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creased energy and activity, compassing fall of Babylon is express. Her plagues sea and land to make one proselyte, * shall come in one day; death, and building the tombs of the prophets, and mourning, and famine ; and she shall garnishing the sepulchres of the right- be burned with fire: for strong is the eous, and filling up, as the Scribes and Lord that judgeth her. A mighty anPharisees did, the measure of their fa- gel took up a stone, like a great millthers. How nearly then must the dread-. stone, and cast it into the sea, saying, ful cup of the iniquity of the Church of Thus with violence shall that great city Rome be full!

Babylon be thrown down, AND SHALL BE 3. God's VISIBLE JUDGMENTS WILL AT FOUND NO MORE AT ALL: this last expresLENGTH DESCEND TO DESTROY BABYLON. sion is made four times, and thus proves There will be no reform of Popery. She most conclusively that the prediction aphas bound herself in the immutable chain plies, not to a past but to a future destrucof her own sins. Her claim to infalli- tion. In addition therefore to the wasting bility has made her rejection of her false- of the power and resources of Popery as hoods impossible. The whole system a system, which has begun to take place, will perish at once, and that with deso- we have reason to expect peculiarly desolating judgments. Even now, more and lating judgments on the Papal state, and more, Popery is grinding and crushing especially on the city of Rome itself. between the upper millstone of Divine The kings of the earth

shall truth and the lower millstone of infidelity. see the smoke of her burning; standNor will its vain pretences and assump- ing afar off for fear of her torment, saytions, its tricks, disguises and absurd ing, Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, miracles, long be able to withstand its that mighty city! for in one hour is thy righteous doom. Many of its adherents judgment come. will come to the Lord truly; or fall, as The deluge was not more clearly anBalaam did, into the ranks of infidelity, nounced to the world before the flood, and perish with the last foes of Christ. by Noah, than this judgment is an(Compare Numbers xxxi. 8, and Rev. nounced by the Word of God to the xix. 20.) Those kings who, like our Christian world. This is the dreadful James II. of England, and Charles X. of end of a lengthened course of horrible France, adhere to it, will mourn its fall. profanation of sacred things, and daring (Rev. xviii. 9.) Those kings who, like iniquity, blasphemy and idolatry. Napoleon, are really infidel, will hate it What a solemn warning will the Lord and burn its flesh. Thus they are de- thus give to all other nations and kingscribed in one place as hating the whore, doms! a warning effectual, we may hope,

a and making her desolate (chap. xvii. 16;) to the salvation of an innumerable multiand they are described in another place, tude, while it hardens the wicked to the as bewailing and lamenting for her (chap. last form of Antichrist and the open war xviii. 9 :) but it is the property of God's against Christ, before his millennial kingwonderful providence to bring out, in dom. Under the last vial the cities of the clear fulfilment, the most apparently con- nations fell, as well as great Babylon tradictory prophecies. He thus calls our came in remembrance before God, which attention more distinctly to them, and seems to include the falling of the polities illustrates the more his own foreknow- of professing Christian nations in general, ledge of every thing. But the testimony and the time of the restoration of the king. of Scripture on this sudden and visible dom to Israel; as well as the destruction

of Babylon. * The energy with which Rome is thus er

ETERNAL JUDGMENTS ARE PREPARED erting itself is now seen in all parts of the FOR THE OBSTINATE AND PERSEVERING world. Even the remotest Protestant missions

ADHERENTS OF POPERY. It is much to have not escaped these noxious visitations. O be observed, that the strongest statements that all this zeal,like that of Saul's, were turned from an evil and destructive, to a holy and

of the eternity of future judgments are heavenly course! May it also raise us Pro- those made by our compassionate Lord, testants from our lukewarmness!

when he tells us to part with things


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nearest and dearest to us rather than be it will yet be given to the true Church of cast into hell fire, where the worm dieth Christ. not, and the fire is not quenched: and those made by his own beloved disciple THE SOLEMN CHARGE TO COME OUT

OF BABYLON. John, warning us against the danger of adhering to the Beast and his image, or I heard a voice from heaven, saying, 10 Popery, having horns as a lamb, and come out of her. Let us consider, speaking as a dragon, and claiming au- 1. THE PEOPLE WHO ARE CALLED TO thority over all kingdoms. Thus the COME FORTH. There are to this day a third angel says with a loud voice: If people of God in the midst of Babylon. any man worship the Beast and his For the sake of this people she has so image, and receive his mark in his fore- long been spared. As the angel said to head, or in his hand, the same shall Lot, I cannot do any thing till thou be drink of the wine of the wrath of God, come forth, so does God here speak to which is poured out without mixture these his faithful servants. Many Papists

into the cup of his indignation; and he have been trammelled so completely by shall be tormented with fire and brim- their education, country, occupation, and stone in the presence of the holy angels, circumstances in Babylon, that they have and in the presence of the Lamb; and had no opportunity to escape; they mourn the smoke of their-torment ascendeth up over the evils they see, and they suffer forever and ever; and they have no rest from the faith they profess; the gates of day nor night, who worship the Beast brass will more and more be opened for and his image, and whosoever receiveth their escape. Many a Papist is unacthe mark of his name—so they are afier- quainted with the horrible delusions by wards described as being tormented day which he has been deceived. The vain and night for ever and ever. The mind pretences of unity, sanctity, catholicity, shrinks with horror from such an awful and apostolicity, have deceived them. doom so distinctly announced by the Antiquity and the name of “the true God of light, of truth, of holiness, and of Church'' have covered, as with a mask, love. This doom is thus clearly revealed the frauds by which idolatry, indulgences on purpose that, seeing there is an evil of sin, substitution of human mediators, in persevering in sin, and especially in feigned purgatory, and persecutions, have this mystery of iniquity, far beyond our been imposed upon the true followers of present comprehension, we may escape Christ. Men of Pascal's, Fenelon's, Nifor our life, as Lot did out of Sodom, fly- cole's, Quesnel's spirit are still doubtless ing from the impending destruction our- to be found in the Papal Churches. They selves, and warning all whom our voice are children of the living God, as Lot was can reach, to flee from the wrath to come. in Sodom. Nor let us be turned from Say, then, in this view, which we firmly the hope by the hard things even such hold to be God's own truth, 0 say if we have said of us Protestants, calling us by are too earnest in our most stirring ap- opprobrious names of heresy and schism; peals, exhorting men against Popery. let us still maintain our charity towards Say if it be not the greatest cruelty and them, and remembering what occasion of the very mockery of all true love, for offence our formal and powerless profesmen to lower and excuse the evils of the sion, our mere party and political enmity Church of Rome, and to talk of it with against Popery, our divisions and disa smooth and bland expression, as one putes, and the real heresies of men calling among the many forms of Christianity, themselves Protestants have given; let us with some lesser errors belonging to it. be humbled and still view such servants I must say, true, deep, and real love, calls of Christ in Babylon as beloved brethren, Christians to far more urgent, vehement, in the spirit of that apostle who said, I loud, and strenuous efforts than have ever will very gladly spend and be spent for yet been made to rescue the servants of you, though the more abundantly I love God yet in the midst of this Babylon; you, the less I be loved. There is a true and for this love we wait, in full hope that Church in the midst of Babylon, as were Nehemiah, Ezra, Esther, Mordecai, and pery, and held the pure truth, they have Ezra of old, left in the land of their cap- been blessed of God. tivity. It is our great comfort to believe 1. The PRINCIPLES OF Rome. To this. It gives great encouragement to us separate from and protest against all their in our testimony to the truth. Would false doctrines : their trust in the tradithey were all such. Would to God all tions of men apart from the Scriptures ; the professors of Christ's holy religion their vain assertions of infallibility; their were spiritual, self-sacrificing, heavenly- idolizing the Church of Rome; their inminded followers of the Lamb, giving all vocation of saints; their transubstantiaglory only to his name; but through the tion and the pretended sacrifice of the hardness and impenitent heart of sinners,' mass; their priestly absolution ; their unsoftened by all God's long-suffering worship in an unknown tongue ; their and goodness, it will not be so till the adoration of images and relics, and those day of wrath has visited our earth, and fond things, vainly invented, of indul. under the fiery trial of judgments, men at gences and purgatory; not one, my length learn righteousness. But why brethren of the Church of Rome, must be should God's people come out? The kept if you would escape these plagues. REASON FOR THIS COMING OUT of Babylon You must give up the lordly supremacy is because of the judgments impending of the Pope, self-inflicted penances, worover it; that ye receive not of her ship of crucifixes, and all self-righteous plagues : for her sins have reached unto doctrines. of human merit, as utterly heaven, and God hath remembered her worthless, and keeping you far from the iniquities. The proclamation goes forth holy light and full love of the children of to ALL NATIONS to come out of Babylon. God, received by a simple faith in the Thus on this ground, no sooner is Baby- dying and risen Saviour. To the law lon completely developed to the spiritual and to the testimony bring every thing. Church by idolatrous worship and per- If men speak not according to this, it is secution, than an angel flies in the midst because there is no light in them. It is of heaven having the everlasting Gospel a cause with us of vast thankfulness to to preach to them that dwell on the earth, God, that the Church of England has, and to every nation, and kindred, and by its various testimonies, multiplied its people, and tongue, saying with a loud protests, and manifested its separation voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; from the corruptions of Rome ; and that for the hour of his judgment is come. these realms were enabled nearly 300 He is succeeded by another angel giving years since, and continue to this day in this solemn warning, which contains the so many important respects, to obey first mention of the name of Babylon in God's direction. the Book of Revelation, Babylon is fal- I, in the name of my heavenly Master, len, is fallen, that great city, because she warn you against departing from the Promade all nations drink of the wine of the testant rule of faith, the sufficiency of the wrath of her fornications. If any thing Holy Scriptures. By joining the tradibe clear respecting the future, it is, that tions of men with the Word of God, that nations adhering to Popery shall partake clear light of Divine truth which he, in of her woe. Between two and three his infinite wisdom, has given to make us thousand years since Daniel foretold of wise unto salvation, is disparaged, disthe stone smiting the image at his feet, honoured, and accounted insufficient, obthe last stage of the Roman empire, so scure, doubtful, and uncertain. I warn that all parts were broken to pieces toge, you against setting up any human beings, ther, and became like the chaff of the whether Fathers or Reformers, as your summer threshing-floors, and the wind Master or Father : one is your master, carried them away, that no place was even Christ. I warn you against idolfound for them. (Dan. ii. 35.) Provi- izing ordinances and apostolic succession, dence, even in the past, by the first vials however valuable in their place, as if they of wrath, here confirms prophecy. As were to operate any good of themselves nations have really separated from Po- without faith, or exclude real good with

faith ; or were the end of religion instead The testimony of the Church of England of the means. I warn you against that in Jewell's “ Apology,” is repeatedly spirit of bondage which would make re- given. He asseris, " We have deparied pentance after Baptism next to impossi- from them, and we bless the great and ble, give you only the terrors of the judg- holy God for it, and please ourselves ment to come, shut out the grace and mightily in it; but then we have not deloving-kindness of the Gospel, and de- parted from the Primitive Church, from prive you of the spirit of adoption, ena- ihe Apostles, from Christ

.. bling you to say; Abba, Father. I warn We have forsaken a church in which we you against tithing mint, anise, and cum- could neither hear the pure Word of God, min, in Christianity, and neglecting the nor administer the sacraments, nor invoke weightier matters, judgment, mercy, the name of God as we ought

.... and faith. I warn you against any We have only departed from that Church modern union of Pelagianism and Ro- which may err, which Christ who cannot manism, that would make the will of man err, so long since foretold should err, and the turning point of salvation, instead of which we see clearly with our eyes has the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. departed from the holy Fathers, the AposWhoever holds and maintains these things, tles, Christ himself, and the Primitive is under the seducing power of Romish and Catholic Church.

We principles, and the voice from heaven have only left him whom we saw had for calls him aloud, Come out of her my many ages blinded the nations of the earth. people, that ye be not partakers of her

We have departed from that sins.

Church which they have made a den of 2. The people of God are also called thieves-not out of contention but out of to COME OUT FROM THE COMMUNION OF obedience to God,

and have ROME ; and to disown jis supremacy and returned to the Primitive Church of the refuse obedience to its unscriptural de ancient Fathers and A posiles." crees. So far from there being only sal- Let us further notice, THE VOICE WHICH vation in the Church of Rome, it is the calls MEN TO THIS SEPARATION. It is a Church which the Holy Ghost has most voice heard from heaven. We shall gain explicitly pointed out of all the churches a clearer view of this by seeing that as doomed to receive the plagues of God's whenever God stirs up his faithful serjudgments; it is the Church, in which, vants to give a strong testimony to his refusing to hear the voice of Christ when truth, it is brought before us in this form. he calls them to come out, if men wilsul. Thus the angels which follow the Reforly remain, they are certain of partaking mation in the xivth chapter, announce of her plagues. As Lot, if he had re- their messages with a loud voice. It may fused to listen to the warning voice, and be thus illustrated : as John received the had remained in Sodom, would have par. liule book, or Word of God, and ate it taken of its destruction, so most assured- up, and then prophesied again before ly will all who wilfully remain in com- many peoples, and nations, and tongues, munion with modern Babylon be partak- and kings, so the teachers which the ers of the judgments with which she Lord raises up, receive his truth from him, shall be visited. Blessed be our God, and then boldly and widely proclaim it that at the Reformation so many Protes- among their fellow-men. Then is the tant nations in Europe obeyed the Di- voice heard from heaven. The period at vine directions, and for three centuries which this particular voice in our text is the millions of their population have been heard, is the beginning of the 7th vial, of separated from this apostasy. In the which vial chapters xvii., xviji., xix., are words of the martyr Latimer they deter. the fuller exposition. First, an angel mined “ What fellowship hath Christ comes down from heaven, having great with Antichrist? 'Therefore it is not law- power; and the earth was lightened with ful to bear the yoke with Papists. Come his glory: and he cried mightily with a forth from among them, saith the Lord."* strong voice, saying, Babylon the great

is fallen, is fallen, and is become the • See Richmond's "Fathers," vol. iv. p. 103.

habitation of devils. We may expect, are safe. Beware of holding the truth in therefore, that on the opening of the 7th uprighteousness. To sin against God

. vial, the Spirit of God, in the remarkable should be an evil dreaded by us even more judgments which will then be taking than any sufferings. Duly, not safety, is place on the Church of Rome, will our path. There is no safety in disobeenable his ministers to proclaim, with a dience to God. clearness and strength far beyond what But WHERE ARE THEY TO GO? If they we have yet seen, the destruction of Baby- leave Babylon, who will be their leader? lon. Thus the doctrine of the fall of What city will receive them ? Blessed Babylon is first announced, and then we be God, the answer is made clear in his have an exhortation proceeding equally Word. He did not tell his people of old, from the same divine and heavenly source; Go ye forth of Babylon, till he could the Spirit of God giving the truth to the say, "The Lord hath redeemed his serChurch, and the ministers of Christ pro- vant Jacob. (Isa. xlviii. 20.) He did claiming far and wide, to those still in the not bid them remove out of the midst of apostasy, Come out of her, my people. Babylon, till he had predicted, They

But though we may justly expect a shall ask the way to Zion with their far more earnest and urgenı message from faces thitherward. (Jer. 1. 5, 8.) When Christ by his faithful ministers, thus to he charged them, Go ye out of the midst go forth through all the Churches now in of her, he also charged them, Let Jeruthe toils and snares of Babylon, the duty salem come into your mind. (Jer. li. has ever been the same. Since Babylon 45, 50.) And he spreads before them the has been completed in its decreeing the measure, and defence, and glory of Jeruerrors of Popery, and in its rejection of salem, before he tells his captives, in the truths of the Reformation, by the Babylon, Ho, ho! come forth, and flee wicked canons and anathemas of the from the land of the north. (Zech. ii. 6.) Council of Trent, the angel from heaven We have, in pure Protestant churches, has been charging the Church to fear God, faithfully holding the doctrines which and give glory to him, and worship him God gave with such revived light and only. Yes, by all the majesty and glory, glory at the Reformation, the substance by all the authority and plain command and reality of all that of which Rome has of the Most High, is every human being but the empty show. The 144,000 sealed bound to come out of this apostasy. I servants of our God are seen standing can here make no reserves. I dare not with the Lamb on Mount Zion, in their resist the voice from heaven myself, nor spiritual glory and blessedness, before cover the message with any thing that men are wold of the fall and torment of would hide its solemn and plain meaning. Babylon. (Rev. xiv. 1-8.) There is God here does most distinctly testify the a city on a heavenly mountain, in conplagues coming on Babylon, and that trast to the city on seven hills. There is those who wilfully remain in her while a true Christ, far above Antichrist; there he calls them to come out will justly re- is a real Head and High Priest, instead of ceive of those plagues.

a fictitious Vicar of Christ. There is the Nor let any one say, in the fond indul- truth itself, instead of lies spoken in hypogence of flesh and blood, there are those crisy. There is free, perfect, and everin Babylon who may be saved, notwith- lasting absolution in the blood of Jesus; standing its apostasy, and as you admit by his stupendous and all-atoning sacrithis, and the Church of Rome denies any fice once offered for all. There is precan be saved out of its pale, it is safest to sent and immediate justification by grace, remain where we are. To do the will of giving perfect peace with God, through God is the only safety. The sheep who faith; there is reception at once, and will never perish, are those who hear the adoption into his family, through the voice of Christ, and follow him. Remem- wonderful love of our God, made known her who it was said, Ye shall not surely in his Gospel. There are with us the die. This is the language of the old ser really cleansing waters of his Spirit, and pent. Follow God's directions and you the resurrection to come, and all trials


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