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Seite 73 - ... the parity in value of the coins of the two metals, and the equal power of every dollar at all times, in the markets and in the payment of debts.
Seite 236 - We hold to the use of both gold and silver as the standard money of the country, and to the coinage of both gold and silver without discrimination against either metal or charge for mintage...
Seite 91 - We declare it to be a fundamental principle of the Democratic party that the Federal Government has no constitutional power to impose and collect tariff duties, except for the purpose of revenue only, and we demand that the collection of such taxes shall be limited to the necessities of the Government when honestly and economically administered.
Seite 79 - It yields a dwindling, not a yearly rising revenue. It has impoverished many industries to subsidize a few. It prohibits imports that might purchase the products of American labor. It has degraded American commerce from the first to an inferior rank on the high seas. It has cut down the sales of American manufactures at home and abroad and depleted the returns of American agriculture, — an industry followed by half our people. It costs the people five times more than it produces...
Seite 71 - Democratic party is pledged to revise the tariff in a spirit of fairness to all interests. But in making reduction in taxes, it is not proposed to injure any domestic industries, but rather to promote their healthy growth.
Seite 76 - Republican protection as a fraud — a robbery of the great majority of the American people for the benefit of the few.
Seite 87 - We denounce the Republican legislation known as the Sherman act of 1890 as a cowardly makeshift, fraught with possibilities of danger in the future, which should make all of its supporters, as well as its author, anxious for its speedy repeal.
Seite 55 - ... Treasurer and to us all if we could in some way increase our contributing membership in order to give us more funds for our educational work. We could do more good if we had more money to spend in the distribution of literature. On motion the Treasurer's Report was received and filed. THE CHAIRMAN : The next business in order will be the report of the Committee to suggest nominations for Officers and Executive Committee for the ensuing year. Is that Committee ready to report ? MR. FREDERICK L....
Seite 85 - I want to call the attention of the Convention to the fact that New York is still Democratic.

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