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Lanphire, J. D. Perrin.

Treasurer's report showed balance of $167.65.
Corps of healers referred to lecture committee.
Secretary instructed to finish bulletin.

Publication of convention reports and proposed monthly salary of $25 for the Secretary both referred to finance committee.

Meeting adjourned subject to call of the president.

Later:-President appointed on Pub. Com., A. P. Barton, chairman; H. H. Schroeder, Mr. Burrows, H. H. Brown and Paul Tyrer.

A physician in this vicinity, says the Boston Medical and Surgical Journal, was recently called to a family which he found in such destitute circumstances that he gave, in addition to his prescription, a five-dollar bill. Happening in the next day he discovered that his gift had been thus spent: Three dollars to the priest, and two dollars to get another doctor.

Col. W. C. Gibbons, formerly of Minneapolis, Minn., now located somewhere in the state of New York, has gone and taken unto himself another wife. He and his former wife separated some fourteen years ago by mutual consent, he claiming a celebate life to be the only truly scientific life. Has the Colonel changed his views on this subject in his old days?

"Dorothy's Travels in Nowhere land and Return to Glory Island,” is a beautiful, fascinating Science story for children. It is entertaining and instructive to children of all ages.

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D RO. Frank E. Mason, of Brooklyn, N, Y., is quotD ed in January Harmony as saying:

“It is a serious question to-day whether service to God or service to man is the the most important, when we take into consideration the peace and harmony of humanity.”

I thought all New Thought people had gotten away past that old heathen superstition about serying God. You can't serve God. What can you do for the Infinite? Does God need anything you have? God must serve the unfortunate and undeveloped among humanity through you. Supply the needs of humanity and God will get along all right.

"Well, Patrick," asked the doctor, “how do you feel to-day?"

"Och, Doctor, dear, I enjoy very poor health intirely. The rheumatics are very distressin', indade; when I go to slape I lay awake all night, an' my toes is swelled as big as a goose hen's egg; so whin I sthand up I fall down immajit."

“Oh, my daughter!” (to a girl of six), “You should not be frightened and run from the goat. Don't you know you are a Christian Scientist?''.

"But, mamma" (excitedly), “the billy goat don't know it.”—Current Literature.

Doctor-I want to percus your liver.

Patient-Divil a bit o' good wud thot do, doctor; faith, an' I've bin cussin' that same ould liver for farthy years.

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Little Lessons

* In

Elohim - USES OF WORDS WORD means name.

A spoken word is the name or sign of an

idea. It is always anteceded by the Idea, even if it be the name of a dog you are calling.

That which you name is more likely to come to you, than that which you do not name, though it be only an inanimate object; and for the reason that before you can name it you must first idealize it, and thus you build a bridge from you to it, over which its qualities find easy and natural travel.

That which you call by name, pricks up its ears and makes ready, either to come at once or by an electric response through its vibrations, when its waves strike you with its own thought-quality,or the thoughtquality you have conceived and given it.

For these reasons it is a very important thing to understand the nature of words, and to know how to deal with them so as to call forth only the things and conditions that are desirable. It is of the utmost importance to know how to avoid the mere mention of names that have following behind them a train of unpleasant causes, as well as to understand the law of right words, so that we may cultivate our energies in their use, until we are able to idealize true and powerful principles only, and make them the incentives of the most beneficial and efficient and suitable words.

The spoken word may be sent with such confidence in its power and rightness as to establish a return-current full of the richest entities, as a result. As when Jesus, upon saying he would go and heal the Cen

turion's servant, the man, full of the idea that the mere speaking had power enough, said, “Speak the word only and my servant shall live.” Jesus expressed surprise at his faith.

There is a mighty power at the foundation of things. A power so great and trustworthy and unfailing, that all things and conditions depend upon it for manifestation. If you want love, you must get at this power; if it is health you need, you cannot have it unless you find the article in question. If it is wealth, or friends, or influence, there is but one right way to procure the desire of your heart. To this power there is a key which will unlock the door to that power.

The Power is the WORD of Truth. The key is the Name of the particular word or name of the thing desired. The call, or claim, sets in motion the waves of spiritual ether between you and it, and causes its bark to set in motion on those waves to ride to you.

Those who have been doubtful, or who have considered this subject too metaphysical for common use, have had their doubts brushed aside by the very symbolizing of this word-operation, in the invisible though surely demonstrable and practical workings of the ærograph or wireless telegraphy; which is accomplished by means of electrical vibrations. Interference of other messages is prevented by tuning the receiving circuit to a certain transmitter circuit, to make them in sympathetic resonance with each other alone. No one believed this until it was proven by demonstration. Few believe the power of the WORD until they have seen it demonstrated, and some people doubt even then! And yet, it is only a more subtile kind of fluid, something higher and finer and far more trustworthy than electricity, and its medium of action is eternal and omnipresent. All you need is to take the key and open.

All things and conditions are made by the word, spoken or expressed. The real word is not, however, identical with the spoken word, although it must exist prior to the word of mouth. An inflection or slur may temporarily obscure the thought, and the words may be made to misrepresent it. Mr. Locke says, “Amongst men who confound their ideas with words, there must be endless disputes.

The Word is the power in the beginning of all things. There is no result, no thing, no condition which has not the word at its base. Every word expressed or uttered by the spiritual mind is powerful and enduring. Every word, thought of or spoken that is not in accord with truth, has temporarily an adverse effect. So in the world of words there is one Word, one Idea, waiting to become manifested to bring forth into the manifestation the world spiritual.

Wait on ideas. Conception must precede bringing forth. Speak not until the idea is round and complete -wholly-lacking nothing, without accretions, is born in expression, and then hunt for appropriate Wording, Then you may speak the word only and right results. will follow.

If a man's word is his only burden, his word is. also his only lever for lifting that burden. Immortal man has forgotten his immortality when he has called the name of diseases and sins. Such things as the pure in heart know better “than to even mention such things among them.”

The life of the Word is the Light of men - their understanding. They turn on the light by speaking it. A sweet soul who had charitably yielded to the entanglements of her enviornment telegraphed her trouble. I did not say “your environment is grievous," I did not wish to repeat and thus strengthen that claim for her. I crossed out the condition, unnamed it, dis

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