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Brandling, C. J. Esq.

Brandling, James, Esq.

Brewse, Mrs. (Bristol.)

Brogden, James, Esq.

Brooke, Charles, Esq.

Brunton, Mr. J.

Bryan, Michael, Esq.

Bunbury, Sir T. C. Bart.

Calder, J. Esq.

Cherry, Mr.

Clifford, Mr.

Codd, Rev. Mr. 3 Copies.
Combe, Harvey C. Esq.
Cooke, Mr.

Cooper, Mr. William.
Cory, Mr.

Cotton, Rev. Mr.

Cowden, William, Esq.

Craven, Benjamin, Esq.
Crawford, Miss.

Creswell, Mr.

Curtis, Sir William, Bart.

Curwen, H. Esq.

Dallas, Robert, Esq. Davy, Mr.

Dawson, James, Esq. De Camp, Miss.

Dorant, William, Esq.

Doughty, Mr.

Downes, Major.

Dowton, Mr.

Duncan, Miss.

Dundass, Charles, Esq.
Dwyer, Mr.

Eccles, Isaac Amb. Esq.
Eccles, William, Esq.

Elliston, Mr.

Erskine, Hon. Thomas. Ewer, James, Esq. Fellows, John, Esq. Fenton, Perrot, Esq. Fevell, Mr. (Ipswich.) Fillingham, William, Esq.

Fonblanque, J. Esq.

Forrester, George T. Esq.
Forset, J. Esq.
Forset, Miss.

Fox, Hon. Charles James.
Gammon, Sir Rich. Bart.
Graham A. Esq.

Graham, James, Esq.

Guinness, Arthur, Esq.

Guinness, Samuel, Esq.

Guinness, Mrs.

Halls, James, Esq.
Hammet, John, Esq.

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Kersterman, Lieut. Col.

Lambart, James, Esq.

Leigh, R. Esq.

Litchfield, J. Esq. 5 Copies.

Lofft, Capel, Esq.

Lyster, J. Esq.

Macready, Mr.

Maddocks, W. A. Esq. M.P.

Malone, Edmund, Esq.

Manly, Mr.

Martin, Richard, Esq.
Martin, Mrs.

Mathews, Mr.

Mellon, Miss.

Meyler, J. Esq.
Milbroke, Sir R. Bart.
Montgomery, Rev. Mr.
Morris, Edward, Esq.

Myers, Gen. Sir W. Bart.

Myers, Major.


Myers, Mrs.
Nevill, Richard, Esq.
Noel, Christ. Henry, Esq.

Nutley, William, Esq.

Ogilvie, Dr. LL. D.
Ogle, Rev. J.

Ogle, Henry Bertram, Esq.
Ogle, Nathaniel, Esq.
Ord, William, Esq.

Palmer, J. Esq.

Penrice, T. Esq.

Penrice, Mrs.

Phillips, Mr.

Pitcher, John, Esq.

Plumer, Thomas, Esq.

Pope, Mr.

Powell, Mr.

Powell, Mrs.

Pybbes, John, Esq.

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Swan, Rev. Mr.

Taylor, Mrs.

Thompson, J. Anst. Esq. Thompson, T. Esq. Townsend, Mr. 2 Copies.

Trench, N. P. Esq.

Wathen, Captain.

Wharton, John, Esq.

Whitbread, Samuel, Esq.

Pymer, Mr.

Quin, Edward, Esq.

Redford, Archibald, Esq.

Reynolds, Frederick, Esq.

Ridley, Sir William, Bart. Robinson, Rev. Mr. Roper, Mr.

Shepherd, Serjeant.

Sheridan, R. B. Esq.

Sheridan, Mrs.

Sheridan, Thomas, Esq.

Siddons, Mrs.

Siddons, Mr. H.

Silke, Miss A.

Silke, Miss M. A.

Simpkin, J. Esq.

Smith, William, Esq.

Smith, Ambrose, Esq.

Smith, Ambrose, Junr. Esq.

Smith, Thomas, Esq.

Stokes, James, Esq.

Swainson, Isaac, Esq.

White, James, Esq.

White, Luke, Esq. 5 Copies.

Whittle, James, Esq.

Wilkinson, John, Esq.

Wilson, J. Esq.

Wilson, Richard, Esq.

Wilson, Mrs.

Woodriff, Robert, Esq.

Worthington, Mrs.

Wrench, Mr. 2 Copies. Wright, Alexander, Esq.

Wright, Mr.

Yallop, J. H. Esq.




WHEN I desired permission to dedicate these Remarks to you, I was not sufficiently aware how dangerous an honour I was seeking:-the Work is merely critical, with little room for genius, were I possessed of any, to display itself; and I am evoking the discernment of one who, placed by the grateful and according suffrage of this nation in the supreme chair of Wit, Taste, and Eloquence, is peculiarly endowed with a talent for detecting and exposing fallacy of every kind. This thought, indeed, would instantly have checked my presumption, if I did not, at the same time, reflect, that pre-eminent abilities are, naturally, associated with exemplary candour; and that he whom I address is not more distinguished for brilliancy of intellect, than for ardour of benevolence.

I am, Sir, with great respect,
Your obliged and faithful
Humble servant,


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