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wheel-barrow. And such personal attacks were common with her. It seems she has not reformed in this regard yet, judging from the recent roastings he is said to have given your humble servant. It doesn't pay. It doesn't hurt the one against whom such attacks are directed, nor help the one uttering them.

5. This is simply true for all of us, and needs no comment. I try to live up to it. I do not believe what an editor of a New Thought magazine recently said to me to be universally true. She said, “I think we all write one way and live another. In other words, we are not in private life what we appear to be publicly in our editorials."

Now, I am sure I know one exception to this. I do write what I think and practice. I have had many pupils and patients here in our Home for weeks and months at a time and they will all tell you that I live up to my teaching. I have an incurable habit of telling the truth straight from the right shoulder, utterly regardless of whom it hits. Jesus was that way and made many enemies by it. Some soft, namby-pamby, half-dead people have accused me of criticising. It is on account of their narrow personal views that they condemn and criticise me. I care nothing for personality when I state a principle. If it hits somebody, I can't help it. As Sam Jones says, “When you throw a stone among a lot of dogs, it is slways the hit dog that hollers." But some people can't see anything beyond personality; so they condemn me by their own little light. Read Matt. 12:34 and 23:33. I don't claim to be better than Jesus.

If I have offended Mrs. Post, I am sorry and beg her pardon. I did not intend it. She has always been good to me. I only stated a principle sustained by an example, caring not the snap of my finger by whom the example came. Let us wake up, get alive and see things as they are and call them by their right name. I am sick of hypocricy, pretense and toadyism. Be true to yourself. Toadies are not. “This above all-to thine own self be true; And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man."

-Shak. Later: I have seen the article referred to above; Mrs. Post sent it to Mrs. Barton. I wish to refer to but one point in it. Mrs. Post accuses me of being secretly glad that she got into trouble with the P. O. Dept. She never made a worse guess in her life. I sincerely deplored the occurrence and have always earnestly hoped she would win out; for I believe the punishment was carried to such an extreme as to become persecution. We have offered Mrs. Post space in THE LIFE for an article.

HEN the animals got together to condemn a bird

of paradise, “Can you mew?'' said the cat.

"Can you quack?'' said the duck. “Can you crow?'' said the cock. “Can you bleat?" said the sheep. “Can you bray?” said the ass. “Can you croak?” said the frog. “Can you grunt?'' said the pig. “Can you caw?'' said the crow.

The bird said, “I cannot do any of these, but I sing the songs God made me to sing, the songs nature tuned up in my throat for joyful utterance."

Then the animals unanimously voted that the bird was no good and departed in disgust. Have you seen people like these?

A lady in New Hampshire writes: "Mother wishes me to say to you that her eyes have never lost what they gained under your treatment about eight years ago. The failing of her eyesight stopped right there."

FORMER pupil visiting in Jersey City during

the holidays, wrote, Dear Mr. Barton:

You cannot have missed me as I have missed your helpful, healing words. I cannot let the season of good will and kind wishes pass without saying a word of greeting and gratitude to the one who has shown me a better way of life. If we reap what we sow, then surely you and Mrs. B. will reap a rich harvest of good things, if the wishes of your many friends are of any avail.

You remember the last treatments I had were for succss etc. I think our investments are coming out all right-at least for good interest on the money.

I wanted so much to see you before I left, but many duties prevented.

Oh, my dear teacher, I do try to be brave, but I would like a word of encouragement from you and a treatment for wisdom that I may be enabled to do well what falls to my share in this workaday world.

May Good be with you and yours this Happy New Year. Always your friend, Mrs. H. A. B.

PLAINLY dressed man, who introduced himself A as Mr. John Smith, walked into a doctor's of

office in a Texas town, and, having explained his symptoms, asked the doctor how long it would take to cure him. The doctor, who had treated the visitor with every possible courtesy, replied:

You will require careful treatment under my personal supervision for about two months before you are able to resume your labors in the bank.”

“Doctor, you are fooling yourself. I am not Smith, the banker, but Smith the street car driver."

"Is that so? Well, my good fellow, I don't see what you came to me for. There is nothing the matter with you except that you are not a banker."


Lesson VI. - Feb. 5.

LESSON KEY-NOTES:-“Whosoever will, let
him take the water of life freely."
Time:-About December, A. D. 27.

Place:-Samaria, at Jacob's well, near Sychar, about a mile from Shechem, now called Nablus.

5, 6. The parcel of ground which Jacob allotted to his son Joseph is historic. There is yet found that famous well. It is now 75 feet deep, but was originally much deeper. The bottom has much rubbish in it. It is about 7 feet 6 inches in diameter, but the mouth of it is a narrow neck 4 feet long and only wide enough for a man to pass through.

In that parcel of ground, also, rest the remains of Abraham, Jacob and Joseph. There was held the great council on entering Canaan and the meeting later on at which it was decided to divide the Kingdom.

It was noon when Jesus sat down on the low curbing of this well to rest. Josephus tells about Moses resting at a well at mid-day and some women came to water their flocks.

7, 8, 9. Jesus' diciples being gone into the city to get something for their lunch, he asked the woman who had already drawn up a bucket of cool, sparkling water, to give him a drink of it. The woman was a Gentile or heathen, a people despised and shunned by the Jews. The woman saw by Jesus, dress and general appearance that he was a Jew and was astonished that he asked her for water. She did not know what a great, unbound soul she addressed, one who knew

but one Father for all and recognized one common brotherhood among all nations and people.

10. “The gift of God” here has reference to the very familiar cry of the Eastern water-carrier. “The gift of God,” he cries as he goes along with his water skin on his shoulder. Living water is the life-giving spirit.

11, 12. The woman showed by her reply that she did not at all comprehend Jesus' meaning. She was spiritually in the dark, as all people are who have not been awakened.

13, 14. Water is a symbol of spiritual life. The spiritual fountain is within, in the spirit realm. When opened up by the word of God, by the Christ presence awakened within the soul, it becomes a living well of the pure waters of life, springing up into eternal, or aionian, life.

Each one has that fountain in him, but mostly it is not active; it is covered up with the rubbish of materiality and sin, indulgence of sensuous desires. It requires the word of Truth to cleanse away the rubbish and open the spring into activity.

2. Why did Jesus stop there?
3. Why could not the woman understand him?
4. What is the water of life?
5. Whence comes this water of life?
6. How is the fountain opened up?
7. What is eternal or aionian life?

Lesson VII.-- Feb. 12. THE SECOND MIRACLE IN CANA.- John 4: 43-54.

LESSON KEY-NOTE:-“The same works that I do bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me."

Time:- December A. D. 27, or January A. D. 28.

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