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Paise three hundred and fifty pounds, and my bed with the appurtenances, bed linen and apparel linen, as shirts, pillowbiers, sheets, caps, handkerchiefs, &c. I give to my servant Wood three hundred and thirty pounds, with all my apparel, as doublets, hose, and to his wife ten pounds: I give to my late servant Francis Edney two hundred pounds, and my rich gown: I give to my ancient servant Throughton one hundred pounds: I give to my chaplain Dr. Rawleigh one hundred pounds: I give to my ancient servant Welles one hundred pounds : I give to my ancient servant Fletcher one hundred pounds, and to his brother ten pounds; and if my servant Fletcher be dead, then the whole to his brother: I give to my wife's late waiting gentlewoman Mrs. Wagstaffe, one hundred pounds: I give to Morrice Davis one hundred pounds: I give to old John Bayes one hundred pounds: I give to my ancient servant Woder threescore and ten pounds: I give to my ancient servant Guilman threescore pounds: I give to my ancient servant Faldo forty pounds: Is give to London my coachman forty pounds: I give to Harsnepp my groom forty pounds: I give to Abraham my footman forty pounds: I give Smith my bayliff and his wife forty pounds: I give to my ancient servant Bowes thirty pounds: I give to my servant Atkins thirty pounds: I give to old Thomas Gotherum, who was bred with me from a child, thirty pounds: 1 give to my servant Plomer twenty pounds: I give to Daty my cook twenty pounds: I give to Henry Brown twenty pounds : I give to Richard Smith twenty pounds: I give to William Sayers ten pounds: I give to John Large twenty pounds: I give to old good wife Smith ten pounds: I give to Peter Radford's wife five pounds: I give to every mean servant that attends me and is not already named, five pounds. The general devise and bequest of all my lands and goods to the performance of my will. Whereas by former assurance made to Sir John Constable knight, my brother-in-law, and to sir Thomas Crewe, and Sir Thomas Hedley, knight, and serjeants at law, and some other persons now deceased; all my lands and tenements in Hertfordshire, were by me conveyed in trust: And whereas of late my fine, and the whole benefit thereof, was by his majesty's letters patents conveyed to Mr. Justice Hutton, Mr. Justice Chamberlain, sir Francis Barneham and sir Thomas Crewe knight, persons by me named in trust; I do devise by this my will, and declare, that the trust by me reposed, as well touching the said lands as upon the said letters patents, is, that all and every the said persons so trusted, shall perform all acts and assurances that

by my executors, or the survivor or survivors of them shall be thought fit and required, for the payment and satisfaction of my debts and legacies, and performance of my will, having a charitable care that the poorest either of my creditors or legataries be first satisfied. I do farther give and devise all my goods, chattels and debts due to me whatsoever, as well my pension of twelve hundred pounds per Annum from the king for certain years yet to come, as all my plate, jewels, household stuff, goods and chattels whatsoever, (except such as by this my last will I have especially bequeathed to my executors for the better and more ready payment of my debts, and performance of my will.) And because I conceive there will be upon the moneys raised by sale of my lands, leases, goods and chattles, a good round surplusage, over and above that which may serve to satisfy my debts and legacies, and perform my will ; I do devise and declare, that my executors shall employ the said surplusage in manner and form following; that is to say, that they purchase there with so much land of inheritance, as may esect and endow two lectures in either the universities, one of which lectures shall be of natural philosophy, and the sciences in general thereunto belonging; hoping that the stipends or salaries of the lectures may amount to two hundred pounds a year for either of them ; and for the ordering of the said lectures from time to time, 1 leave it to the care of my executors, to be established by the advice of the lords bishops of Lincoln and Coventry and Lichfield. Nevertheless thus much I do direct, that none shall be lecturer (if he be English) except he be master of arts of seven years standing, and that he be not profess'd in divinity, law, or physic, as long as he remains lecturer; and that it be without difference whether (he) be a stranger or English: and I wish my executors to consider of the president of Sir Henry Saville's lectures for their better instruction. I constitute and appoint for my executors of this my last will and testament, my approved good friend the right honourable Sir Humphrey Maye chancellor of his majesty's duchy of Lancaster, Mr. Justice Hutton, Sir Thomas Crewe, Sir Francis Barneham, Sir John Constable, and Sir Euball Thelwall; and I name and intreat to be one of my supervisors, my most noble, constant and true friend the duke of Buckingham, unto whom I do most humbly make this my last request, that he will reach forth his hand of grace to assist the just performance of this my will, and likewise that he will be

graciously pleased for my sake to protect and help such of my good servants, as my executors shall at any time recommend to his grace's favour; and also I do desire his grace in all humbleness to commend the memory of my long continued and faithful service unto my most gracious sovereign, who ever when he was prince was my patron, as I shall (who have now, I praise God, one foot in heaven) pray for him while I have breath. And because of his grace's business, I presume also to name for another of my supervisors, my good friend and near ally the Master of the Rolls. And I do most earnestly intreat both my executors and supervisors that although I know well it is matter of trouble and travail unto them, yet considering what I have been, that they would vouchsafe to do this last office to my memory and good name, and to the discharge of mine honour and conscience; that all men may be duly paid their own, that my good mind by their good care may effect that good work. Whatsoever I have given, granted, confirmed or appointed to my wife, in the former part of this my will, I do now for just and great causes utterly revoke and make void, and leave her to her right only.

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