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DEOPLE eat too much and drink too much. EatI ing has become a habit with almost every one.

It is like taking morphine-the more you take the more you want. People gorge themselves with rich food. They thus use up their time, ruin their digestion and poison themselves. I eat almost nothing. I eat less than a pound of food a day, three meals, and just enough to nourish the body.

A man should eat according to his work. A laborer needs more food than a man of intellectual pursuits. My diet consists of meat, vegetables, eggs-in fact, anything I want, but in small quantities. I don't really care whether I eat or not: it is not my pleasure. One soon gets out of the habit of caring much about his meals.

Half the ills of the race come from over-eating. Half the people are food-drunk all the time. I have always lived abstemiously. It is a religion with me.


SUBSCRIBER in Maine, upon renewing his subA scription to THE LIFE, writes,

“My health is improved wonderfully this fall. I am now able to work and earn something. I have been a sufferer for years and spent more than $2000.00 with doctors. I am now being made whole. I have beat the doctors, beat the devil and cheated the undertakers of a job.

"Please continue to send me THE LIFE. It has been very helpful to me in many ways. May success attend you in the good work."

A. H. P. Mr. A. P. Barton, kind friend:

Thank you for what you have done for my son. He never weighed over 100 pounds until you gave him treatments last month. Now he weighs 110 pounds and his side is much better. Mrs. L. J. Riggs.


No matter what other periodicals you take

you still need "THE VANGUARD." It Vigoroug, Fearless, Interesting, Unique, and is doing splendid ervice in the cause of humanity.

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THE LOGOS MAGAZINE teaches the Science of Life. It is the berald of the New Life. $1.00 per year in U.S. A. Pub. lished monthly. Sample copy free. Foreigo subscription $1.25. Address' Sara Thacker, 8. D., Editor, Applegate, Placer Co., Cal.

EXPRESSION:-A journal of Mind and Thought, pub. lished monthly. 686d per annum net ($1.58). W. Isacke, 147 High st., Kensington, W., London, Eng.

DAS WORT.-A German wagazine, devoted to Divine Healing and practical Christianity. $1 per year. H. H. Schroeder, editor and publiaber, 3537 Crittenden Street, St. Louis, Mo.

Science, the Christ method of healing. C. L. and M. E. Crainer, editors and pablishers 3360 17th St., San Fran. ciaco, Cal. Send stamps for sample copy.

THE WORLD'S NEW THOUGHT JOURNAL, "NOW", Pablisbed in tho west-full of western push and energy. Devoted to all questions of MIND. A magazine of Instruction. Two courses of practical lessong now running i. 8. Suggestion and Psychomotry. Popular magazine size, printed on clear (antique) paper, with beautiful brown cover done in colore. Introductiva Offer: Tbroo months trial subscription, 10 cente. "Now” Folk Publishers, 1437 W Markot st., San Francisco, Oal.

UNITY.-A monthly metaphysical paper, $1 a year, Published by Unity Tract Society, 913 Tracy avenue Kansas City, Mo.

An Interlude, Mrs. Josephine Barton's new book,

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the doctrine, A. P. Barton, Why Are We Here? or The Meaning and Purpose of

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ton; 8c; 10 copies for - Dorothy'. Travels in Kowhere Land and Retan to

Glory Island; A Juvenile Now Thought Story,

Brio . Blodgett,
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THE BALANCE is an exponent of Psychic V Phenomena, Monistic Philosophy and Adranced thought,40 pp. And cover. Edited by J. H. Cashmere. It will bring you knori. edge-Knowledge that is power. Every thinker will find it interesting. Seud 10c for a 4 months' trial subscription. Do it dress, THE BALANCE, Dept. G, Denver, Colo.

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Frontispiece, picture of George Washington.
Universal Vibration.
Pen-sketch of Abraham Lincoln......
Meditations ..........
A Roast........ ......
A Former Pupil....
Bible Lessons.
Healing Thoughts ......
Light, poem .........
World New Thought Federation
Bro. Frank E. Mason.......
Little Lessons in Elohim.....
Spirit Phenomena...
Arithmetic Has No Doctrines....
Street Scene......











Pupils received at all times. A thorough course in the principles and practice of Christian Mental Science given by study of Lessons and recitation, with lectures and drills. Prepares student for active work.

THE ELEMENTARY COURSE covers two weeks' time. Charge, including board and room, with treatments when required, $35.00 for all.

The drill is thorough and the Home influence helpful.
Write and engage a place before you come.

Only students taken in our Home, those who come to take the lessons.

This Conroe ie also given by correspondence, for $25, pa yable by easy installmente if desirable to pupile, includ. iog two weeks' treatment free when needed.

NORMAL COURSE, for the purpose of preparing sta. dents for lecturing and teacbing, 18 lessone, $50.00. Board rad room extra. By correspondence, $50.00.


Instructora and Demonstratore.

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