Sooner Or Later

Harper, 1868 - 348 Seiten

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Seite 347 - ... clothed in purple and fine linen, and fare sumptuously every day, while the laborer is fed with the crumbs which fall from the table of the rich.
Seite 60 - the dark places of the earth are full of the habitations of cruelty...
Seite 8 - ... the mockery of escaping into generalities, which mean nothing to those unacquainted with evil, and are laughed at by those who are less fortunate." Again, he was accused of " unfriendliness to what is not improperly called the religious world." To this he retorted that the charge had been made " without sufficient attention to the entire bearing of the work, and notably without regard to the character in which is embodied the best form of religion which the author can typify.
Seite 66 - Hosts dropp'd their arms, and trembled as they heard ; And back the chariots roll, and coursers bound, And steeds and men lie mingled on the ground. Aghast they see the living lightnings play, And turn their eyeballs from the flashing ray. Thrice from the trench his dreadful voice he raised ; And thrice they fled, confounded and amazed.
Seite 320 - Neat, but not gaudy, as the Devil said when he painted his tail pea-green.
Seite 272 - He complained that he had his hypochondriasis again strongly, and about various things ; said also, that the best he could do would be to take himself out of the world. The Italian urged upon him very seriously that such passions must be repressed by philosophy, &c. Jerusalem : That is not so easily done ; he would rather be alone to-day, he might leave him, &c. The Italian : He must go into society, amuse himself, &c. Jerusalem : Well, he was going out again. The...
Seite 92 - Mr. Shirley Brooks, in his last and best novel, says : " It is a happy time when a man and a woman can be long silent together, and love one another the better that neither speaks of love. A few years later, and silence is perhaps thought to mean either sorrow or sulks.
Seite 268 - I thought that you knew me well enough by this time to be sure of that.
Seite 125 - Aline own, mine own, how vain to say My heart thine every triumph shares, . But while the crowd their homage pay My voice would seem but echoing theirs. "But, ah ! if e'er an hour should come (Nay, fate hath no such hour in store), When friends are cold, when...

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