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a fact.

"Extracts from Index on word. Here to re-affirm it-not modified, weakened,


but doubled, trebled, with tenfold force HaRETICS,Not forbidden to say they are

and power. I say the crimes perpetrated, damned.

the deeds of darkness committed, by my 'Blaspheme when they say priests poor, unhappy, ignorant countrymen, are cannot forgive sins.

taught them as the infallible, unerring Persecuted by kings when those kings become Christians.

will of God, in that Bible. The oath Christ abhors any that allow and

that is taken by the unfortunate Whiteconsent to them.

foot and Ribbonmen, who fall victims 10 'Christ abhors any that go to their their country's justice, to bathe their

hands in the blood of their Protestant Christ abhors any that further them in any way against Ca- neighbours, is only carrying into practitholics.

cal eflect the infernal comments upon *He abhors any that receive them the book on' which he swears. This is into their houses, and communi

It is not in the power of human cale with their wicked works.' talent to disprove it; and no man of com" These are but a few extracts from mon feelings, conscience, or even of cointhe Index ; and it only goes to the tenth mon judgment, will deny that it is cause chapter of the Gospel of St. Matthew. enough to arcount for all the crimes that

"It was said, again, that • Dens' are committed by the deluded peasantry Ta in Latin ; this is written in plain of Ireland. English. It was said that • Dens' was a “If ever cause produced effect, who ook confined to the priests; this is care- can doubt the effect produced by this Bifully distributed among the people. Dens ble? What must be the private instrucmerely lays down the law, the principle; tions of men who dare to print documents ut this enkindles all the evil passions of like these? What must be whispered in she beart. Dens describes crimes in a

the ear, when this is printed upon paper? nerely dry didactic form; this book sti- May God, of the riches of his mercy, tuulates to their perpetration. Dens open the hearts of men and show them fwerely dressed Satan as an angel of that it is their duty to stand out faithfully light; this book invests Satan wiih the and testify against these evils; and that power of Jehovah-places him upon the the poor Roman Catholics of Ireland are throne of God-raises him up into the

not to be banished, or persecuted by the 1 Fort heights of heaven, not to pour, as in sword, but that they ought to be insiructthe Word of Life, mercies on mankind, ed, in the face of every opposition, by "bat to pour down his blasphemous— the Word of God, the only standard of

the dealening applause which followed all pure religion. prevented the reporter catching the con- “* Resolved, That from the documents laid - tlsion of the sentence.) What must be

before this meeting, it contemplates the sothe principles and seelings of the poor: abjured as an awful illustration of the princi.

lemnity with which these books have been unfortunate, ignorant men, who are taught ples which they inculcated, calculated to lull to receive such doctrines as the infallible Protestants into a fatal security as 10 the evils Standard of eternal truth? Who is there of the Church of Rome, both as affecting them** can think of the poor Roman Catho- selves and their Roman Catholic fellow subis, without thinking of them as a Chris. jects; and that while Protestants are bound to lan with anguish of heart, when religion civil and religious liberty with which it has

maintain the principles of elernal truth, and of 11 made the very minister of crime, when pleased God so long and so signally to bless Hacience is inverted, and taught to con- then, it is their duty to use all faithful dili. Binder that as virtue which God has de. gence in a spirit of Christian fidelity and kindTunced with everlasting judgment? I ness, to rescue their Roman Catholic country** found fault with for saying, that human and divine, which cannot even stand

men from a system at war with all sanctions "!?e crimes perpetrated in the midnight the test of human judgment, far less can it darkness by the assassin, were discussed stand acquitted at the tribunal of the Holy In the sober morning conferences of the God.' priests. I retract that assertion-only * Now, the first document to which I

would call your attention is the examina- gle copy of that edition, which was not tion of Dr. Murray before the Committee therefore in use among Roman Catholics, of the House of Commons. Mr. O'Con- this edition, (producing a copy,) which nell has spoken of my indescribable was in the press in Cork, while Dr. Troy conduct towards that meek and venerable was denouncing the other in Dublin, was prelate.' Would to God we could dis- carefully circulated throughout Ireland, cuss mere abstract principles without in- and has been in use among the Roman volving names or men in the discussion. Catholics in that country ever since. But that is impossible; for while men stand out as the patrons and propagators Dr. Troy withdrew his sanction? He wrote

“. By what document can you show that of iniquity, and while they are promoting a letter to that effect, which was published at its dissemination throughout the country, the time. Were not those notes the usual it is the part of Christian fidelity and notes in use among Roman Catholics; were truth to hold up the truth, and maintain they not extracted literally from those to be it, whoever is injured, or whoever suffers found in the Douay version? They were not

used in Ireland before; for there had not been by it. Dr. Murray was examined before in that country any previous edition of them. a comunittee of the House of Commons

Where were they obtained; by Cowie, the respecting this Bible of 1816; and I read printer, or by whom were they furnished? these extracts from the Report (17th May, They were furnished in an edition known in 1825) :

England, and which proceeded from certain

exiles who left this country in very angry “Are you aware that an edition of the Tes- times, and carried a little of the spirit of the tament, with notes, was published in Dublin times along with them. It is a subject of rein or about 1816, by Dr. Troy ?-I am. That gret to many sincere Catholics, that too much edition was published under a misconception. of that spirit has been infused into these notes. Dr. Troy had given his sanction to an edition They have, however, been gradually softened of the Bible, supposing it to be the same that

down; so that, in the last edition, there are he had before sanctioned; but as soon as he very few notes, and those very unobjectionafound his mistake, he withdrew his approba- ble. Were not those notes to the Scriptures, tion, and I do not find that the edition is in use which have been considered as objectionable, among Roman Catholics,'

published at Rheims in France; and are they 6. Under misconception !' Dr. Mur.

not called the Rhemish notes ?- They are; ray confines the approbation to Dr. Troy they were published by exiles who had been alone. But here is the advertisement of to forsake their native country: Were they

obliged, during the angry times of persecution, the book itself with Dr. O'Reilly's name, English or Irish exiles ?-English. The Douay Dr. Troy's name, Dr. Murray's own version is one thing, and the Rhemish notes name, and the name of some other bish- are another; are not editions of the Douay Biops; and on the cover is the name of the ble published in Ireland without those notes ?

- The Rhemish notes were never published priest residing in Dublin, appointed to in Ireland, except on the occasion already al• revise and correct the edition printed luded to, when they were published by misthere, in connection with the bishop's take. They were called Rhemish, because the name itself.

Testament was translated at the College of

Rheims. The college was afterwards removed " As to this edition not being in use

to Douay, and the remaining part of the Bible among Roman Catholics, I cannot accuse was translated at the latter place. Have you Dr. Murray of falsehood here; for I be conversed with Dr. Troy upon this subject ? lieve that edition was not in use among I have. Are you aware, from those conthe Roman Catholics. Mr. Cumming, versations, whether Dr. Troy was aware of to save himself when Macnamara failed, the intention of republishing those Rhemish

notes at the time his approbation was obtaincompleted an edition of 500 copies, of ed?—I know he was not? which this is one, (producing it) —and when Dr. Troy came forward with his de- 6. I know he was not !' --while he nunciation, Mr. Cumming, I believe, never himself, his coadjutor archbishop along sold another copy: he was compelled to with him, had joined with nine other collect the books he had printed, and ex. bishops in the list of subscribers for that port them to America ; and he lost, I Bible, corrected by a priest in the city of believe, 500l. by the transaction. But Dublin, and placed under their own inwhilst Mr. Cumming could not sell a sin- spection. I know he was not!'


**Do you know whether Dr. Troy's approval humbled and degraded condition in which was withdrawn from the circulation of the they are now placed, they will submit with reScriptures as soon as his attention was called signation to the Divine will. The prelates, to the objectionable character of those notes? however, conceive it a duty which they owe - I know that to be the case, and in conse- to themselves, as well as to their Protestant quence of that the book was not circulated.' fellow subjects, whose good opinion they value,

to endeavour once more to remove the false “Now this is partly true. The Bible imputations that have frequently been cast of 1816 was not circulated; but the Bible upon the faith and discipline of that Church

which is intrusted to their care, that all may of 1818 was printed and was circulated.

be enabled to know with accuracy the genuine “Do you believe the edition of the Scrip- principles of those men who are proscribed tures, with those objectionable notes, is at the by law from any participation in the honours, present moment circulated under the authority dignities, and emoluments of the State.' of any one individual of the Roman Catholic

• Now look, I beseech you, at these clergy of Ireland !--My belief is, that it is not; I do not know of a single instance of it

, nor general principles. did I ever happen to meet with a copy of it in “* ARTICLE 11TA.—The Catholics of Ireland circulation.'

not only do not believe, but they declare upon " • My belief is that it is not !'-While oath, that they detest as unchristian and impi. here is this Bible, with the names of ous, the belief that it is lawful to murder or

destroy any person or persons whatsoever, for twelve bishops and one hundred and

or under the pretence of their being heretics;" twenty-five priests, in the list of sub- and also the principle “that no faith is to be scribers! while it is stated on the very kept with heretics.” They further declare on cover that it is under the patronage of oath their belief, that no act, in itself unjust, three hundred priests in different parts

immoral, or wicked, can ever be justified or

excused by or under pretence or colour, that of Ireland, and that proper men were ap- it was done for the good of the church, or in pointed in every town in Ireland to dis- obedience to any ecclesiastical power whatsotribate it! I read these extracts from ever. That it is not an article of the Catholic Dr. Murray's examination. I make no

faith; neither are they thereby required to beremarks on Dr. Murray's answers. I

lieve that the Pope is infallible, and that they

do not hold themselves “bound to obey any simply lay the whole before you. Judge

order in its own paure immoral,” though the for yourselves. There is another docu- Pope or any ecclesiastical power should issue ment which I wish to read to you--a do- or direct such an order; but, on the contrary, cument which I read for this reason, that

that it would be sinful in them to pay any rein the last number of a Review published

spect or obedience thereto.' under the patronage of Mr. O'Connell-- “Again in the 12th articlethe Dublin Review--he promises that

** They further solemnly, in the presence the next number shall contain the oath

of God, testify and declare, that they make and declaration of the archbishops and this declaration, and every part thereof, in the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church plain and ordinary sense of the words of their upon it. Therefore you may take the

oath, without any evasion, equivocation, or

mental reservation whatsoever, and without Dublin Review, with this oath and decla. ration, and weigh it in one scale with this any dispensation already granted by the pope,

or any authority of the See of Rome, or any quarto Bible in another. This declara- person whatever, and without thinking that tion on oath, and these resolutions, were they are or can be acquitted before God or appended to Dr. Doyle's Letter to Lord man, or absolved of this declaration, or any

part thereof, although the Pope, or any perLiverpool,' in 1826:-

sons in authority whatsoever, shall dispense ** At a time when the spirit of calm inquiry with or annul the same, or declare that it was is abroad, and men seem anxious to resign

null and void from the beginning.' those prejudices through which they viewed "'The 13th article, againthe doctrines of others, the archbishops and bishops of the Roman Catholic Church in Ire- • The Catholics of Ireland, far from claimland avail themselves with pleasure of this - ing any right or title to forfeited lands, resultdispassionale tone of the public mind, to ex- ing from any right, title, or interesi, which hibit a simple and correct view of those tenets their ancestors may have had therein, declare that are most frequently misrepresented. If it upon oath, that they will defend, to the utmost please the Almighty that the Catholics of Ire- of their power, the settlement and arrangeland should be doomed to continue in the ment of property in this country, as established


by the laws now in being. They also dis- on my table from November, 1834, till claim, disavow, and solemnly abjure, any in- the month of April, 1835. During the tention to subvert the present church estab- interval, I was employed in every leisure lishment for the purpose of substituting a Catholic establishment in its stead. And, hour, not in endeavouring to injure, but further, they swear that they will not exercise in writing and labouring, to the best of any privilege to which they are or may be my judgment, for the true interests of entitled, to disturb or weaken the Protestant

my Roman Catholic countrymen. When religion and Protestant government in Ire- I opened and read the principles mainland.'

tained by Dens, they were laid before • There is the oath of the Roman Ca- my brethren, and it was thought expetholic bishops—I believe I shall not go dient, for the sake of truth, to lay them far astray, when I say there—(pointing to before the public. We have been centhe Bible with the Rhemish notes)—there sured because we have done so. Our is the Bible upon which it was sworn. principles have been called in question. Now who could doubt a number of men But we stated the truth, and the truth we professing to be the servants of God, shall maintain. If I had acted in this as however erroneous we may believe their

a politician, I should not fear 10 acknowprinciples to be—who came forward and ledge it. I acted upon principle. My could make such a declaration upon oath principle was this:-if these men are as this? Who could have believed that at wrong, if these principles are inmoral, that very moment, under their authoriy, anti-social, detested by man, and acwere circulating throughout Ireland, in- cursed by God, what is the duty of ciples, as far from those which they re- Christians? I know of no doctrine of presented on oath as their own, as the

sound philosophy which deals with the east is from the west? Were not these effect, and leaves the cause which prothings calculated 10 lull Protestants into duced it without notice. If our Roman a false security? Did they not have Catholic countrymen are wrong-and this effect? Was not Popery, like its wrong they are we should lay the axe parent and prototype, putting off its to the root, not by persecution, but by natural form, and whispering, in reptile devoted, Christian, persevering fidelityshape, in the ear of sleeping England, testify to them of ihe blessed Word of dreams of harmony and peace which God, and bear our testimony against were to be expected from abandon their error-instruct them in the Gospel ing the word of God, and giving that of Jesus Christ, and bring the light of his word up to be trampled under foot by everlasting salvation to shine into the the tyrant Church of Rome? But as dark inquisitorial dungeons of Rome. the reptile was whispering its visions of 'There is not a man in the world that will delusion in this alien form at the nation's contend more than I for liberty of conear, God, by the heavenly tempered science. But if we love God-if we spear of truth, has touched the nionster, love our sellow-men, we cannot but pity, and he starts again into his native shape and, if we pity, we cannot but use our in all the dark dimensions of the demon." best exertions to relieve. I call not for

Mr. M.Ghee, after reading certain laws of restraint; I say, “Liberiy for the documents, proceeded to speak of Dens' Roman Catholics of Ireland'-liberty. I Theology, a work which has attracted say, .Emancipation for my Roman Calittle less attention in this country than tholic fellow-countrymen. Let them be in Great Britain. “The discovery of delivered from the bondage of a cruel, this book," he said, has been attributed debasing, and persecuting tyranny. Why 10 my exertions, and I have been less should the light of heaven be intercepted pained by public censure than by unde- from the eye of Ireland? What right served praise. • Dens' Theology' was has any man to intercept the light of put into my hands by a Protestant book- God from ihe eye of his fellow-man? seller, in November, 1834; it was the Why should the immortal mind be bound only copy he had seen; I believe he ob- up in the chains of the power of darktained it at an auction, and it lay unopened ness!"




His ego gratiora alia dictu esse scio; sed me vera pro gratis loqui, etsi meum ingenium non moneret, necessitas cogit. Vellem equidem vobis placere, Quirites; sed malo vos salvos esse, qualicumque erga me animo futuri eslis. -T. Q. CAPITOLINUS.


Since God stretched the heavens over for granted, and without an entire agreethe earth, there has not been broached in ment in which, on both sides, it is imhuman language an absurdity so mon- possible to come to a conclusion. Withstrous as that of Transubstantiation.- out common principles in some grand That a bit of bread is converted into a points, it is impossible even to argue, for full-grown human body, while to all the argument must have an acknowledged senses it remains unchanged; and that foundation. Among the various sects of this is the real body of Jesus, who was Protestants the Bible is such a common born of the Virgin, crucified in Jerusalem, foundation, whose authority in religious and now in heaven, is an assertion so controversies is paramount and ultimate. shocking to common sense, that without But in reasoning with Roman Catholics, the clearest evidence, it could not be Protestants have not this advantage. The credited that ever it was believed by Scriptures, though in some sense acknowany rational being. To many, indeed, ledged, are not, with them, the only, nor it will appear utterly useless to reason the ultimate standard. Tradition has the with persons who prosess so senseless a better half of the empire of revelation, and dogma. Why do you hope to cure mad- a Lord paramount is acknowledged in the ness by argument?— Why reason with authority of the Church. As long as this those who renounce all the principles on principle is held, it is easy to see that no which evidence is founded? Were the satisfactory results need be expected from subject of debate a matter of philosophical reasoning with them on the meaning of speculation--did it concern the interests Scripture. The Bible is not to Roman of this world only, we might, without ar- Catholics the ultimate appeal: and their rogance, turn away from our opponents only first principle, the authority of the with a disdainful brow. Absurdity, with. Church, we utterly disown. Since, thereout question, deserves no attention; but fore, we have no common ground of as the eternal interests of millions of our argument in the Divine word, I shall adbrethren are concerned in the issue, we vance higher, and appeal to principles, are bound 10 use every effort to awaken the denial of which is a renunciation of in them the dormant principles of com- rational nature. I shall not take for granted mon sense, and rouse them to attend to even the truth of the Scriptures, in rethe voice of reason and of God. Were futing this doctrine. All that I ask my they a distinct race of men, with minds opponents to take for granted, is, that so constituted as to be unaffected by truths God Almighty made them, and gave them that to human kind are first principles, the faculties which they possess. This we might indeed despair of doing them they are not likely to dispute. I underservice. But as their insanity is only a take to show-not by forced or refined voluntary surrender of their rational na interpretations of Scripture-not even by ture, to a system introduced by the grand remote deductions of reason; but by a deceiver of mankind, there is still hope series of self-evident truths, that Transubof reaching their understanding, and of stantiation is subversive of the foundations recalling them to subjection to the empire of human belief; therefore incapable of of reason and scripture.

being proved by any evidence, or of being In all reasoning there are certain first believed by men under the influence of principles which it is necessary to take common sense.

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