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moral philosopher. Born 1715; died 1747.

VENN, REV. HENRY. A highly-esteemed English theologian: author of "The Complete Duty of Man. Born 1725; died 1797. VENNING, REV. RALPH. An English minister, noted for his eloquence and piety. Born 1620; died 1673.

VERE, SIR FRANCIS DE. A distinguished English general. He left, in MS., an account of his life, entitled "The Commentaries of Sir F. Vere." Born 1554; died 1608. VERY, JONES. An American poet and magazinist. Born 1813.

VICTORIA, QUEEN. England's Sovereign Lady; authoress of "Leaves from the Journal of our Life," etc. Born 1819. VINET, REV. DR. Pronounced "the most original and philosophical of the Swiss preachers. "The Outlines of Philosophy" is one of his chief productions. Born 1797; died 1847. VIRGIL. The world-famed Roman poet. Born 70 B.C.; died 10 B.C.

VOLTAIRE, FRANCOIS M. DE. A most remarkable and brilliant French dramatist and historian, who became a pillar of Deism in France. Born 1694; died 1778.

VORAGINE, ARCHBISHOP. Author of "The Golden Legend," etc. Born 1230; died 1298.


WADDINGTON, REV. GEORGE. An English writer, who published a "History of the Church from the Earliest Ages to the Reformation," etc. Born 1793.

WALKER, REV. JAMES B. Author of an exceedingly popular and useful volume-"The Philosophy of the Plan of Salvation." Born 1805.

WALLER, EDMUND. An English poet, whose intellectual abilities were of the first order. Born 1605; died 1687.

WALPOLE, HORACE. A famous literary gossip, amateur, and wit: author of "Letters,' etc. Born 1717; died 1797.

WALSH, WILLIAM. An English poet and writer, the patron of Pope, and the friend of Dryden. Born 1663; died 1709.

WALTON, IZAAK. The biographer of Hooker, Donne, Wotton, and Herbert, and author of "The Complete Angler." Born 1593; died 1683. WARBURTON, BISHOP. An eminent critic, controversialist, and writer, widely known by his "Divine Legation of Moses." Born 1698; died


WARD, REV. SAMUEL. Author of "Discourses." Born 1577: died 1630. WARDLAW, REV. DR. An accomplished theologian: author of "Christian Ethics," etc. Born 1779; died 1853

WARING, ANNE L. An English poetess of great promise.

WARNER, SUSAN. An exceedingly popular

American authoress, who, for some time, published under the assumed name of Elizabeth Wetherall. Her first novel-"The Wide, Wide World"-met with great success.

WARTON, THOMAS. An English poet-laureate and professor of poetry at Oxford. Born 1728; died 1790. WARWICK, ARTHUR WARWICK, EARL OF. Author of "Memoirs of his Own Time." Born 1608; died 1683. WASHINGTON, GENERAL. The founder and first President of the United States of America. Born 1732; died 1779.

ASTELL SIMON. Born 1562.

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WATKINS, REV. CHARLES. poet and noted geologist. Born 1795. WATSON, BISHOP. An eminent theologian and miscellaneous writer: author of "An Apology for the Bible," etc. Born 1737; died 1816. WATSON, REV. RICHARD. Author of "Theological Institutes," etc. Born 1781; died 1833. WATSON, REV. THOMAS. "A Body of Divinity" was his principal work. Died about 1690.

WATTS, ALARIC A. A celebrated English journalist and littérateur. Born 1799; died 1864.

WATTS, REV. DR. A divine and poet of wellmerited fame: author of "The Improvement of the Mind," "Divine and Moral Songs," etc. Born 1674; died 1748. WAYLAND, PROFESSOR. His "Treatise on Human Responsibility" will be regarded as a leading work in its own department for many years to come. Born 1796; died 1865. WEBBE, CAROLINE

WEBBE, CORNELIUS WEBSTER, DANIEL. One of the most renowned American orators and statesmen. Born 1782; died 1852.

WEESTER, DR. NOAH. A distinguished American philologist and lexicographer. Born 1758; died 1843

WEBSTER, JOHN. An English dramatist of the seventeenth century.


WELBY, AMELIA. An American poetess.

Born 1821; died 1852.

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WHATELY, ARCHBISHOP. One of the most celebrated writers of his day: author of 'Essays on Difficulties in the Writings of St. Paul," etc. Born 1787; died 1863. WHEELWRIGHT. REV. JOHN. Founder of the town of Exeter, in America. Born 1594; died 1679.

WHEWELL, REV. PROFESSOR. A distinguished English Philosopher: author of "The History of the Inductive Sciences,' etc. Born 1795: died 1866.


WHIPPLE, EDWIN P. An eminent American essayist, critic, magazinist, and lecturer. Born WHITE, HENRY KIRKE. An English poet of great promise, but whose life was shortened by excessive study. Born 1785; died 1806. WHITE, REV. GILBERT. A famous English naturalist: author of "The Natural History of Selborne." Born 1720; died 1793. WHITE, REV. HENRY. An English clergyman of first-class literary attainments. Died 1836. WHITECROSS, REV. J. WHITFIELD, REV. GEORGE. Designated "the Prince of Pulpit Orators;" the founder of the Calvinistic Methodists. Born 1714; died 1770. ELIZABETH. An English actress, the sister of the famous Mrs. Siddons. Born 1761; died 1836.


WHITTIER, JOHN G. An American poet and philanthropist of great celebrity. Born 1808. WICLIFFE, REV. JOHN. A divine of immortal fame, appropriately styled "the Morning Star


of the Reformation; " translator of the first comiplete version of the English Bible. Born 1324; died 1384. WIELAND, CHRISTOPH M. A distinguished German poet and translator. Born 1733; died WILBERFORCE, WILLIAM. An illustrious English statesman and philanthropist : author of that very successful and useful work-" A Practical View of the Prevailing Religious System of Professed Christians Contrasted with Real Christianity." Born 1759; died 1833.

WILBYE, JOHN. An eminent English composer. Lived about 1570.

WILCOX, CARLOS. An eloquent American poet. Born 1794; died 1827.

WILKINS, BISHOP. A distinguished mathematician and theologian. Born 1614; died 1672. WILKS, REV. W. A noted geologist. WILLES, LORD CHIEF-JUSTICE WILLIAM DE WYKEHAM. A very eminent English statesman and ecclesiastic. He erected New College, Oxford, Winchester College, and also re-built a great part of Winchester Cathedral. Born 1324; died 1404.

WILLIAMS, REV. JOHN. A devoted missionary, styled "the Apostle of Polynesia :' author of A Narrative of Missionary Enterprise in the South Seas." Born 1796; murdered by the islanders 1839.


WILLIS, NATHANIEL P. An American editor and poet of universal repute. Born 1807; died 1867.

WILMOT, SIR JOHN E. A learned English judge. Born 1709; died 1792. WILSON, J. G.

WILSON, PROFESSOR. The well-known "Christopher North;' an eminent critic, poet, and miscellaneous writer. Born 1785; died 1854. WILSON, PROFESSOR GEORGE. The celebrated Scottish chemist: author of "The Five Gateways of Knowledge," etc. Born 1818; died 1859. WILSON, RAE. A famous British traveller. Besides other important works, he published "Travels in the Holy Land." Born 1773; died 1849.

WILSON, REV. J. H. A popular Scottish clergyman: author of "Our Father in Heaven,"

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WOLFF, REV. DR. The renowned Eastern traveller and missionary to the Jews: author of "Travels and Adventures." Born 1795; d'ed 1862.

WOLSEY, CARDINAL. Born 1471; died 1530, with the memorable sentence on his lips-" Had I but served my God as faithfully as I have served my king, He would not have given me over in my gray hairs." WOLSTONECRAFT,

MARY. A celebrated English authoress and translator. Her "Letters from Norway" contain many fine descriptive passages. Born 1759; died 1797. WORDSWORTH, BISHOP. Author of "A Commentary on the Holy Scriptures," etc. Born 1807.

WORDSWORTH, WILLIAM. "The Lake Poet." Born 1770; died 1850.

WOTTON, SIR HENRY. An illustrious English diplomatist and writer: author of "The Elements of Architecture," etc. Born 1568; died 1639.

WYATT, SIR THOMAS. A celebrated statesman, courtier, and poet. Born 1503; died 1542. WYCHERLEY, WILLIAM. A very popular English dramatist. Born 1640; died 1715. WYLIE, REV. DR. Author of "A Pilgrimage to Rome," etc.

WYNDHAM, SIR WILLIAM. An eloquent English senator. Born 1687; died 1740.

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ZENO. The famous Greek philosopher, and
founder of the school of Stoics. Born about 355
B.C. died about 263 B.C.
distinguished moralist and physician: author of
"An Essay on Solitude," etc. Born 1728; died

or restorer of the Moravians or Herrnhuters.
Born 1700; died 1760.

ZOUCH, REV. DR. A theological writer of considerable note. Born 1737; ed 1815. ZSCHOKKE, JOHANN H. D. A voluminous German author. The work by which he is best known is "Meditations on Death and Eternity.' Born 1771; died 1848.


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