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the university and the clergy; simply, to place We may affirm, in sober sadness, that a miraculous medal in the chair of each pro- the enormities of the worst of pagan fessor of the university. A chair should serve

miraculous the purpose as well as a press. The medal times are outdone by this .. cured the possessed of the devil in China; no

medal," and by the abominable legends in doubt it will cure the pantheism of the pro- which its virtues are recorded. fessors of philosophy. What do I say? it will Another indication of the state of this make each of them an absolute saint, and all idolatry is contained in the “Catholic will return to order, since it is certain that the Directory,” for 1844, which gives the clergy do not wish to take the monopoly from the university for the pnrpose, merely, of ap- following account of the devotion to propriating it to themselves.”

Mary, conceived without sin," and of One miracle more from the “Notice."

the favour bestowed upon the Associa

tion instituted to promote this worship, "In the year 1835, Marie Labassiere, aided

in Ireland. by her lover, assassinated her husband; and constrained her son, a boy of fourteen years

“An association of prayers in honour of old, to steep his hands in his father's blood, the immaculate heart of the most holy Virgin assigning, as a reason for the enormity, that to Mary, to obtain, by its merits, the conversion protect herself against the danger of being of sinners, is established in the parochial denounced by the lad, she wished to have him

Church of Notre-Dame-des-Victoires, at Paris. as an accomplice. The Court of Assizes of All Catholics, of every age, sex, and condition, Limoges condemned Marie Labassiere and are invited to enter into this association, and Pierre — to the punishment of death, and recommended to bring to it such a zeal for the the boy, as having acted without discretion glory of God, the salvation of their brethren, (sans discernement) to be confined in a house and a holy desire to imitate, each according to of correction until his majority. There was

his or her state of life, those virtues of which an appeal to the Court of Cassation. In the Mary has given us such admirable examples. interval between the sentence and the appeal, To participate in the spiritual advantages apM. Laforest, a merchant, who recites the affair pertaining to the association, members are rehimself, took the miraculous medal from his quired to give in their proper and their Chrisowo neck, and passed it round the neck of tian names for enrolment in the register of the Marie Labassiere." The Historical Notice association; asier which they get a ticket of proceeds: "At last the judgment of the Court admission, subscribed by the director. Each of Cassation is given. The process for these

associate to receive, on admission, and to Iwo great offenders was one-their crime the wear, with respect and devotion, the indul. same-the same their condemnation. Mar- genced medal, called, of the Immaculate Convellous effect of the merciful powers of Marie! ception, and known under the name of the miThe sentence on Pierre G-- is confirmed- raculous medal. He is to recite, from time to the sentence on the boy is confirmed-that on time, the prayer engraved upon it, viz: 0 Marie Labassiere is annulled! The first under. Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who went the sentence of death, while the woman

have recourse to thee!' The associates will murderess of her husband-and, still more,

make it a practice of offering, every morning, guilty in a manner of parricide in the crime to the sacred heart of Mary all the good works, of her son, whom she rendered an accomplice prayers, alms, acts of piety, mortifications, and in his father's assassination-is remitted by penances, which they shall perform in the the Court of Cassation to the assizes of Gueret course of the day, with the intention unit(Greuse), where she is released from the sen- ing them to the merits of the sacred heart of tence of death, and condemned only to perpe- Mary, to the homages which it renders withtual imprisonment. This she undergoes in out ceasing to the Divinity, and of adoring the Maison Centrale of Limoges, where she with it the most holy Trinity, the divine heart leads a life void of reproach, penetrated with of Jesus, and of imploring, by His infinite the liveliest gratitude towards the divine Mary, mercy, grace and the conversion of sinners.” whom she regards as her deliverer, and ready That this association is acceptable to to lose every thing rather than separate from Roman Catholics in Ireland, is abundanther dear medal, in which she finds her sweetest consolation."

ly, manifest

ke It is most gratifying to announce that, alWe offer no comment on this execra

though scarcely twelve months since it has ble fiction, unable to find in language any been introduced into Ireland, it has already terms which could describe the sensations been established in the Abbey of Mount Melwith which we read it, or which could lery, near Cappoquin; Church of the Convisit with due condemnation the guilt of ception, Mariborough street; St. Andrews,

Westland-row; St. Audoen's, Bridge street; parties capable of so distiguring and de. SS. Mary and Peter's, Rathmines; and St. basing the system they misname religion. Francis, Merchants’-quay. In all the con


vents of the Sisters of Charity-of Loretto; commenced. Gradually the church began to Presentation, George's-hill; Carmelites, War- fill with the half naked Indian crowd. Depurermount; St. Joseph's, Ranelagh; Firhouse, tations of natives from the different villages Churches of Waterford; Castletownroach, arrived, bearing offerings of flowers and wax Dungannon, Derry, &c.

candles to the Virgin, headed by a band of “ With the approbation of the bishop of the musicians, with their tom-tom drum and fladiocese, by applying to the compiler of the geolets, making a low monotonous music. Directory, any person will be directed to the The offerings were taken to the allar, under ban. Rev. Subdirector, who has the letters of ag- ners made of flowers ; and after a wild dance of gregation specially sent to Ireland by the Rev. the Indians to their music before the image, they Mr. Desgeneties.”

were deposited in the sacristy. A constant sucThe senseless but impious mummeries, cession of these oblations poured in until near practised by the Papisis in all countries, finished, the image was taken from the taber

two o'clock, when, the morning services being where a sufficient degree of ignorance nacle and placed under a canopy, whilst a prevails among the people, seem: even priest bore the consecrated wafer, and the promore revolting and contemptible than cession began its march. All heads were at those ventured three centuries ago. In

once uncovered, and I went to the upper story

of the church, to have a better view of the cerethe recent work on Mexico, by Brantz

mony. At the door of the church stood a rag. Mayer, Esq., United States Secretary of ged Indian, with a large firework on his head,

а Legation in that country, we find some made in the shape of a horse, surrounded with very curious information on this subject. squibs and rockets; behind him were five men Among other practices described is that of and a woman from one of the villages, neatly

dressed, their heads being covered with red the worship of the Virgin of Remedios,"

silk or cotton handkerchiefs. The men bore a paltry doll, found in the capital aster thin staves in their hands, and small coops, the defeat of the conquestador Cortez, made of cane, were strapped on their backs. which, when he came back, was placed The woman held a covered basket besore her, in a temple erected for its reception, forth the same monotonous tune of the flageo

and one of the men trummed a guitar, giving considered a miraculous image, adorned

lets and drum. As soon as the procession reached with millions worth of gems, hailed as the the portal, the whole crowd knelt, and a number Virgin of Remedios, and since by the of small rockets and cannon were fired by the InRomish clergy let out in times of drought dians. The huge flowers—which I have beand famine at thousands of dollars per

fore described as ascending and descending on

ropes from the church lower to the gate-were day!* Mr. Mayer describes a visit to

pulled open by a secret spring, and a shower the church, on the day of the annual festi- of rose leaves fell from them over the passing val to the idol, in the following paragraph. priests and images. 'Juan Diego's' knees were “We sallied forth from the chapel as mass

bent by some equally secret machinery, and he continued on his slack-rope pilgrimage

through the air. The flageolet and the drum * For proof of these statements, the reader were once more put in requisition, and the is referred to Madame Calderon's Mexico, p. Indian with the horse firework, accompanied 226, vol. 1; Latrobe's Rambler in Mexico, p. by six others, began retreating in a trotting 102; Humbold Essai Pol. vol. 2, p. 221. nole. dance, as the holy image approachedwhirling,

“On one occasion," says Latrobe, “it was and hopping to the barbarous music, ever careful settled that she should pass the night in town, to keep their faces to the Virgin. Suddenly, an as the weather was unfriendly; and a suitable Indian stole behind the one who bore aloft the lodging was provided; but when morning firework, and touched its match. At this modawned she had vanished! The fact was, that ment the bells began to chime, and thus, amid nothing could keep her away from her own their clang, the detonation of squibs, cannons flock at los Remedios, where, accordingly, she and rockets, and the loud cracking of the exwas found at dawn in her usual place; covered ploding horse, the procession sallied from the with mud, however, with having walked a number court yard to the village, to make a tour of the of leagues in a dark and rainy night.* The plaza among the gamblers, pulque shops and image is a wooden doll,says Madame Cals fruitsellers, all of whom suspended their opederon, "about a foot high, holding in its arms rations for a moment, and knell to the sacred an infant Jesus, both faces evidently carved figure.with a rude pen-knife; two holes for eyes, and another for the mouth. This doll was dressed luded followers of Anti-Christ is thus de

The infliction of penance by these dein blue satin and pearls, with a crown upon its head and a quantity of hair fastened on 10

scribed by Madame Calderon de la Barca, the crown.- No Indian idol could be much ug- wife of the Spanish minister in Mexico, lier."

in her recent work on that country.

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“ Suddenly a terrible voice in the dark cried claims, speaking of the Conde de Revil- My brothers! when Christ was fastened to the pillars by the Jews, he was scourged lanigedo and the reform he introduced At these words the bright figure disappeared among the Mexican monks,-and the darkness became total. Suddenly we “ Alas! could his excellency have lived in heard the sounds of hundreds of scourges de- these our degenerate days, and beheld certain scending upon the bare flesh. I cannot con- monks of a certain order drinking pulque, and ceive any thing more horrible. Before ten otherwise disporting themselves! nay, seen minutes had passed the sound became splash- one, as we but just now did from our window, ing from the blood that was flowing! At the strolling along the street by lamp-light, with end of half an hour, a little bell rang and the an Indian girl tucked under his arm !” voice of a monk was heard calling upon them to desist; but such was their enthusiasm that

And John L. Stephens, in his Incidents the horrible lashing continued louder and of Travel in Yucatan, confirms the general fiercer than ever. In vain he entreated them testimony: not to kill themselves, and assured them that Heaven would be satisfied, and that human

• Except at Merida and Campeachy, where nature could notendure beyond a certain point. the bishop, the padres, throughout Yucatan, to

they are more immediately under the eyes of No answer but the loud sound of the scourges, which are many of them of iron, with sharp relieve the tedium of convent life, have compoints that enter the flesh. At length, as if pagneras, or, as they are sometimes called, they were perfectly exhausted, the sound grew

hermanas politicas, or sisters in law. ... Some fainter, and little by little it ceased altogether.

look on this arrangement as a little irregular, They say that the church floor is frequently but, in general, it is regarded only as an amicovered with blood after one of these penances,

able weakness, and I am safe in saying that

it is considered a recommendation to a village and that a man died the other day in conse

padre, as it is supposed to give him seliled quence of his wounds."

habits, as marriage does with laymen; and, to Mr. Norman, of New Orleans, an give my own honest opinion, which I did not intelligent observer, whose veracity no

intend to do, it is less injurious to good morals

than the by no means uncommon conseone dare question, is another of the tra

quences of celibacy which are found in some vellers who have very lately been in the other Catholic countries. The padre in Yupapistical Mexican states. He gives the caian stands in the position of a married man. following picture of the morals of the and performs all the duties pertaining to the clergy in Yucatan, in a description of the head of a family. Persons of what is consifestival of the Purification of the Bless- dered a respectable standing in the village, do

not shun left hand marriages with a padre. ed Virgin.”

Still, it was to us always a matter of regret to “ The people testify their respect for those

meet with individuals of worth, and whom we festival days by processions and such amuse

could not help esteeming, standing in what ments as are suited to their taste. Notwith. could not but be considered a false position. standing the acknowledged debasing effects of To return to the case with which I set out:their sports and pastimes, which wholly con

the padre in question was universally spoken sist of bull baiting, cock fighting and gambling,

of as a man of good conduct, a sort of pattern they are not disgraced by any riotousness or padre, for correct, steady habits ; sedate, grave drunkenness. The priests give counte.

and middle aged, and apparently the last man nance to these recreations, if they may be so

to have an eye for such a pretty compagnera!" called, both by their presence and participation. ..-lo a few minutes I was in a procession

One other proof is all we have now in honour of the Purification of the Holy

room to present, that Rome is the same Virgin,' &c. &c. . . . The men, women, and

in 1844, as when Luther and Calvin children, as soon as they had concluded their commenced the exhibition of her abomia ceremonies here, started in a body, with a re- nations. She has always taught, as she volting precipitation, to the gaming tables, teaches now, that where her ministers which had been set forth in the ruins of an old

have the power, they are to punish hereconvent, adjoining the sanctuary where the procession had just been dissolved! Here we

tics with death ;-that the blood of Profound all classes of society, male and female. testants, of all who deny transubstantiaThe highest ecclesiastical and civil dignitaries tion, or withhold reverence from the idols were there, hob and nob with the most common with which she fills her temples, " is not of the multitude !".

called the blood of saints, more than the Yet one more authority, to show that •blood of thieves, man-killers, and other in “morals and manners' " the church” malefactors, for the shedding of which is unchanging. Madame Calderon ex- by order of justice, no commonwealth

shall answer.” Dr. Kalley, the author fatherland, that such a sentence could have of the following letter, is an earnest and been given in this century, but the mother of faithful missionary in Madeira, where, seven children, the youngest of whom was at the

breast, when the mother was cast into prison, for denying that the consecrated wafer is is now a prisoner in the jail of Fanchal, conto be worshipped as God, Maria Alves is demned to be hanged, for having said that sentenced by the authorities to die. images should not be adored. And under

such circumstances, she is forbidden the use “ MADEIRA, Mar 4, 1844.

of the Holy Scriptures, or any part of them. My dear Sir,--Although very hurried, I It is as likely that she will be aciually executcannot allow the steamer to go, without com- ed, as it was that she would be condemned to municating to you the state of maliers here. death. We supposed it impossible to perpe. Last Sabbath two persons, when going home trate such an act. We also suppose it imposfrom my house, were taken prisoners, and sible that such a sentence should have been commilied to gaol, where they now lie, for not given in any part of Christian Europe, in kneeling to the host as it passed. On Mon- 1844. Yesterday, a young man, a father of day, a third was imprisoned on the same two or three little children, came to speak charge. On Wednesday, several were mauled about the rage of the enemies of truth in his with sticks, and some taken by hands and parish, and the danger in which he found him. feel as in procession, and carried into the self. On the way home, a large company, church, and made to kneel before the images. among them, as ringleaders, the nephews of a On the 2d of May, a girl brought ine some priest, belaboured him. He went on quietly, leaves of the New Testament, telling me, with that is, without answering or striking, but as tears, that her own father had taken two and fast as he could to be free of them. He is tobeat them with a great stick and burnt them. day, in bed, all black and blue, and his brother On the same day, Maria Joaquina, wife of had to fee for safety. What is done to those Manuel Alves, who had been in prison nearly who perpetrate such things ? Nothing. Not a year, was condemned to death. The counts one is taken up for them-they are said to be against her were, that she denied the doctrine encouraged. I understand that the object is of the Trinity, and the virginity of Mary, and to make it appear, that I am inciting a com. maintained that the sacramental bread is motion; but I always urge those who hear me bread, and that images should not be venerat- to follow the command of Christ, «love your ed. A gentleman, who was present during enemies,' and that they resist not evil, but the whole trial, assured me, that respecting remember that they are sheep, and that their the Trinity and virginity, there was no proof safety consists in keeping close to the Shep. adduced. Respecting the sacrament, only herd Jesus, and calling on, and committing one witness swore that he heard her say, that themselves to him. The signal gun is fired the host is bread. And respecting the images, for the steamer to be off. Pray for us, and all declare that she did not say that they should believe me, ever your sincere friend, not be venerated, but that she did say that the

“ ROBERT R. KALLET. Holy Scriptures forbid the adoration of them. My informant was astonished that the country “ The condemned believes in the doctrine people should have known the difference, and of the Trinity, and never said a word against given so clear evidence before a prosecutor, it. She is a most clear-minded, intelligent who put leading questions, and tried to con- Christian woman, and quite willing to die, if found them. It will hardly be credited in our the Lord will."


AMONG the earliest and most able op- in character, everywhere; it springs from ponents of Roman Catholic aggression one common source, from one fountainin this country, was the Hon. Hiram head; and all its members act in unity; KETCHUM, of New York. At the re- and whether observed in Philadelphia, cent anniversary meeting of the Ameri- or in Baltimore, it will be found to ascan Bible Society, Mr. Ketchum made sume the same general character. This a speech on the great subject of the day, was one of the most interesting questions

- The Bible in the Public Schools-of of the day. He hoped they were prewhich we present a brief report, from pared to discuss it candidly, coolly, and the New York Observer. The Roman- when they had come to a decision, to ists too soon threw off the mask; before abide by that decision, whatever might their power equalled their ambition, they be the consequences. attempted to control the education of the You are doubtless well aware, said he, people; and, in New York, at least, that the common schools of the State of through the efforts of Mr. Ketchum and New York, are maintained, in the first his associates, they have been defeated. place, by the interest upon a large fund In other places, where the same policy set apart at various times for their suphas been pursued by the Roman Catho- port. It is a provision of the law, that lics, the same result will be attained before the interest shall be received, and Tumults, unprecedented in this country, appropriated to any county in the state, have grown out of the warfare upon the an equal, and in some counties a greater Bible; blood has been sheil; but no tri- amount shall be raised by a direct tax on umph is in the future for the Papists upon the people, to be added to that interest; this question; nor, while the Bible con- and the joint fund is to be appropriated tinues to be the Book of the People, ipon for the maintenance of schools, open to any question. At the meeting of the all the children of the community, of Bible Society to which we have alluded, the rich or of the poor, of parents of one the following resolution was presented— denomination as well as another. Now, Resolved, That the Bible, from its origin,

it will be seen that this fact implies the pority, and simplicity of style, is a book pe principle, that it is the business of the culiarly appropriate for use in common state, that the state has a right, and that schools

, and cannot be excluded from them it is the duty of the state to provide for without hazard both to our civil and religious the education of all the children of the liberties.

community. It adopts this great prinUpon this Mr. Ketchum spoke sub- ciple, that all the children of the commuslantially as follows:

nity shall have an opportunity to receive The great question of the day is this : a common elementary education. But it - Shall the Bible be continued in use will be also perceived, that this education in common schools? — The southern must be elementary, must be education mail of yesterday, and the day before, in literature and science, in those ordiand the day before that, brought intelli- nary branches which are necessary to fit gence of the depth of interest felt in that them for the ordinary duties of life and question by a portion of the American of citizenship. people. Inasmuch as the question is one I am thus guarded, for you all know of the most prominent topics of the day, that it is an elementary principle of AmeMr. Ketchum said, he might, perhaps, be rican law, and of the American constituindulged for a few moments, in endea- tion, and of American hearts, that the vouring 10 state the origin and progress government has no right to raise money of that contest as exhibited here,for by tax for the support of the Christian this opposition to the use of the Bible in religion; and it is a great elementary common schools will be found to be one, principle of American law, and Ameri

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