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An' shot the Bear, he did, an' killed him dead!
An' nen the Bear he falled clean on down out
The tree-away clean to the ground, he did -
Spling-splung! He falled plum down, an' killed him,


An’lit wite side o' where the Big Bear's at. An' nen the Big Bear's awful mad, you bet!-Cause-'cause the Little Boy he shot his gun An' killed the Little Bear.—'Cause the Big Bear He-he 'uz the Little Bear's Papa-An' so here He come to climb the big old tree an' git The Little Boy an' eat him up! An' when The Little Boy he saw the grea’-Big Bear A-comin', he uz badder skeered, he wuz, Than any time! An' so he think he'll climb Up higher-'way up higher in the tree Than the old Bear kin climb, you know. But heHe can't climb higher 'an old Bears kin climb,'Cause Bears kin climb up higher in the trees Than any Little Boys in all the wo-r-r-ld! An' so here come the grea'-big Bear, he did, A-climbin' up-an' up the tree, to git The Little Boy an' eat him up! And so The Little Boy he climbed on higher, an' higher, An' higher up the tree-an' higher, an' higherAn' higher'n iss-here house is!-An' here come Th' old Bear-clos'ter to him all the time!An' nen -- first thing you know,- when the old Big

Bear Wuz wite clos't to him-nen the Little Boy Ist jabbed his gun wite in the old Bear's mouf An' shot an' killed him dead. No; I fergot,He didn't shoot the grea'-big Bear at all'Cause they'uz no load in the gun, you know'Cause when he shot the Little Bear, w'y nen

No load uz anymore nen in the gun!
But th' Little Boy climbed higher up, he did -
He climbed lots higher-an' on up higher- an' higher
An' big ben — till he ist can't climb no higher,
'Cause nen the limbs 'uz all so little, 'way
Up in the teeny-weeny tip-top of
The tree, they break down wiv him ef he don't
Be keerful! 'So he stop an' think; Annen
He looked around-An' here come th' old Bear.
An' so the Little Boy make up his mind
He's got to ist git out o' there some way!-
'Cause here come the old Bear!--so clos't his bref's
Purt ’nigh so's he kin feel how hot it is
Ag'inst his bare feet-ist like old 'Ring's" bref
When he's been out a-huntin' an's all tired.
So when th' old Bear's so clos't-thé Little Boy
Ist gives a grea'-big jump for 'nother tree-
No!-he didn'do that!-I tell you what
The Little Boy does:-W'y, nen-w'y, he-Oh, yes-
The Little Boy he finds a hole up there
'At's in the tree-an climbs in there an' hides-
An' nen the Old Bear can't find the Little Boy
At all!- But, purty soon th' old Bear finds
The Little boy's gun 'at 'a up there-cause the gun
It's too tall to tooked wiv him in the hole.
So, when the old Bear find the gun, he knows
The Little Boy's bid round summers there, -
An' the old Bear 'gins to snuff an' sniff around
An' sniff an' snuff around-30 he kin find
Out where the Little Boy's hid at. - An' nen-nen-
Oh, yes!-W'y, purty soon the old Bear climbs
Way out on a big limb-a grea’-long limb, -
An' nen the Little Boy climbs out the hole
An' takes his ax an' chops the limb off!.... Nen

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Jan. 1906. 1ST QUARTER.

Lesson 1.- Jan. 7. THE SHEPHERDS FIND JESUS. -Luke 2:1-20.

LESSON KEY-NOTE:-“For unto you is born this day in the City of David a Savior, which is Christ thy Lord.

Time: -We do not know just what time of the year Jesus was born. Some say December sometime, some say February, some, April. We celebrate Dec. 25, but that was probably not the date.

We did not begin to count dates from the birth of Jesus until about 530 years after he was born; then the date was fixed by a monk named Dionysius Exiguus, who is said to have made a mistake of about four years. So Jesus was born four years before our Christian era began.

Place:- Bethlehem, a small town about five miles south of Jerusalem, the birthplace of David. It is now a town of about 8,000 people.

Ail order was issued for everybody to go to his own town to be enrolled for taxation. It was the first enrollment had under Quirinius, governor of Syria.

Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem for that purpose, as Joseph was of the house of David.

When they got there, they found all the hostelries and boarding houses full, and they were assigned for lodging to a sort of cave or grotto where sheep were sheltered of nights. But the place had been cleaned and fitted up for the accommodation of guests and Joseph and Mary had very comfortable lodging quarters. The old ideals about Mary lying in a hay rack

or trough and the cattle feeding about her are pure fancy.

There Jesus was born. I believe there is no better established fact of history than this, that has occurred even half so long ago. We have the four gospels, Paul, Josephus and the Talmud corroborative of the fact.

At that time Augustus Caesar, the adopted son of Julius Caesar, was emperor of Rome, and Herod, called "The Great”, the first of the Herods, was King of Judea.

Joseph and Mary lived in Nazareth, Galilee, at the time, a town of rather bad repute.

The story the Shepherds told of seeing and hearing a host of angels, may have been either truth or fancy. Mr. Ingersoll used to say that the only thing known about angels is that nobody ever saw one. Anyhow, according to the artists, they are all pretty young women.

Notice, that the Holy Ghost origin is not mentioned here.

Verse 16 says that Joseph, Mary and the babe were all lying in the manger. Wetstein has shown from a multitude of instances that the Greek phatnee, here translated manger”, does not mean a trough or hay rack, but the whole barn or sheep house fitted up for a temporary inn.

Mary remembered and pondered over the things the shepherds told her that the angels said to them.

Wilson gives verse 14 this translation:

“Glory to God in the highest heavens, on Earth peace, and among men good will."

Jesus was the Prince of Peace and good will, in whose name there have been more blood-shed and cruelty than in any other name. But he was not to blame for that.

1. Give an account of Jesus' origin.
2. What was the message of the Shepherds?
3. Why did it so deeply interest Mary ?
4. What are angels?
5. How was Jesus a Prince of Peace?
6. Who is the Christ?
7. How is the Christ a Savior?

Lesson II. - Jan. 14.

LESSON KEY-NOTE:—“My Son, give me thine heart."

Time:—When Jesus was about six or eight weeks old.

Place:-Bethlehem is where the wise men found Jesus. They came from Persia.

This story does not give the names or number of these wise men. We have other records which say they were three kings, named Melchior, Balthazor and Caspor. They were followers of the Zoroastrian philosophy. We have a tradition that Zoroaster, who lived and taught 6,000 years before Christ, predicted the coming of Jesus and had it placed upon record that the star would appear, instructing his magi to follow the star and find the babe.

These three men were Persian Magi, or wise men, prophets or priests. They said they followed a very bright star which went before them and stood over Bethlehem.

They brought rich gifts and called him "King of the Jews”. This title troubled Herod and he set about to locate the child that he might kill him.

The wise men went back home another way, not through Jerusalem, so that Herod could not ascertain through them where the child was. You remember Herod's cruel act afterward; but Joseph had had warn

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