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Augustus shuts up the temple of Janus, 1, note.

his determination to tax the empire, 6.
decree subserves God's purposes, 7.
his declaration on hearing of Herod's cruelty, 19, note.

refuses the title of Lord on hearing of Christ, do.
Angels rejoice at the birth of Christ, 9.

good and bad ones, their employment, 189, note.
one of them appears to Christ in the garden, 344.

declare Christ's resurrection, 396, 399.
Andrew and John follow Him, 59.
Alms-giving, no ground to merit heaven, 239, note.
Asses, some particulars of, in reference to Christ's riding, 273, note.
Abomination of desolation, 302, note.
Apostles, Peter, Andrew, James, and John called, 87.

meaning of the term, 109.
the twelve chosen,-import of their names, 109, 110,

111, 112.
sent forth to preach, 152.
return with an account of their success, 156.
murmur at Christ's discourse, 163.
depressed with sorrow on hearing of His expected suf..

ferings, 187, 256, 330, 333.
expect a temporal kingdom, 257.
their contention, who should be greatest, 188, 335.
triumphantly shout, on their Master's entry to Jerusa-

lem, 274.
Philip and Andrew conduct the Greeks to Him, 277.
two sent to prepare the Passover, 330.

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Apostles, questioned by Jesus of their wants while preaching, 336.

mention two swords for defence, 336.
their sorrow and silence mildly reproved, 337.
consult on Christ's words, 338.
sleep in the garden, instead of watching, 344.
ask to defend themselves with the sword, 346.
all forsake their Master, 347.
and others, under a dismal cloud of sorrow, 385.
two hasten to Jerusalem to tell of His resurrection, 403.
several remain unbelieving, 403.
assembled privately together, when Jesus appears, 403,
commission of, 405, note.
leave Judea for Galilee, 407.
their last question to Christ respecting a temporal king-

dom, 407.
Ash-wednesday (day of ashes,) 315, note.
Adjuration, what it means, 349, note.
Arimathea, 381, note.

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Bethlehem, 6, note.
Baptism of Christ by John, 46.
Bethabara, 52, note.
Bethsaida, 53, note.
Books of Old Testament, &c., 83, note.
Bethesda, pool of, 100, note.
Bethany, 254, note.
Bartimeus, cured of blindness, 260.
Bethphage, 273, note.
Blasphemy of Infidels answered, 273, note.
Blessings of the poor,-their value, &c. 242, note.
Bottles, their kinds, 145, note.
Barrabbas, a murderer, preferred to Christ, 362, 366.
Beauty (personal) of Christ, 417.


Christ, his birth, 7.

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Christ, his names, meaning of, 9, 10,

circumcision, 10.
presentation, &c., fulfils prophecy, 10, 11, note.
redeemed by 5 shekels, &c., 11.
office testified in the temple by Simeon and Anna, 11,
appearance alarms Herod, 15.
sought and worshipped by the wise men, 14, 16, 17.
ordered by God to be removed into Egypt, 18.
destruction, sought by Herod, 19, 20.
called a Nazarene, 21.
manifests wonderful powers of mind, 22.
found in the temple by His parents, 23.
employment only hinted at till the first year of His minis-

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try, 24.

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CHAP. II.-A. D. 29 : TIBERIUS 15, 16.

First Year of His Ministry.
testified of by John, 46, 52, 53.

by the Holy Spirit, 47.
manifestation, prophecied by Daniel, 48, note.
temptation by Satan, 49, 50, 51.
discovers Himself to Andrew, John, Peter, and Bartholo-

mew, and calls Philip, 53, 54.
designates Himself the son of man, 53, 54.
performs His first miracle at Cana, 55.
departs to Capernaum, 56, 84, 88, 123.

CHAP. III.-A. D. 30: TIBERIUS 16, 17.

First Passover after His Baptism.
manifests His authority at the temple, 61, 62.
speaks of Himself under that figure, 61, 62.
discourses with Nicodemus, 67, 70.
does not confide in His followers, 67, 70.
delegates the office of baptizing to the disciples, 70.
retires to Galilee, passing through Samaria, 71.
discourses with the woman there, 72, 73, 74, 75.
converts many at Sychar, and remains there two days, 76,

retires from Sychar through Nazareth, 78,

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Christ heals a nobleman's son at Cana, 79.

Chap. IV.-A.D. 30: TIBERIUS 16, 17.

Second Year of His ministry,
preaches repentance in the synagogues of Galilee, 82.
at Nazareth, reads and expounds Isaiah xli, 1.; 83.
regarded only as a carpenter, and threatened with death by

his townsmen, 84.
makes Capernaum His chief resort, 86.
preaches to the people out of Peter's vessel, seals his doc-

trine by a miracle, and abates Peter's fears, 87.
chooses Andrew, Peter, James, and John for disciples, 87.
preaches in the synagogues of Capernaum, 88.
casts out and commands the silence of an impure spirit, 89,

cures Peter's mother-in-law, and many other diseased, 89,

retires early in the morning for prayer 89, 90.
desired to stay in Capernaum, but proceeds through Gali-

lee, 91.
cures a leprous man, 91.
retires for fasting and prayer, 92.
privately re-enters Capernaum, 93.
cures a paralytic, and forgives his sins, 94.
reproves the envious Scribes and Pharisees, 95.
calls Matthew to be an apostle, 96.
returns to Jerusalem, 96.

CHAP. 5.-A. D. 31 : TIBERIUS 17, 18.

Second Passover afler His Baptism.
heals a man at Bethesda's pool.
persecuted before the council for it; defends Himself, and

cautions the healed man, 100, 101, 102, 103,
defends His disciples for plucking the corn, 104.
departs from Jerusalem to Galileeg-restores a withered

hand, 105.
silences the cavilling Pharisees, 106.
followed by multitudes,- -casts out the impure spirits, and

commands their silence, 108.

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Christ, His gracious temper, corroborated by Isaiah, 108.

retires all night for prayer, previous to completing the

choice of the apostles, 109.
elects the twelve, 110.
cures all who touch Him, 113.
delivers His celebrated Sermon, 114, 122.
heals the centurion's servant at Capernaum,--departs

thence, 124.
restores the widow's son,–His fame spreads, 125,
receives John's two disciples, and discourses of him, 126.
pronounces dreadful woes against Chorazin, Bethsaida, and

Capernaum, 126.
invites the weary and heavy laden, 130.
dines with a Pharisee; commends Mary's attentions, and

forgives her sins, 131.
proceeds through Galilee, and returns to Capernaum, 131.
accompanied by the apostles and pious women,-annoyed

by the multitudes, 132.
heals a demoniac, which power the Scribes and Pharisees

ascribe to Satan, 132.
vindicates Himself and solemnly reproves them, 133.
refuses them a sign, except that of Jonas, 134.
foretells dreadful apostacies,-interrupted by his kindred,

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and points to His truest friends, 135.
retires to the sea-shore, and changes His mode of address,

delivers and explains His first parable of the sower, 137.

the parables of the treasure, the merchant, and the
net, 138.
accosted by a Scribe, encourages a disciple, 139, 140,
warns of looking back in Christian warfare,-sleeps on the

sea, and stills the tempest, 141.
lands in Phillip's dominions, 141.
at Gadara, restores two men possessed by the devil, 142.
permits them to enter the swine,-directs one of the healed

men to inform his friends, 143.
entertained by St. Matthew, vindicates His eating with
publicans, &c.,




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