Notices of Public Libraries in the United States of America

House of representatives, 1851 - 207 Seiten

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Seite 11 - To discover, procure, and preserve whatever may relate to the natural, civil, literary and ecclesiastical history of the United States in general, and of this State in particular.
Seite 187 - ... governor, legislative assembly, judges of the supreme court, secretary, marshal, and attorney of said territory, and such other persons and under such regulations as shall be prescribed by law.
Seite 73 - An alphabetical index to subjects, treated in the reviews, and other periodicals, to which no indexes have been published ; prepared for the library of the Brothers in Unity, Yale College.
Seite 56 - In 1806 the honorary degree of Doctor of Laws was conferred upon him by the spontaneous vote of the University of Glasgow; and in 1808 he was elected a member of the National Institute of France.
Seite 94 - ... belonging to the college, were wholly lost to it in consequence of this removal; and of the books recovered, 600 or 700 were so only after about thirty years, when they were found, with as many belonging to the New York Society library, and some belonging to Trinity Church, in a room in St. Paul's chapel, where, it seemed, no one but the sexton had been aware of their existence, and neither he nor anybody else could tell how they had arrived there.
Seite 117 - upon motion, ordered that the librarian furnish the gentlemen who are to meet in congress in this city, with such books as they may have occasion for during their sitting, taking a receipt for them.
Seite 90 - In witness whereof, I have set my hand and seal to this codicil, and publish the same as a codicil to my will, this twenty-second day of August, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirtynine.
Seite 77 - Before the president of the -senate, or the speaker of the assembly, shall grant to any member a certificate of the time of his attendance, he shall be satisfied that such member has returned all books taken out of the library by him, and has settled all accounts for flues for injuring such books or otherwise (Same title, sec.
Seite 28 - Cabinet, it cannot but be felt that the members have done wisely to contribute largely towards it. It is of vital importance that the naturalist, who is engaged in the investigation of any subject, should be able to know all that has been written upon his subject. Scientific books are expensive, and no man among us can promise himself such...
Seite 77 - The trustees hereby declare, agreeably to the provisions of the Revised Statutes, that the Law Library, in its most extensive sense, comprehends such books of reference as should always be kept in it] but, during the session of the Legislature, of the Senate, of the Court for the Correction of Errors, and of any court held in the Capitol, law books may be taken from the library to any room in the Capitol, to be returned on the same day. The librarian shall previously charge each person, so taking,...