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God did not make it. Man proves his unity with Power by thus being fruitful of good works. It is this fruitfulness that brings mankind into the conscious assimilation of the divine in human life, and improves even his appearence as he has improved the rose.

The discovery of Evolution as the method of creation, together with the development of physical science have reconstructed the thinking world, together they are remodeling social and ethical ideas. The theology of the inquisition is one of the holocausts of the world's broken idols. Geological Science, foregoing theory, states facts, that are established in the earth's crust. Creation does not point back to a certain period, it is the history of a continuous process, which is being as continuously set forth in visible symbols. The “Princely Science" then, is not that of Theology since the latter rejects physical science truths and bases nothing on certain knowledge. The truths of metaphysical science are demonstrable; Science guesses at nothing.

The old sectarianism has softened. Theology has taken down its lines of division. A man may be baptized in water or in air, or not be baptized, so he is actuated by the principles of his True Self within, and is govorned by his spiritual consciousness. We no longer worship a distant deity ether-paled in depths of space; we no longer look to a power so far away our longing hearts cannot catch its vibrations, nor for certain sense its comforts.

Science has revealed to us, through the spiritual consciousness, the immanent presence of Love, Life and Wisdom, in a way that makes us know they are warm and real before our faces. This Omnipresence is all attention, all Life, all Love, more real than the warm, loving countenance of a friend with eyes to look into our eyes, ears to listen and arms to protect.

Correlated with divine Science therefore, there is a Divine Art to broaden the soul's capacity and light the way of understanding. There is a method of getting consciously close to Infinite power. There stands open a doorway for every storm-driven child to get in at, out of the weather, and find comfort. The subtle Essence of the Absolute is too fine to be cognized by the senses, or to be handled by the fingers; yet it is seen by the knowing mind and handled by the thoughts of that mind.

The enlightened soul is restless, wavering, full of worrying; but the Ego asketh nothing: it knoweth, and is steadfast. Let the soul amid its longings catch sight of its invincible Ego; let it enter into the consciousness of its "'I," the immovable Self, and it will that instant find freedom.

The Emotions lead the soul into experiences; they travel it up and down fill it with longings; join it to churches, baptize it in waters-in search of satisfaction. And when they have travelled all lands and joined all churches, sought all pleasures, the emotions will prove only emotions, whose restlessness could never open the portals of the Holy City Unseen where the Holy Citizen (the Ego) is enthroned. It is through Holy Reasoning the Soul arrives at the Holy Consciousness where illumination proves to the soul it is in touch with Life's Elixirs.

Then it is earth's jagged and fragmentary objects marshall themselves into kaleidoscopic beauty and symmentry before the one who is en rapport with Life's Reality. Then his softest whisper moves the fabric of Heavenly Science to precipitate its bounties in the world.

C. J. B.

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Bible Lessons.

Continued from page 25. in thee delight.”

Then John saw that this was the man he had been foretelling and said to his disciples, “This is he of whom I told you; follow him."

The occurrences related above were probably substantially as told. The Spirit of Love and Truth were drawn out into visible and audible expression by the one who so strongly embodied them. The one who had so devoutly prepared the way for Him was able to see and hear the manifestation.

Here Jesus began a most remarkable career, such as the world never saw before nor since. Although it lasted only about three years, it was full of startling and unprecedented events and enunciation of strange doctrines, doctrines the world is not yet ready to fully accept and practice, although the conviction of their truth is deep and convincing. Jesus was the Great Master of Metaphysics, the great Teacher of Truth.

1. Who was John the Baptist?
2. What was his mission?
3. What was his incentive?
4. Why did Jesus go to him?
5. Who uttered the voice from the heavens?
6. Why did the manifestation come?
7. What can you say of Jesus the Christ?


TT SEEMS that I am always led to you when I want

advice, and I always get it. Mr. Barton, are there

any thoughts I can hold to change my work to earn my living? I feel that there is something better for me, but I do not know just how to get it.

Do you know anything about "The Mystic Success Club” of New York City ? Are they all right?

MRS. NETTIE W. Answers:-1. Yes; there are success thoughts any one may use for betterment of conditions in life. If you are not prosperous and feel that you have to work too hard for what you get, there is something wrong somewhere. Either what you think about it is true, or you are wrong in your estimate and appreciation of things. In either case the right thought attitude will set matters right.

I have known farmers who had a veritable gold mine on their farms, if they only knew how to dig the treasure out of the soil; but they were poor and dise contented. They had worked their minds up to believing that they had the hardest lot on earth, while there were many bank presidents who would gladly change places with them.

I observe some mental peculiarities in you. For example, you make the pronoun I like a capitol O, and you always cross your ts with a perpendicular dash of the pen, always exactly perpendicular.

Since this is just opposite from the correct way, there must be something in you just opposite from the normal. And you, of course, do not see it or realize the way out of it. No one ever does.

Now, let me suggest a line of treatments for self, auto-suggestions, that will set you free if you use and adhere to them:

"I am my own wise Spiritual self. I am free from outside impressions and influences. I am success and draw to me my own. I rise above environment. I control my own affairs. I love my work and unfold its power for good. I am love and draw my own to me.”

If one loves his or her work and does it fully and freely, lovingly and without thought of wages, development into a higher, broader field of usefulness will surely result. Praise your work; make the most of it, do it thoroughly, gladly and lovingly, simply because it is needful, useful and looks up into your face appealingly to be done. Thus and thus only do you develop into broader, better spheres of usefulness.

2. Yes; I know something about The Mystic Success Club" of New York City. It is really a humbug. There is no such club in existence, except some subscribers to the New York Magazine of Mysteries. The name and fad are gotten up primarily, solely for the purpose of getting patronage for that Journal. There is nothing else in it. Don't bite.

Why should a success club, or any other club or business, be mystic? I like understanding, open, plain truth better. Mystic means that there is a graft in it, a hidden fraud, a deception, a scheme to work the credulous and easy going. It is safest and best to always let severely alone everything that claims to be mystic, occult or miraculous. It is always a scheme to work people for money. Demand an open, plain, every day, business statement of everything you put your money or work into before you go in. It is your right to understand it all before you invest. Mys. tic means fraud, deception and an effort to get your money for a dream or a puff of gas. Beat shy of all such fakes.

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