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Another:-"Wait for the light but wait no longer."

That is, wait and don't wait. This must be one of my friend's frenzied axioms. Live people wait for what they can't go after. Let us be sensible, even if we are Scientists. We don't need to discard common sense in order to be true New Thought people.

Another:-“Selfishness is relative, belonging to relative mind. But so is unselfishness. The mind that has come to truth has escaped both selfishness and unselfishness.”

Yes; a stone or a log of wood is neither selfish nor unselfish. But I had rather be a living personality and have some of both, rightly controlled by reason and the will. Hadn't you?

Another:—“The symbol world is symbol; hence must be symbol of that which it symbolizes."

That is, a symbol is a symbol and is the symbol of that which it symbolizes! Wonderful wisdom! This must be one of the latest ebullitions of a soul just passing out into the "absolute life."

Another:-“The Buddhists say, no seed will dieevery seed will grow.".

Then the Buddhists are dead wrong. We all know better than that. Not one seed in a hundred thousand grows, in nature. And even thought seeds fail, for several reasons: they may be faulty, or may fall in poor or weedy ground, or may not have rain or sunshine enough. Jesus talked about these seeds once. I believe he knew more about it than any Buddhist that ever lived.

Another:-“There are 12 brain centers in the body, representing the twelve disciples of Jesus."

This is simply not true in any sense, anatomically, physiologically, psychologically, mentally or spiritually. It is a dangerous delusion. In a class recently conducted by one of the advocates of this doctrine, the attendants were directed to concentrate on certain of these supposed centers. The result was that several were taken with violent headaches, others got sick at the stomach and three that I know of, who had long been good liberal scientists, got so disgusted with the business that they went straightway and joined an Eddy church.

The 12 humble fishermen who followed Jesus about the country; none of whom except about four ever amounted to anything, have never had anything whatever to do with your or my bodily or mental faculties. They are simply not in it. In what way do I embody Thomas or Thaddeus or Peter or James? I had rather embody characteristics of Solon, or Aristotle, or Emerson or Gladstone. It is much better than either to just be yourself. Let us get free from all such nonsense.

Here is one more:– “God and I are on such good terms that we play together. He's a good fellow. He is here by my side, and I hear him say, 'Sweet, abide'.”

Isn't that enough to disgust any one with brains? It is dilly-dallying with the Infinite, or assuming to do so. I would not be putting it too strongly, I believe, if I should call it idiocy.

One magazine is filled with vaporings about "love". It has a most nauseating deal of repetition of love, love, I love, you love, we love, they love, love loves, love loves love, all is love, hate is love, sin is love, adultry is love, etc. Yet I know the editor to be strongly imbued with envy, spite and unreasoning proscription of those who seem to be rivals in business and from whom she expects no business advantage or profit.

Now, dear reader, I have called your attention to a few of the follies people have indulged in under the name and guise of a great Science, not because I suppose you have not observed at least some of it, but that I may impress it upon your minds that to lay the blame upon the Science would be a great mistake. It all arises from a misuse or misapplication of great truths by weak or dishonest humanity.

In this New Year let us hold strong thoughts for wisdom, light and true guidance. And let us not look without for these, but within where God is - not a jolly play-fellow shooting marbles with you, but Infinite Spirit, Life, Love, Truth and Wisdom, both in Essence and in Principle, or Law, pervading all things, being embodied in all existence, controlling the movements of the vast universe of immense and innumerable systems of suns and planets. This is God the Father, “in whom we liv: and move and have our being."

In this New Year let us be better scientists than ever before and think and do more good things than ever before. Let each one of the twelve months mark a stage of progress in the higher life, the life of the true Christian Mental Scientist. And let every day and hour be a setting for a gem of truth thought, or noble aspiration, or helpful deed.

Be these our New Year resolutions, and found them in Love and deep confidence in the integrity and power of the divine self- not in self-condemnation.

Permit me to close with a quotation from a discourse delivered recently by my good friend, Dr. John Emerson Roberts, minister of the “Church of This World” in this city:

“The great, the free, have been called fanatics and fools by their generations, and afterward deified and crowned. But whether I have the courage, or you have the courage, I say there is no way we can confer benefit and strength upon each other except by simply being brave and true. I think that the human world is the embodiment of God. I think the complete infinitude of the mysterious All requires every human atom, every individual soul, and I think that God will never be completely God in this human world until human souls recognize it, and feel that being true to themselves is the only way to be true to God.”

"Every Man a Moses,” is the title of an old article recently issued in a so-called New Thought pamphlet. Now, I am not a Moses, and I don't believe you are, reader. Moses was a foundling, a murderer, a fugitive from justice, a sheep herder under an Arabian priest, a shrewd trickster about those tables of stone and excluded from the promised land because of misdeeds. I had rather be just myself-not Moses. Let us shake off such nonsense. Another:-"I love everybody and everybody loves

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By Kaxton

TVOR conscience sake the Pilgrim Fathers turned T their backs upon home and native land, ploughed

unknown seas, faced the frowns of a bleak and cheerless shore, and established a church of their choice in the wilderness. But the white marble of the puritan conscience upon which the new church was founded was seamed through and through with the dark lines of a rank and putrescent superstition. The stories of witchcraft which have come down to us show how deep-seated was the supersition which enslaved

in their midst so long after they had fled from the persecutions of their native country. A child raised by harsh and despotic parents has a strong tendency to become tyranical and despotic as soon as occasion is offered. The oppression which drove the pilgrims from home took root in their hearts and found many victims in their new abode which we have been in the habit of calling the land of the free.

The dark lines of superstition which permeated the white marble of the puritanic conscience were not proof against the corroding tooth of time. As the light of knowledge has grown brighter and brighter the whole ledge of the puritan conscience has been honey-combed by the decay and falling away of the veins of superstition by which it was permeated, and the puritanic church founded upon it has been threatened with a disastrous downfall. Dropping this metaphor, we find ourselves face to face with a condition which is sapping the vitality of the church, scattering

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