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EHRENBERG, DR. An eminent German natura list. Born 1795.


A distinguished lawyer and statesman. Born 1751; died 1838. ELIZABETH, CHARLOTTE. A truly devout and pleasing authoress. Born 1792; died 1846. ELIZABETH, QUEEN. Her reign was distinguished as one of the greatest periods in English literature. Shakspeare, Spenser, Lord Bacon, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Hooker, were its illustrious ornaments. Born 1533; died 1602. ELLICOTT, BISHOP. Author of "A Critical and Grammatical Commentary on St. Paul's Epistles," etc. Born 1819.

ELLIOTT, EBENEZER. Designated the "CornLaw Rhymer." Born 1781; died 1849. ELPHINSTONE.

ELY, REV. JOHN. A distinguished Nonconformist divine.

ELYOT, SIR THOMAS. A celebrated English diplomatist and learned writer: author of "The Castle of Health," etc. Died 1546.

EMERSON, RALPH W. An eminent American essayist and poet. Born 1803. EMMERSON, MRS.

EPICTETUS. Originally a slave; after his emancipation, he became a Stoic philosopher. He lived in the first century.

EPICURUS. A famous Greek philosopher, the founder of the Epicurean sect. Born about 340 B.C.; died 270 B. C. ERLE, SIR WILLIAM. A distinguished English judge. Born 1793..

ERSKINE, LORD. His chief publication is "Armata,' a political romance. Born 1750;

died 1823.

EURIPIDES. The illustrious tragic poet of Athens. It is said that he composed no less than ninety-two tragedies. Born 480 B.C.; died 406


EUSEBIUS. Styled "the Father of Ecclesiastical History;" Jerome calls him "the Prince of the Arians." Born about 266; died about 340.

EVANS, MARIAN C. Under the assumed name of George Eliot, she published "The Mill on the Floss," etc. Born about 1820.

EVANS, REV. J. HARRINGTON. An eminent English theologian. Born 1785: died 1849. EVELYN, JOHN. An accomplished English writer. His "Sylva; or, a Discourse on Forest Trees," was the first work printed by order of the Royal Society. Born 1620: died 1706. EVERETT, ÉDWARD. A famous American statesman, orator, and scholar. Born 1794; died 1865.


FABER, REV. GEORGE S. A widely-known and justly-appreciated theologian. His "Difficulties of Infidelity" is a masterly production. Born 1773; died 1854

FALCONER, WILLIAM. A Scottish poet: author of "The Shipwreck." Born 1730; perished at sea 1769.

FARMER, REV. HUGH. An eloquent preacher and able writer. Born 1714; died 1787. FARRAR, REV. FREDERICK W. Author of "The Witness of History to Christ," etc. FARRE, DR.

FELLOWES, REV. DR. The learned writer of "Christian Philosophy," etc. Born 1770; died



FELTHAM, OWEN. Celebrated as the author of "Resolves-Divine, Moral, and Political." Born 1608; died 1678. FENELON, ARCHBISHOP. An eminent French divine, whose works are generally known and prized. Born 1651; died 1715. FENNELL, REV. RICHARD FENTON, ELIJAH. A distinguished English poet and biographical writer. Born 1683; died A British poet and



prose writer: author of "The Shadow of the Pyramid," etc. Born 1820. FERGUSON, SAMUEL

FERRIER, MARY. A gifted Scottish novelist. Born 1782; died 1854.

FETIS, FRANCOIS J. A Belgian composer, critic, and biographer: author of "A General History of Music," etc. Born 1784. FEYJOO. A Benedictine monk, designated "the Spanish Addison." Born 1676: died 1764. FICHTE, JOHANN G. A celebrated German philosopher, whose works are replete with eloquence and patriotism. Born 1762; died 1814. FIELDING, HENRY. Justly called "the Father of the English Novel." Born 1707; died

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and dramatist. Died 1678. FLEMING. Styled "the Traveller." FLEMING, CONTARINI FLEMING, REV. ROBERT.

The celebrated

auther of "The Rise and Fall of the Papacy." Died 1716.

FLETCHER, ANDREW. An able Scottish writer and orator; sometimes called "Fletcher of Saltoun." Born 1653; died 1716. FLETCHER, JOHN." An eminent English dramatist. Born 1576; died 1625.

FLETCHER, PHINEAS. Author of an allegorical poem, entitled "The Purple Island.' Born 1584; died 1650.

FLETCHER, REV. GILES "Christ's Victory"-a magnificent poem-1s the production of his genius. Born 1588; died 1623. FLETCHER, REV. JOHN W. "The devout vicar of Madeley." His works are published in eight volumes. Born 1729; died 1785. FLINDERS, MATTHEW. A distinguished English navigator. Born 1760; died 1814 FLINT, TIMOTHY. An American author and traveller; author of "The Geography of the Valley of the Mississippi," etc. Born 1780;

died 1840.

FLOURENS, MARIE J. P. A celebrated French physiologist and author: his work on "Human Longevity" is a very popular book. Born 1794

FOLLEN, MRS. ELIZA L. The composer of "Twilight Stories," etc. Born 1787; died 1859. FONTAINE, JEAN DE LA The famous French fabulist. Born 1621; died 1695. FONTENELLE, BERNARD DE. An eminent French dramatist and philosopher: his most admired production is "An Essay on the Geometry of the Infinite." Born 1657; died 1757. FOOTE, SAMUEL. A comic writer and actor. Born 1721; died 1777.

FORD, JOHN. A noted English dramatist:

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author of "The Lover's Melancholy," etc. Born 1586; died 1639. FORDYCE.

FORSTER, JOHANN G. A. Professor of natural history. Born 1754; died 1794. FORSTER, RIGHT HON. W. E. An English statesman and orator. Born 1818.

FOSTER, REV. JOHN. An able essayist and original thinker: among his principal works is "An Essay on Popular Ïgnorance." Born 1770; died 1843:

FOX, CHARLES J. One of England's greatest statesmen and orators. Born 1749; died 1806. FOXE, JOHN. Author of The Book of Martyrs." Born 1517; died 1587.

FRANCIS, REV PHILLIP. An eminent Irish poet and translator. Died 1773FRANKLIN, DR. BENJAMIN. A famous American philosopher and politician. Born 1706; died 1790..

FRASER, JAMES B. A popular Scottish writer: his "Travels through Persia" is considered a master-piece of lively delineations and graphic sketches. Born 1783; died 1856.

FRISWELL, J. HAIN. Author of "The Gentle Life," etc. Born 1827.

FROUDE, JAMES A. One of England's best historians. Born 1818.

FRY, ELIZABETH. Styled "the Female Howard. Born 1780; died 1845. FULGENTIUS. A disciple of St. Augustine, and an able theologian. Born 478; died 533. FULLER, MARGARET. A distinguished American authoress, who became, by marriage with an Italian nobleman, Marchioness of Ossoli. Born 1810; perished at sea 1850. FULLER, REV. ANDREW. Denominated "the Franklin of Theology:" author of "The Gospel its own Witness," etc. Born 1754; died 1815.

FULLER, REV. DR. THOMAS. The wellknown historian and divine: his "Church History of Britain is an invaluable work. Born 1608; died 1661.


GAINSBOROUGH, THOMAS. An English landscape and portrait painter-the friend and rival of Sir Joshua Reynolds. Born 1727; died 1788. GALEN, DR. A famous Greek writer and pagan philosopher. Besides several very important treatises on medical science, he wrote many able works on philosophy and kindred subjects, in one of which he strongly commends the temperance and self denial of the Christians. Born 131; died about 210.

GALLAGHER, WILLIAM D. An American poet and journalist of considerable note. Born 1808.

GAMBOLD, REV. JOHN. A learned English

Moravian divine: author of "A Summary of Christian Doctrine," etc. Born 1710; died 1771. GARBETT, ARCHDEACON. An English clergyman of great literary ability. GARBETT, REV. EDWARD.

The accomplished editor of "The Christian Advocate." GARRICK, DAVID. Pronounced the most celebrated actor that ever appeared on the English stage. Born 1716; died 1779.

GARTH, SIR SAMUEL. An eminent physician and poet: author of "The Dispensary," etc. Died 1718.


and moralist of a very high order. "The Near and Heavenly Horizons" is her principal work.

Born 1815.

GAY, JOHN. A meritorious English poet. Born 1688; died 1732.

GEORGE III. Born 1738; died 1820.

[blocks in formation]

GIBSON, WILLIAM. A self-taught English mathematician. Born 1720; died 1791.

GILBERT, GABRIEL. A French dramatist. Born 1610; died 1680.

GILFILLAN, REV. GEORGE. Author of "The Bards of the Bible," etc. Born 1813. GILFILLAN, ROBERT. A Scottish poet. Born 1813; died 1850.

GILL, REV. DR. An eminent biblical expositor. Born 1697; died 1771.

GILPIN, REV. WILLIAM. A famous English divine and elegant writer: author of "Essays on Picturesque Beauty," etc. Born 1724; died 1804.


GISBORNE, REV THOMAS. A theological and miscellaneous author. Born 1758; died 1846.

GLADSTONE, RIGHT HON. WILLIAM. The prime-minister of England: author of “The State in its Relations with the Church," etc. Born 1809.

GLAPTHORNE, HENRY. A dramatic poet of the time of Charles I.

GLYNN, DR. An English physician and poet: author of The Day of Judgment,"-a poetical essay. Died 1800. GODOMAR, COUNT

GOETHE, JOHANN W. VON. Said to be "the greatest modern poet of Germany, and the patriarch of German literature:" "Faust" is his chief work. Born 1749; died 1832. GOLDONI, CARLO. A celebrated Italian comic poet. Born 1707; died 1793. GOLDSMITH, DR. The well-known poet, historian, and essayist. Born 1728; died 1774. GOOD, DR. JOHN M. An eminent English physician, poet, and miscellaneous writer. Born 1764; died 1827.

GOODE, REV. DEAN. Author of "The Divine Rule of Faith and Practice," etc. Born 1800; died 1868.


GOODRICH, SAMUEL G. A celebrated American publisher: author of a series of juvenile works under the assumed name of "Peter Parley." Born 1793; died 1863.

GOODWIN, REV. JOHN. An English Puritan divine. His "Divine Authority of Scripture Asserted" is a master-piece of polemic theology. Born 1593; died 1665. GORDON, DR. 1801; died 1849. GORDON, REV. WILLIAM.

An English physician. Born

Author of "A

History of the Rise, Progress, and Establishment

of the United States." GOUGE, REV. DR.


GOUGH, JOHN B. orator. Born 1817.

Born 1729; died 1807.

A learned English theo

The popular temperance

Author of "The

Pursuit of Holiness," etc.
GOULD, HANNAH F. A successful American
poetess. Died 1865

A celebrated Spanish ecclesiastic. His work entitled "The Hero" was translated into several languages. Born 1584; died 1658. GRAHAM, LORD



Author of an exquisitely beautiful poem, entitled "The Sabbath." Born 1765; died 1811.


GRAY, DAVID. A Scottish poet. Born 1838; died 1861.


Author of that admirable yet sombre poem-"An Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard." Born 1716; died 1771. GREEN, MATTHEW. An English poet. Born 1696; died 1737

GREENE, REV. ROBERT. A truly humorous poet: author of "A Groat's Worth of Wit Bought with a Million of Repentance." Born 1560; died 1592.

GREGORY, ST. A Greek Father, distinguished for his piety, learning, and eloquence. Born about 332; died about 398. GREY, LADY JANE. Queen of England for nine days only. Born 1537; executed at the Tower 1554 GRIFFIN, GERALD. An Irish novelist: author of "The Collegians," etc. Born 1803; died 1840.

GRIFFITH, REV. WILLIAM. A popular English divine.

GRIMSHAWE, REV. THOMAS S. The biographer of the Rev. Legh Richmond. Born 1777; died 1850.


GRINDON, LEO H. Author of "Life," etc.
of "The Works of Thomas Brooks."

GROSVENOR, REV. DR. A popular English preacher. Born 1675; died 1758. GUICCIARDINI, FRANCESCO.

The cele

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HABINGTON, WILLIAM. An English poet and historian. Born 1605; died 1645. HAYDN, JOSEPH. A German musician, universally known by his immortal Oratorio-"The Creation." Born 1732; died 1809.

HAGEN BACH, REV. DR. A Swiss theologian:

author of "The Essence and History of the Reformation." Born 1801.

HALE, MRS. SARAH J. An American authoress of distinction. Born 1795HALE, SIR MATTHEW. An eminent English judge and author. Born 1609; died 1676. HALIBURTON, JUDGE. A most humorous delineator of character, as "The Sayings and Doings of Sam Slick will fully demonstrate. Born 1797; died 1865.

HALL, BISHOP. Designated "the Christian Seneca:" author of "Contemplations on the


Historical Passages of the Old and New Testaments. Born 1574; died 1656. HALL, CAPTAIN BASIL.

A famous traveller and author. Born 1788; died 1844. HALL, JOHN. A miscellaneous writer. Born 1627; died 1656.

HALL, MRS. S. C. A popular Irish authoress : her fame rests principally on "Lights and Shadows of Irish Life."' Born 1804.

HALL, REV. ROBERT. Dr. Parr says of him. -"He has the eloquence of an orator, the fancy of a poet, the subtilty of a schoolman, the profoundness of a philosopher, and the piety of a saint.' Born 1764; died 1831. HALLAM, HENRY. An eminent scholar, historian, and critic: author of "The Constitutional History of England." Born 1777; died 1859. HALLIDAY, SIR ANDREW. A distinguished physician, traveller, and writer. Died 1840. HALLIWELL, JAMES O. A learned British archæologist; one of the biographers of Shakspeare. Born 1821.

HALYBURTON, REV. THOMAS. Author of "The Great Concern of Salvation," etc. Bora 1674 died 1712.

HAMERTON, PHILIP G. The gifted writer of "Thoughts about Art."

American statesman, orator, and general. Born
1757 shot in a duel 1804.

HAMILTON, MRS. ELIZABETH. A meritorious writer: her chief work is entitled "Letters on Elementary Education." Born 1758; died 1816.

HAMILTON, REV. DR. JAMES. An eminent Presbyterian divine: author of "The Royal Preacher." etc. Born 1814; died 1871. HAMILTON, REV. DR. R. W.

One of the

most eloquent preachers of his time. Born 1794; died 1848.

HAMILTON, SIR WILLIAM. A most distinguished metaphysician. Born 1788; died 1856.

HAMMOND, REV. HENRY. An excellent orator and author of great merit: his "Annotations" and "Paraphrases" are generally admired. Born 1605; died 1660.

HANDEL, GEORGE F. The immortal musician: his sublime master-piece is "The Messiah." Born 1684; died 1759.

HANNA, REV. DR. Editor of "The Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Dr. Chalmers." Born 1808.

HANNAY, JAMES. A popular British writer of
fiction: Singleton Fontenoy" is his best work.
Born 1827.

Author of "The Mission of the Comforter." Born 1796; died 1855. HARE, AUGUSTUS J. C. His "Walks at Rome" is an admirable volume.

HARPER, JOHN. An eminent naturalist: author of "Glimpses of Ocean Life." HARRINGTON, SIR JOHN. Spoken of by Queen Elizabeth as "that merry Poet-my Godson." Born 1561; died 1612. HARRISON, WILLIAM H. A distinguished

President of the United States. died 1841.

Born 1773

HARTMANN, J. A German chemist: author of "Praxis Chymiatrica." Born 1568 died 1631.


HAVEN, REV. DR. An American divine: editor of "Zion's Herald." Born 1820. HAVERGAL, FRANCES R. A modern poetess of increasing fame: her last work is entitled "The Ministry of Song."

HAWKER, REV. DR. A celebrated Calvinistic divine author of "Morning and Evening Por tions," etc. Born 1753: died 1827.

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HAWKSHAW, MRS. ELIZABETH HAWTHORNE, NATHANIEL. A favourite American novelist. Born 1804; died 1864. HAYES, SAMUEL

HAZLITT, WILLIAM. A vigorous thinker and an eloquent critic. Born 1778; died 1830. HEADLEY, REV. J. T. An American divine of singular ability both as a preacher and a writer: author of "The Sacred Mountains," etc. HEBER, BISHOP. Known world-wide by his beautiful poem, entitled "Palestine." Born 1783; died, while bathing, 1826. HEINZELMANN.


A popular English historian and essayist: author of "Friends in Council," etc. Born 1818. HELVETIUS, CLAUDE A. A French philosopher. Born 1715; died 1771. HEMANS, MRS. An accomplished and amiable poetess. It was said of her-" Few have

written so much and so well." Born 1794; died 1835.

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Matthew Henry. Born 1631; died 1696. HERBERT, REV. GEORGE. His poems"The Temple," and "The Priest of the Temple" are universally admired. Born 1593; died 1632.

HERDER, JOHANN G. VON. A most gifted German philosopher, theologian, and poet. Born 1744; died, while engaged in composing a hymn to the Deity, 1803. HERDMAN, W. G. HERODOTUS.

An eminent Greek historian, styled "The Father of History." Born 484 B.C. HERRICK, REV. ROBERT. An English poet of considerable merit. Born 1591; died 1674. HERSCHEL, SIR JOHN. One of the most

famous astronomers of modern times: author of "A Discourse on the Study of Natural Philosophy," etc. Born 1790; died 1871. HERVEY, G. W.

HERVEY, REV JAMES. Known as the eloquent writer of Meditations and Contemplations." Born 1714; died 1758.

HERVEY, THOMAS K. An English poet and editor of great ability. Born 1804; died 1859. HESIOD. A celebrated Greek poet who lived

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sarcastic divine-a disciple of George Whitfield. Born 1744; died 1833

HILL, SIR JOHN. A celebrated botanist and voluminous writer. Born 1716; died 1775. HINCKS, DR.

HIRST, HENRY B. A successful American poet. Born 1813.

HITCHCOCK, ŘEV. PROFESSOR. An eminent geologist: author of "The Religion of Geology," etc. Born 1793; died 1864. HOARE, SIR RICHARD. A noted historian and topographer. Born 1758; died 1838. HOBBES, THOMAS. A famous English philosopher and writer. Born 1588; died 1679.

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English theologian. Born 1590; died 1649. HOLLAND, PHILEMON. A skilful teacher, and a ready and accurate translator of the classics. Born 1551; died 1636. HOLMES, DR. ÖLIVER W. A distinguished American author, wit, and poet. Born 1809. HOLMES, REV. WILLIAM

HOLTY, LUDWIG H. C. A German lyric poet cf great excellence. Born 1748; died 1776. HOLYDAY, REV. DR. Chaplain to Charles I., and author of a poem entitled "A Survey of the World." Born 1593; died 1661.

HOME, REV. JOHN. A popular Scottish dramatist: author of "The Tragedy of Douglas." Born 1724: died 1808.

HOMER. Universally pronounced "the greatest Epic Poet of Greece:" yet it was said that "he was blind and poor, and went about reciting his verses for bread:" but after his death, "seven cities disputed for the honour of being his birthplace." He is supposed to have lived about the eighth century B.C.

HONE, WILLIAM. A celebrated satirical writer: author of "The Every-Day Book," etc. Born 1779; died 1842.

HOOD, THOMAS. A famous English humourist and popular poet. Like Yorick, "he was a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy." Born 1798; died 1845.

HOOK, THEODORE E. An English writer of brillant wit, and a prodigy of colloquial power. His "Sayings and Doings" is considered one of his most successful works. Born 1788; died 1841. HOOKER, REV. RICHARD. Known as "the judicious Hooker." His "Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity" is a master-piece of learning, reasoning, and eloquence. Born 1553; died 1600. HOOLE, JOHN. An English translator and dramatist. Born 1727; died 1803.

HOOPER. BISHOP. Born 1495; martyred 1553. HOPKINS, BISHOP. A popular English preacher and standard theologian: author of "The Doctrine of the Two Covenants," etc. Born 1633; died 1690.

HORACE. A first-class Latin poet. Born 65 B.C.; died 8 B.C.

HORNE, BISHOP. An eminent biblical scholar : author of the well known "Commentary on the Book of Psalms." Born 1730; died 1792. HOUGHTON, LORD. An illustrious English statesman and miscellaneous writer; the biographer of Keats, the poet. Born 1809. HOUSMAN, JAN. A celebrated Dutch painter, who had a peculiar art of preparing colours Born 1682; died 1749.

HOW, REV. W. WALSHAM HOWARD, JOHN. The humble, yet immortal philanthropist. Born 1726; died 1790. HOWARD, SIR ROBERT. A distinguished poet and historian. Born 1626: died 1698. HOWE, REV. JOHN. Author of "The Living Temple" and other theological works which are highly prized. Born 1630; died 1705. HOWELL, JAMES. A Welsh writer of great celebrity: author of "Familiar Letters," etc. Born 1595; died 1666.

HOWITT, MARY. A popular English authoress and moralist, and the translator of Bremer's "Tales from the Swedish," etc. Born 1804. HOWITT, WILLIAM. A most entertaining and instructive writer. Born 1795.

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HOWSON, REV. DEAN. Author of "Scenes
from the Life of St. Paul," etc. Born 1815.
clergyman: author of "Lectures on Shak-
speare." Born 1814.
HUFELAND, DR. An eminent German physi-
cian and medical writer: his "Art of Prolonging
Life" has often been translated and reprinted.
Born 1762; died 1836.

HUGHES, JOHN. An English poet and essayist.
Born 1677; died 1720.

HUGHES, THOMAS. A popular social econo-

mist: author of "Tom Brown's School Days."

Born 1823.


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JANEWAY, REV. JOHN. A profoundly devour


JAY, REV. WILLIAM. Called by John Foster

"The Prince of Preachers :" author of "Morn-

ing and Evening Exercises," etc. Born 1769;

died 1853.

JEFFERSON, DR. An eminent physician.

JEFFREY, LORD. A renowned Scottish judge,

critic, and essayist; the first editor of the

"Edinburgh Review." Born 1773; died 1850.

JEFFREY, REV. DR. Author of "Sermons,"

et. Born 1647; died 1720.


JENKYN, REV. DR. A theologian of cons:-
derable note.

JENYNS, SOAME. A distinguished writer and
politician. Born 1704: died 1787.
JEROME, ST. The Church owes to him for the
Latin translation of the Bible, commonly called
the Vulgate." Born about 340; died 420.
JERROLD, DOUGLAS W. A famous humourist,
novelist, and dramatist: author of "Men of
Character," etc. Born 1803; died 1857.

JESSE, EDWARD. An eminent naturalist :
author of that deservedly-popular work-"Glean-
ings in Natural History." Died 1868.

JEUNE, BISHOP. A distinguished English

prelate. Born 1806; died 1868.

JEWEL, BISHOP. Styled "the Jewel of

Bishops." His principal work is Apologia

Ecclesiæ Anglicana," which was translated into

English by the mother of Lord Bacon, and is

said to have done more for the promotion of the

Reformation than any other work.

Born 1522;

died 1571.



JOHNSON, DR. SAMUEL. The renowned
lexicographer and writer. Born 1709; died 1784.

JOHNSON, JOSEPH. Author of "Living in


agricultural chemist: author of "The Chemistry
of Common Life," etc. Born about 1796; died

JONES, SIR WILLIAM. Pre-eminent as a

lawyer, poet, and linguist. Born 1746; died

JONSON, BEN. Appropriately designated "the

Virgil of our Dramatic Poets.' One of the cha-

racters of his first drama-"Every Man in his

Humour "-was performed by Shakspeare. Born

1574: died 1637.

JORTIN, REV. DR. An able scholar and
critic: his greatest work is "Remarks on Eccle-
siastical History." Born 1698; died 1770.
JUDSON, MRS. E. A popular American poetess
and magazinist. Born 1817; died 1854.

JUVENAL. A most distinguished Latin satirica.

poet. Born about 40; died 125.

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