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Christ, and one with the Father Substance even as Jesus the Christ was. I am power; I am helpfulness; I am peace; I am comfort; I am goodness personified, and I now disseminate my qualities to the ones who are in need. We are all the offspring of the Powers Infinite, and therefore brethren and sisters. We can help each other. I am the magnet of helpfulness; I draw all good to me, and I receive new bounties because I give forth the richness of the abundance as it flows to me.

I will now rise and shine, for my light is come. My words are spirit and they are life. I have left all that is false and contrary to the true, and I press forward to that happy consummation in Natural Truth.

Henceforth, I know my Lord, whom to know is life and peace. The Christ is my Lord. I have found the Christ within.

"The Lord it my Shepherd; I AFTER THIS shall not want." In Christ, I MANNER

rest as in green pastures of

plenty: I am led in calm and heavenly meditations, as by still waters.

The Christ restoreth my soul-powers: and I am led in the paths of Right, because I walk in the Christ name.

Yea, though I walk through the depths of the illusion called death, I will fear no evil, for there is no reality in it: it is not death but change; (“'Rod" is the emblem of the transforming power, and “staff' is the symbol of support). Thy transforming power and support will be sufficient for me, and I will have comfort.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies, (enemies—the adverse conditions of sin and trouble my misunderstanding had been carrying with me) thou anointest my head with oil (oil is the emblem of gladness). To anoint the head with oil, means to make glad and harmonious all the thoughts of neth over!

Surely now, will mercy and goodness follow me all the days of my life and I will continue in the Christ Spirit forever.

C. J. B. LYOR years I have known the diyine power to abol

N ish the appearance of disease and establish natural health. All people have this power, but few have put it into practice. We know, because we are conscious of the virtue going out from us, and of the infilling from the original source, simultaneously. Recently I was called upon to treat a case of jaundice. I got the incoming current first-in this instance-and my Real Self suggested the denial of matter (primitive C. Slike,) and its appearance; in the exercise of this office, I almost immediately saw the man in his natural health; and, though the doctor had said that he could not live, I knew he could and would. I held on to him as being already in that perfect condition; and I knew they could not hurt him with any insubstantial denials of health their fears might exercise. He did recover, steadily, surely, until restored to the condition I held for him. Faith is the Real Substance of the thing got hold of in the Unseen; and when it is found, there is nothing for a sick person to do but get well, in response to the announcement, or word to that effect.

C. J. B. “We easily forget our faults when they are only known to ourselves"--Shak. But let the world find them out and like a crystal maze every mirror will reflect them. We see their reflection in every other mind. Our virtues we easily remember. Let the world discover, and our faith in them is magnified. By the world's faith are we warmed, inspired and encouraged.

Some New Year Choughts.

Continued from page 10. me.” Of course this is by no means true. The person uttering it is really not capable of loving anybody outside of her own immediate, very limited home circle, and there are really those in this circle whom she doesnot love at all. Besides, it is true that only three or four people love her. This is not everybody, by a long shot. Such wild, silly, crazy statements make sensible people disgusted with what they call science.

Another:—“The poison of suggestion is all the poison there can possibly be." Take a dose of arsenic or strychnine and see how true this statement is. There are absolute chemical qualities in certain elements that are what we must confess absolutely deadly to human life, regardless of any and all suggestion. Let us try to be sensible.

Another:-“Every cell of the countless number which compose the body, or any other so-called solids, is intelligent, as has been proven by various experiments." Any sane person knows that this statement is simply not true. Cells are nowhere intelligent, in any body or solid, especially in earth and stones. Mind. only is intelligent-matter, never. Such materialistic babbling is a reproach to our cause.

Men do not make diamonds by placing each atom; the atoms get there themselves when the whole diamond has been conceived. Nature pushes the atoms together concordantly, when man conceives a thing, and insures the bringing forth of the best re-sults possible under the circumstances.

BELIEVE in sterling sincerity, with no regard whatever for popular favor. I naturally despise

hypocricy in any and every form. I have often been told that I am too blunt and bluff and positive to gain favor (for money) from the rabble. I don't want it that way. I had rather compel the crowd to pay me what they owe me, than to wheedle a fortune out of idiots. If there is anything that I am not, it is a sy: cophant. I do not cry, "love, love, love", where there is no love. I never call black, white. I cannot affiliate with those who are envious, jealous, spiteful haters of rivals in reality, at heart, but say (for effect) openly, “I love, I love, I only love." It is nauseating to any honest person.

I know an editor of a so-called New Thought magazine-yes; I know two or three of them-who fill their journals with love, love, love," and other sur. face idiocy, and yet are scrambling, scrambling for a living and are chock full of spite against successful rivals in business. Do you want their names? Write me and I will give them and prove what I say.

For God's sake, for humanity's sake, for the sake of our cause, let us be sincere. Mr. Lincoln once said, "You can fool all of the people part of the time, and part of the people all the time; but you can't fool all of the people all the time." Your empty, surface vaporings will not work very long. I do really despise the practice of being one thing, for financial effect, openly, in your little publication, and exactly the opposite in reality, in person, in private. There is a nauseating amount of this among those who call themselves New Thoughters, and assume to be leaders.

As we are what we are because of what we have been, even so do our present thoughts determine what we shall be; thus we are our own creators.


STUDENT in one of the Chicago Universities A wrote me a short time ago for treatment. I

treated him four days only and he wrote me:

"I am in good health, so far as I can tell. I heartily thank you for your help. I believe you saved me from a siege of typhoid fever as I had the same symptoms a schoolmate had, who has spent four weeks in the hospital.”

I am glad to be able to say that, of the many cases of typhoid fever I have treated, where I had full control of the case, no doctor being in attendance, I have never had a case that required more than one week's treatment. I am also glad to say that I have never lost a case, even when doctors have been to contend with. In cases where one member of the family insists on doctors and drugs, and another engages my treatments, it often occurs that the best I can do is to save the life of the patient, prevent that very low ebb of life so common to the disease and avoid the ulceration of stomach etc. All doctors say they can't cure either typhoid fever or pneumonia, that these two diseases must run their course through regular stages, and no manner of medication can prevent it.

New York, Nov. 1, 1905. Dear Mrs. Barton:...It is a wonderful thing to me how your words could clear my eyes of that trouble, at this distance from you.

It is true though, and I will be shary of artificial lights, and no more make a practice of staying up half the night. (I will remember the old saint who cheated himself out of sleep, and had to resort to counting his pater-nosters to soothe himself.)

The other trouble is gone, too, dear Mrs. Barton. I am well and haven't an ache or uneasiness. I want to add my thanks-also my happy gratitude.

Yours Cordially, MRS. L. M. M.

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