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their attempt to strike a perfect balance between what they called the Centrifugal and Centripetal forces.

Then the atom in what has been called matter was conceived of, found to be a necessity, although it could not be separated, seen, tasted, felt or destroyed. The atom, then, is a mental or spiritual substance, absolutely indestructible.

Experiments in electricity began to develop some more unifying wonders. Impressions were carried by vibrations in a wire set up by what was called the electric current. Then they learned how to start the vibrations by vocal sounds uttered upon a tympanum. Later, vibrations were obtained through space independent of wire or air, so that intelligible messages can be sent and received between persons thousands of miles apart.

Without attempting to follow out all the steps, I will come to the final conciusion toward which you clearly see all these investigations and discoveries were tending, the unification of all essence and power. It is now taught in our schools that there is but one substance or essence in being and that the different manifestations in matter, light, heat, electricity etc., are different modes and degrees of vibrations among the atoms of the one universal substance. One mode and degree manifests stone, another wood, another light, another electricity, another thought, and so on.

We have perceived that what is called matter is the grossest form of this vibratory manifestation. Then follow in order of fineness, air, heat, electricity, light, ether, mind or spirit.

It would appear from this that mind or spirit is the essence itself, and that it is omnipresent. This is, then, God essence and the source of all power as manifested in all the forces observed in nature.

All vibration is life. In other words, all vibration

is the action of the mystery which we call life. We know it is, but do not know whence nor what it is. It is never still, never stagnant, never absent from any point in space. All activity is resultant from life. All hope, aspiration, love, energy, all brain action, is a movement of life.

Under this new discovery of the unification of essence, it becomes unavoidably conclusive that there is but one law.

What do we mean by law? We do not mean statutory enactments, nor the edicts of an autocrat. It is Principle of Being that is inherent in essence, the the substance uncreated. As Being is, Law is. It is the eternal Principle upon which all being is founded. It had no giver nor maker. It is from everlasting to everlasting, one with Being.

This one Law prevails everywhere and there is no antagonistic law or force anywhere. It acts in electricity to sustain and move the worlds and systems of worlds. It is seen in all life manifestations, as growth, change, movement of all kinds. If there were an adverse law or power, there could be no Universe. Kepler said:

"If one small atom were to stray, all nature would hasten to decay." An adverse power would surely cause one atom to stray.

It follows that human thought and action which are in accord with the law or principle of Being render us not only safe, but powerful. Thus we enlist in our behalf the one power against which there is no opposing force. We become the mouthpiece for the utterance of its decrees and the strong arm for the execution of its will.

But if we are out of accord, out of harmony with the law we become weak and discordant and unhappy. We disturb in our own psychic sphere the vibrations of the essence of being and this reflects or reacts deleteriously upon us.

Thought is mind action. Thoughts start vibrations in the universal essence, vibrations that are distinct from the ordinary, general undulations of the undisturbed sea of atomic substance.

These vibrations go quickly out, spread and enter into and affect, more or less, every individual soul. If they are in accord with the universal life activity, they do good, help to drive away inharmonies and fears. If they are not in accord, their effect is the opposite.

That thoughts do start such vibrations, is just as well established as is the fact that the wireless telegraphic instrument put into action starts vibrations in the invisible ether that reach and affect every other instrument on Earth that is set to receive. The facts of telepathy are no longer in doubt. And as now inventors are perfecting an appliance by which the vibrations can be directed to a particular instrument for recording a message in wireless telegraphy so metaphysicians have learned to direct their thought vibrations to particular persons who are in a receptive and responsive attitude.

It is well, then, for the one giving the treatment and the one receiving to have an understanding as to the times when treatments are given so they can consciously co-operate. While the demonstrator may reach and affect the patient while asleep or inattentive, it is better for them to co-operate in time and thought. The patient should be instructed as to the thoughts to hold for co-operation.

en the persons to whom they are directed ?

The sick person is not in accord in his personal vibratory with the Universal life activity. By some means he has gotten out of harmony with the law of being. If he were in harmony, he would be well and

free from fear.

The one giving the treatment perceives the nature of that discordant activity in his patient and starts a vibrating movement that will quiet discords, smooth away inharmonies and tune up the chords of the instrument. In this way the mentality is brought to a state of peace and power that will soon arouse a consciousness of life and health and strength to which the plastic, obedient body readily responds.

Understanding this law of vibration, we should be sure our thoughts are healing, cheering, uplifting thoughts always. The influence goes out and affects all things.

Through this understanding we may also become immune from sickness, want and death. For accord, constant harmony, with the universal vibrations under the Life that is eternal, will sustain individual being forever with health and all supply. Jesus perfectly understood this law and could by that understanding procure supplies out of the invisible with a thought.

Herbert Spencer was near this truth when he said,

"If we could always perfectly adjust ourselves to environment, we could retain these bodies indefinitely." He meant that if all discord, strite and resistance could be eliminated from our lives, the body would not grow old and die.

Our method is not to adjust ourselves to environment, but to adjust our personal vibrations to the Universal vibrations and thus control both our conditions and environment. So we may live forever.

The artist may well study form and color, but his Genius is informed already. The poet may con the rules of prosody, but his Muse understands. The orator may seek to learn eloquence, but the power of oratory is established in his nature. Man is God made man. -Holiday Extra.

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