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working for our good, and the everlasting that spake on earth, much more shall glory to be revealed at the appearing of not we escape if we turn away from him our Lord Jesus Christ, and acceptance of that speakech from heaven. him and reward by him in that day; we, Help us then to convey this voice of believing in Jesus, and loving him and God, amongst our perishing fellow-creahis, and all men, view that day not as the tures. They will not come to hear us. day of terror, but as the blessed hope of You must be then the heralds of this prohis people. Yes, we can say to ALL WHO clamation of our God. By acquiring full TRULY BELIEVE IN THE LORD Jesus, and scriptural information on the apostasyare faithfully serving him, Ye are come by circulating our religious publications unto Mount Zion, and the city of the -by being ready always to give an anliving God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and swer to every man that asketh you a reason to an innumerable company of angels, to of the hope that is in you with meekness the general assembly and Church of the and fear; by exhorting them to search first-born, which are written in heaven, the Word of God, like the Bereans of and to God the judge of all, and to the old, to see if these things are not so; by spirits of just men made perfect, and to warning them of the accumulated danger Jesus the Mediator of the new covenant, of bringing upon themselves all the guilt and to the blood of sprinkling, that of former ages in the idolatries, and masspeaketh better things than that of Abel. sacres, and burnings at the stake, torments We are already at the foot of the mount; in prisons, tortures, and bloodshed, which we see the glorious company who have the apostasy has occasioned, and which gone before; we anticipate the speedy will all be justly required in the day of admission into their blessed society, and wrath of impenitent Rome, when her sins we will by God's grace be followers of at length have reached to heaven: thus them who throngh faith and patience in plead with your perishing brethren, that herit the promises.

they may be plucked as brands from the And, 0 people of God, now in Baby- burning. lon, would that the voice of the Most Above all, let us, like Abraham, abound High, here sounding in his Word, could in intercession for that which is called in reach your ears; and his own Spirit then the Revelation, Sodom (Rev. xi. 8), as lead you to come and join us in our spirit- well as Babylon. With patient intercesual liberty, love, and blessedness. You sion he persevered, and at length God are in bondage, when God calls you to remembered Abraham, and Lot and his freedom; you are in fear, when he calls family were delivered from destruction. you to confidence ; you are in danger, With patient perseverance let us pray for when he calls you to safety. Refuse not Babylon; and who can enumerate the this last voice given by his Spirit in our countless multitudes that may yet escape, text, before the final and everlasting de- and be partakers with us of all the glories struction of that which, however sur- of the heavenly Jerusalem. I would conrounded by impregnable walls and gates clude with the touching prayer especially of brass, will be found in the day of wrath suited to those in Rome,—THAT IT MAY to be a vain confidence, and ensnaring PLEASE THEE TO BRING INTO THE WAY OF you to receive of its final plagues. See that ye refuse not him thai speaketh, for DECEIVED: WE BESEECH THEE TO HEAR if they escaped not who refused him US, GOOD LORD.




The exertions of corrupt and Anti- Europe, and, for the time, when evanchristian communions to proselyte the gelical truth seemed invading that seat of unevangelized nations afford an argu- ihe Beast, turned the battle to the gate, ment, to prove the duty of the Christian carried the war into Germany, the home Church. While we would never deny of the Reformation, and re-established the excellence that has been found in in- Romanism in a portion of that country, dividual members of the Romish com- as by its missions in the New World and munion, we cannot overlook the fact, that, in the extreme eastern portions of the old as a body, it is denounced in the prophe- world, it threw, in the fame of its Xaviers, cies of Scripture as the Antichrist of the Riccis, Nobregas and Anchietas, a lustre last times. Now, of the nominal Chris- on the Romish communion of which that tians of the globe, somewhat more than church has ever since continued to boast. one-half,-one hundred and thirty or one of their unprincipled and supple policy, hundred and forty millions, belong to and their restless intrigues we need not this apostate church; besides the my- pause to speak. To this order of men riads clinging to those scarcely less cor- have been recently committed all the Inrupted bodies, the Greek and oriental dian Missions of Rome in North America, churches, where a mass of cumbrous and and to the same order is entrusted the superstitious ceremonies, and a general College of the Propaganda at Rome, the absence of living piety, are alike, as in great missionary school of that church. Romanism, prominent and palpable, as With these aids, in addition to other Mis. the characteristics of a spurious or de- sionary Associations, centreing in France generate Christianity.

and Austria, Romanism is developing an All error is more or less contagious. enterprising and grasping policy, that But Paganism and Mohamedanism are jostles, perhaps, at this moment, nearly comparatively effete as proselyting sys- every successful Protestant mission on the tems. The days when Brahminism was globe. She is spinning afresh her web a form of faith, converting the nations to of power boldly over the very crater of itself, are past, probably never to return. the volcano of French infidelity, scarce There were times when Mohamedanism yet cooled from the lava floods of the carried its mission of the Koran and the revolution; and from thence, as a centre sword from the pillars of Hercules on the of political influence, is shooting the West, to the banks of the Ganges on the meshes of that mighty web over the East. But Mohamedanism, also, has, in islands of the South Sea. Fixing one our times, lost its missionary spirit, ex- cord of her farspread network at Oregon, cept, perhaps, in a few of the darkest on our shores, washed by the Pacific in portions of Africa. Paganism and Mo- the remote West, she seems preparing to hamedanism now content themselves with attach another of the threads amongst the retaining their old possessions. It is not simple Karens, in the provinces of British $0 with Romanism.

Birmah, in the far-distant East. Her It is impossible for the thoughtful missionary emissaries are intriguing in Christian to overlook the fact, that the Syria and in Persia. And the same restRomish Church is, in our days, awaking less Church is meddling with the School to efforts of the most gigantic kind in the question in our country, that but recently field of foreign missions. She has re- was squabbling over the Marriage ques. vived the Jesuit order, the society proba- tion with Protestant Prussia, entangled bly of the highest general ability that the with the Democratic movement in Spain world ever saw,—the body that, in con- at one corner of Europe, and contending junction with the Inquisition, broke the with the Autocrat of the Russias at the shock of the Reformation in southern other; everywhere exhibiting the same

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restless, relentless, all-daring and all- tians, since the French invasion of their grasping energy. Upon China, the field islands, have remarked, that had Romish of her old glory and shame, she is pre- priests first visited them, instead of the paring to enter anew, with the advantage Protestant missionaries of the ship Duff, of having already concealed in that em- they would not have found the difficul. pire some 10 bishops and some 250,000,* ties, and met the delays experienced by or, according to later estimates, 350,000 the Protestant labourers; because the new converts to her corrupt form of religion, faith would have so closely resembled already gathered, and forming the basis their old idolatry, as to have been easily of her future operations. From the small embraced.* islands near Madagascar, her priests have With the written word of God, which lately driven some of the native Christians Rome has ever so dreaded, and with the of Madagascar, who were labouring there; Spirit of God, the evangelical missionary and she is supposed to be meditating a has no cause for fears as to the ultimate descent on the northern portion of Mada- result. But whilst he may not dread, he gascar itself. In the Society Islands has little reason to despise the Romish and the Sandwich Islands, she is seeking Church. She has talent, wealth and to rival, and hoping, doubtless, ultimately zeal. She has her heroes and her marto extrude Protestant missionaries. The tyrs; and can draw into her service the Marquesas Islands she has engrossed to most varied instruments, and the most herself. Southern America is wound up opposite interests, whilst many of the in her web.

stronger affections of our fallen nature, are A community thus widely diffused and enlisted as at the first summons, under thus eager, energetic and versatile, is no her banners. From her present movecontemplible rival. And, it should be ments it is apparent, that she hopes to remembered, she has the carnality of the encase the globe in the web of her strong human heart on her side. Her showy, enchantments, and to entangle in her and gorgeous rites, her substitution of the cords of delusion its freedom, its science, forms for the inward life of religion, will its art and its literature. It is not the naturally conciliate the heart, sooner than vaunted spirit of freedom, or the boasted the simple, spiritual and self-denying doc- illumination of the press and the common trines of the cross. In addition, she finds school, that will avail to break her spells: in Buddhism, the most widely established, and they who trust in such defences will as we have seen, of all forms of Paganism, find her steadily gaining upon them, as a system that has, in many points, a she has gained, spite of these defences, striking resemblance to her own. The on some of the old strongholds of Eurotwo systems, in their reiterated and for- pean Protestantism, Germany, England mal prayers, their rosaries, their monas- and Scotland. There is much in the ticism, their fasts, their doctrines of merit, condition of the times, in the importance their sacred languages, as elsewhere, have of the crisis, and the greatness of the points of unison, that excited long ago the difficulties to be encountered, that ought astonishment and perplexity of the Ro- to crush out of the true church all selfmish missionaries. Upon this form of confidence, and make her faith in Christ

, Paganism, Protestantism as well as Ro- more simple, direct and entire, regarding manism, must now make its onset, as it him as her only resource in the impendpresents itself in the vast and populous ing conflict. empire of China. Will the Antichristian If there be much to awaken apprehenChurch find no advantage in these its re- sion in the conflict and rivalry with Rome semblances! Alluding to this advantage, in foreign countries, there is also much in ils approach to any form of heathenism, to encourage. 'The extent of our opporthat the Romish system has, the Tahi- tunities should animate us.

The more we can do, the more we are

bound to do. Such opportunities are inMedhurst. + Chinese Repository, April, 1843. # Lond. Evang. Mag., 1843.

• Report of Lond. Miss. Society for 1843.

dications of Divine Providence confirming lively oracles of God are now printed, and reinforcing the requirements of the partially or entire, in the tongues spoken sacred Scriptures, that we should use the by nearly seven-eighths of the race. In powers and influence entrusted to our these its earliest operations, the Protestkeeping, in the Master's service, and ant mission moves of necessity more occupy till He come again. England and slowly, and with less of immediate, apNorth America are, from their political parent effect, than the missionary policy freedom, their commercial enterprise, and of Romanism. But the ultimate result is the number of their shipping, exerting a more abiding, more extensive, and more more extended influence on most une- sure than that of the opposite process. vangelized shores of the globe than any Like the pioneer husbandman of our other nations. Their language, if not western forests, this the method of the destined to supplant the French and Ger- Protestant churches first girdles the trees, man in the literature of the world, seems and then sows the harvests amid the dead likely to become the language of the trunks. In India, the decay and dying world's commerce. This will give to off, under this process, of the heathen missionaries speaking it some great ad- superstitions, are seen even in neighbourvantages. Our political institutions, again, hoods where there is yet but little of conhaving furnished the leaven that first version to the gospel. Rome far more commenced the political fermentations rapidly persuades an idolatrous people to which now fill the old world with com- substitute one set of names and rites for motion; our broad territories inviting the another. The Virgin Mary wears the surplus population of that old world, and cast-off' finery of some heathen goddess; our shores continually receiving its emni- the old heathen festivals are retained ungrants, our position is one of influence der different names; and the Romish even upon the oldest governments of catechists, as in India, (Missionary HerEurope. Were the streams of emigra- ald, November, 1843,) are found, in the tion that reach us but pervaded with the intervals of their teaching as Christians, influence of a pure gospel, the strongest busied in making images. In such a holds of a corrupt form of the gospel in system of transferred and baptized idolathe European world, must feel the con- try, the trees of the forest are not even sequent reaction.

girdled, much less uprooted, and what A great preparatory work for the final religious truth may be sown is like seed triumphs of the gospel has been accom- left to perish under the rank luxuriance plished in the form of Scripture transla- of the jungle, very speedily sown indeed, tions. In effecting these, Protestant mis- but yielding no very permanent harvest. sions have done much. The Bible is There is no slow and toilsome destruction now translated into all the leading lan- of the old and deep-rooted idolatry of the guages of the world. Perhaps it would land, and therefore at first, the Romish not be loo great an estimate to say the missions seem more speedily successful.

TO READERS AND CORRESPONDENTS. The publication of the present number of connected with the Great Controversy which the Protestant QUARTERLY Review has been may appear in England, from the Secretary of delayed a few days in the expectation—which, the Protestant Association in that country. unfortunately, is not fulfilled-that the editor Several valuable papers—to the authors of would be able to present in its pages an article which the editor tenders his grateful acknowon the Bible in Public Schools, by an eminent ledgments, have been received since the pubcitizen, who has written much and most ably lication of the January number, and declined, on that important subject.

because, while treating of questions at issue beThe contents of the future numbers of the

tween the Papists and the Christian churches, Review, will be more various and interesting. they embrace opinions in which all evangelical It is intended to make the work, for the present, Christians do not themselves concur. We can at least, chiefly a repository of the most rare have“ no peace with Rome till Rome makes and valuable tracts on the Roman religion, and peace with God;" but in this work we cannot with this view the editor has made arrange discuss, in any way, the minor differences ments to receive every thing of importance which separate the Protestant communions.

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"The Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times, some shall depart from the faith.”—1 Tim. IV. 1.

The various books which compose the before whom the most distant future is as sacred canon, are usually classified under the present hour. They are, therefore, distinctive titles, according to the matter the sufficient warrant for our confidence which most generally pervades each of in the fidelity of the narratives, and the authem. Thus, we speak of the historic, thority of the requisitions which compose poetic, didactic, and prophetic books. the volume of revelation. As reasonable But there is one feature which character. men, it remains for us, not to behold and izes them all in a greater or less degree. wonder and perish, but to believe, obey There is scarce one of all the Scriptures and live. which we receive as inspired, that is not Among the most striking of these pro(in some part of it) prophetic. Some phetic portions of Scripture, not a few single passage at least is found therein, refer to the history, character and destiny which foretells the end from the begin- of Romanism. Among them there is ning-pointing out the time and place much circumstantial variety, indicating a and method of fulfilment, with all the mi- perfect independence in their respective nuteness of certain and intimate fore writers; but at the same time, there is a knowledge. By searching these prophe- perfect consistency and substantial identic portions of Holy Writ, we find that tity in the testimony they give concernmany of them which at first seemed to ing the great system whose features they be altogether diverse, are indeed most in- unitedly portray. timately connected with each other, and The application of the prophecies conrelate to the very same events; and again, cerning Anti-Christ to the system of Rothat some which we feared were utterly manism, is established in the same meinconsistent, are in fact perfectly harmo- . thod as that by which we prove that Jesus nious and mutually confirmatory. Power is the Christ. The prophecies which reful is the support hereby afforded to the in- late to the Messiah, contain numerous parspiration of the Scriptures at large. Com- ticulars respecting the time and place of his pared with each other and with the events birth, his life, character, death and resurwhich they unitedly predict, they form a rection, The probability that all or many manifold cord, impossible to be broken. of these should coincide in the case of any These prophecies are not the dim guesses individual, supposing it left to chance, is of human ignorance and presumption, but exceedingly small. Mathematicians have the clear visions of that Omniscient Mind declared that the improbability would be

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