRAND. A famous French statesman and wit. Among his notable sayings is this-" Language is given to man to conceal his thoughts." Born 1754; died 1838.

TASSO, TORQUATO. An Italian epic poet of the highest distinction: author of "Gerusalemme Liberata," etc. Born 1544; died 1595. TATHAM, EMMA. An eminently-gifted Eng lish poetess: her chief composition is entitled "The Dream of Pythagoras."


TAYLOR, BISHOP JEREMY. One of the most illustrious prelates of the Church, and one of the most eloquent theologians. Born 1613; died 1667.

TAYLOR, HENRY. An English dramatist of celebrity. Born 1800.

TAYLOR, ISAAC. An eminent English writer: author of "The Natural History of Enthusiasm." etc. Born 1787; died 1865. TAYLOR, JANE.

A gifted poetess and miscellaneous writer. Born 1783; died 1824. TAYLOR, REV. ABRAHAM TAYLOR, REV. JOHN. Author of "A Sketch of Moral Philosophy," etc. Born 1680; died 1761.

TEGNER, BISHOP. The poet of Sweden:

author of "The Children of the Lord's Supper," translated by Longfellow. Born 1782; died 1846. TEMPLE, BISHOP. Author of "Sermons preached at Rugby," etc.

TEMPLE, SIR WILLIAM. A renowned English diplomatist and miscellaneous writer. Born 1628; died 1699.

TENNENT, SIR JAMES E. A celebrated Irish traveller and statesman. Born 1804; died



TENNYSON, ALFRED. England's laureate. Born 1800. TENTERDEN, LORD. An eminent lawyer and judge. Born 1762; died 1832. TERENCE. A Roman comic poet of great fame. His works are pronounced "models of elegant diction and pure Latinity." Born 195 B.C.; died 158 B.C.

TERTULLIAN. One of the most illustrious of the Latin Fathers. Born about 160; died about 240. THACKERAY, WILLIAM M. A popular English novelist, of whom it has been well said"He was a man in all the qualities of intellect, a child in all the qualities of heart." Born 1811; died 1863.

THEOCRITUS. Said to be "the Father of Greek Pastoral Poetry." He lived 282 B.C. THEOGNIS. A notable Greek philosopher and poet.

THEOPHRASTUS. A Greek thinker and orator, whose original name was Tyrtamus. His "Moral Characters" is intensely admired. Born 374.B.C.; died 286 B.C.

THIEBAULT, DIEUDONNE. A distinguished French littérateur: author of "Souvenirs of 'Twenty Years' Residence in Berlin," etc. Born 1733; died 1807.

THOMPSON, REV. DR. An eminent American

divine. Among his several works-"Love and Penalty" holds a conspicuous place. Born 1819. THOMSON, ARCHBISHOP. Author of "An Outline of the Laws of Thought." Born 1819. THOMSON, JAMES. The poet of The Seasons." Born 1700; died 1748. THOMSON, REV. DR. ANDREW. Of exalted reputation for his zeal and eloquence; styled "the Prince of Debaters:" author of "Great Missionaries." Born 1779; died 1831. THORNDALE, REV. DR.


THOROLD, REV. ANTHONY W. A devout and earnest evangelical clergyman. THUCYDIDES. A renowned Greek general and historian, whose celebrity is derived chiefly from his "History of the Peloponnesian War." 471 B.C.; died 401 B C. THYER. Editor of Milton's complete works. TIBULLUS. A distinguished Roman poet, an intimate friend of Horace. Born 55 B.c.; died

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TOD, COLONEL. Western India," etc. TODD, REV. DR.


Author of "Travels in Born 1782; died 1835. An American author, known generally by his "Student's Manual." 1800; died 1873. TOOKE, ANDREW. An English author and teacher. Born 1673; died 1731.


TOPLADY, REV. AUGUSTUS M. An English Calvinistic divine, celebrated principally as the composer of several exquisitely beautiful hymns. Born 1740; died 1778.

TORRENS, ROBERT. Author of several works on political economy and commerce. Born 1780; died 1864.

TOWNSHEND, REV. G. H. TRAILL, REV. ROBERT. A practical writer in divinity. Born 1642; died 1783. TRAPP, REV. JOHN. A quaint, but highly suggestive commentator. Born 1602; died 1669. TRENCH, ARCHBISHOP. A distinguished ecclesiastic and eminent philologist: author of "Notes on the Miracles," etc. Born 1807. TROWER, BISHOP

TRUSLER, REV. DR. A successful compiler of sermons, which were printed in imitation of MS. Born 1735; died 1820.

TUCKER, HON. G. An eminent statesman and lawyer; styled "the American Blackstone." Born 1752; died 1827.

TUPPER, MARTIN F. A popular English poet: author of "Proverbial Philosophy," etc. Born


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UDALL, REV. EPHRAIM. Author of "A Treatise on Sacrilege." Died 1647. ULLMANN, REV. DR. A German theologian, whose works enjoy a very high reputation: author of "The Sinlessness of Jesus," etc. Born 1796.

UPHAM, REV. PROFESSOR. An able American divine. Among his principal works are "A Philosophical and Practical Treatise on the Will." Born 1799.

USHER, ARCHBISHOP. A distinguished Irish scholar and elaborate writer on theology. Born 1580; died 1656.

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circumnavigator: author of Vancouver's Voyage." Died 1798. VANDERKISTE, REV. R. W. Author of "Notes of a Six Years' Mission." VAUGHAN, HENRY. An eminent Welsh poet and devotional writer, called sometimes Silurist." Born 1621; died 1695.


VAUGHAN, REV. DR. The gifted preacher of the Temple Church: author of "Plain Words on Christian Living," etc.

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