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you nor Maria Mörl, nor Domenica that letter to be published had he known Lazzari, really intend to deceive the what it contained;—it was an evil hour, world. You are but passive instruments when the noble lord escaped the vigilance in the hands of others, for objects which of his domestic chaplain, and betrayed in you cannot discern. What, has the this matter rather a want of gratitude for Bishop of Trent and his priests, to whom the able assistance that learned person you carried letters of recommendation, has rendered his lordship in former pubno object? Your famous authority, lications. We are glad, however, to find Görres, states, that within two months that due obedience to authority is now the Estatica was visited by more than re-established at Alton Towers, for our 40,000 persons, until the zealous govern- bookseller assures us that Mr. Dolman ment of Austria took alarm, and put a has now no more copies of this ill-starred stop, not to the visiting of the saints, but letter 10 dispose of;—they are by this to the vast crowds gathering at one time. time, for the most part we imagine, in a Now those prints, which the Estatica purgatorial fire, and we doubt whether and the Addolorata fingered in such an any indulgence will be applicable to unearthly manner, and of which your them before they are completely conlordship bought a large quantity, are sold sumed. Oor readers may not perhaps for not less than two-pence each; and know who the gentleman is who thought perhaps, although you say they do not that “good might come out of the publireceive largesses, you might, in the fer- cation of the letter.” Mr. Phillips, vour of your devotion, squeeze a little much to the grief of his respected father, donation into the hand of Domenica's fell when very young into the hands of a mother, or the excellent confessor. The foreign Popish priest, and became, at the altar stood erect in the saint's room, we age we believe of sixteen or seventeen, a are told, with all the insignia of the mass; confirmed adherent of the Church of and perhaps your party might be tempted Rome; he lived much among the Jesuits to leave a gift upon it; but whether or no, at Rome during his youth, and was in a how much does 40,000 times two amount great measure the cause of Mr. Spencer's to, if given in two months time? and conversions; he accompanied that gentlewhat has become of the yearly revenue man to Rome, and exercised a vigilant of at least £1000 ? No, my lord, these inspection over him during his initiation things are not done without an object; into the mysteries of the religion of Italy; and if your visit was worth nothing to and perhaps the reverend gentleman the diocese in point of hard cash, it will. owed his final establishment in a great be most valuable in shape of recommen- measure to the zeal and promptitude of dation, for what English party would Mr. Phillips. We had almost forgotten ever travel through the 'Tyrol and not go these circumstances, until the name of and see Maria Mörl? unless she goes off that gentleman appeared in this famous into a convent, which will doubiless be letter; but we gather, from the use he has the termination of this mysterious affair. made of his judgment, that he has inAs for us, we have perused this extraor- creased in love of the marvellous, for dinary letter with more pain than amuse- which, as a youth, he was very remarkment; and when we had come to the end, able. We will add a hope, that he has we could not forbear exclaiming, These diminished in that fierceness of bigotry be thy gods, O Church of Rome!” We which his conversation sometimes beare not, however, disposed to bear hard trayed, and which was not less fearful upon the well-meaning, credulous noble. because it was associated with a mild and man,

for we suspect that he will hear smiling exterior. Finally, we recomfrom other quarters no small rebuke of mend to Mr. Sibthorp to consider what his imprudence. We would strongly re- the nature of that devotion is which has so commend his lordship to continue to fascinated his soul as to lead him into the trust more to the guidance of the author Church of Rome. 6. The apparent deof Hierurgia than to Ambrose Lisle Phil- votedness to religious duties,” which he lips. Dr. Rock would never have allowed so much admired, he will find is nourish

ed with such food as the Padua and Pari- necessary for the centralization of the sian miracles,and revived by a visit to some Christian religion, but around whom reEstatica in a distant region. We are mis- volve all those lying wonders which we taken if that deluded gentleman will not have undertaken to expose? We have soon discover, that what he calls devotion not space to examine Mr. Sibthorp's reais not the true worship of God, and that sons for becoming a Roman Catholic; winking Madonnas and fasting prodigies but we would respectfully inquire of him, are not legitimate incentives to devotion; whether he has ever considered the reabut when he exercises some of that ho- sons which he may draw from the exDesty and candour for which we still give tracis we have here given, as amongst him credit, what will he say to a system those which we might allege for not folof fraud carried on and sanctioned by lowing him in his recent resolution. that very visible Head whom he considers


It is our design to give such extracts, he could not believe that so extravagant from time to time, from high authority, a folly had ever entered into the mind of as set forth truly and ably refute the prin- man.

It is a very severe saying of Avercipal errors of the Church of Rome. We roes the Arabian philosopher, (who lived do this the more readily, because the after this doctrine was entertained among glaring errors of that church, strange as Christians, and ought to make the Church it may seem, we fully believe, are poorly of Rome blush, if she can: “I have traunderstood in our Protestant community. velled,” says he, “over the world, and The following is an extract from Arch- have found divers sects; but so sottish a bishop Tillotson, showing the vagaries, sect or law I never found, as is the sect and perversions of the truth which pre- of the Christians; because with their own vail in the Church of Rome, regarding teeth they devour their God whom they the Eucharist.

worship.” (Dionys. Carthus. in 4 dist.

10. art. 1.) It was great stupidity in the First, The infinite scandal of this doc- people of Israel to say, Come, let us make trine to the Christian religion. And that us Gods; but it was civilly said of them, upon these four accounts:-1. Of the Let us make us Gods, that may go before stupidity of this doctrine. 2. The real us, in comparison of the Church of barbarousness of this sacrament and rite Rome, who say, Let us make a God that of our religion, upon supposition of the we may eat him. So that upon the truth of this doctrine. 3. Of the cruel whole matter I cannot but wonder, that and bloody consequences of it. 4. Of the they should choose thus to expose faith danger of idolatry; which they are certain- to the contempt of all that are imbued ly guilty of, if this doctrine be not true. with reason. And to speak the plain

1. Upon account of the stupidity of truth, the Christian religion was never so this doctrine, I remember that Tully, who horribly exposed to the scorn of atheists was a man of very good sense, instanceth and infidels, as it hath been by this most in the conceit of eating God as the ex- absurd and senseless doctrine. But thus tremity of madness, and so stupid an ap- it was foretold that the Man of Sin should prehension as he thought no man was come with power and signs, and lying ever guilty of. “When we call,” (De miracles, and with all deceivableness of Nat. Deorum, 1. 3.) says he, “ the fruits unrighteousness, (2 Thes. ii. 10,) with of the earth Ceres, and wine Bacchus, all the legerdemain and juggling tricks of we use but the common language: but do falsehood and imposture; amongst which you think any man so mad as to believe this of transubstantiation, which they call that which he eats to be God?” It seems a miracle, and we a cheat, is one of the chief; and in all probability those com- thousand demonstrations that no such mon juggling words of Hocus-pocus, are doctrine was then believed. nothing else but a corruption of Hoc est 3. It is scandalous also upon account corpus, by way of ridiculous imitation of of the cruel and bloody consequences of the Priests of the Church of Rome in this doctrine; so contrary to the plain laws their trick of transubstantiation. Into of Christianity, and to one great end and such contempt by this foolish doctrine, design of this sacrament, which is to and pretended miracle of theirs, have they unite Christians in the most perfect love brought the most sacred and venerable and charity to one another: whereas this mystery of our religion.

doctrine hath been the occasion of the 2. It is very scandalous likewise upon most barbarous and bloody tragedies that account of the real barbarousness of this ever were acted in the world. For this sacrament and rite of our religion, upon hath been in the church of Rome the supposition of the truth of this doctrine. great burning article; and as absurd and Literally to eat the flesh of the Son of unreasonable as it is, more Christians Man, and to drink his blood, St. Augus- have been murdered for the denial of it tine, as I have showed before, declares to than perhaps for all the other articles of be a great impiety. And the impiety and their religion: And I think it may genebarbarousness of the thing is not in truth rally pass for a true observation, that all extenuated, but only the appearance of sects are commonly most hot and furious it, by its being done under the species of for those things for which there is least bread and wine; for the thing they ac- reason; for what men want of reason for knowledge is really done, and they be- their opinions, they usually supply and lieve that they verily eat and drink the make up in rage. And it was no more natural flesh and blood of Christ. And than needed to use this severity upon this what can any man do more unworthy occasion, for nothing but the cruel fear towards his friend? How can he pos- of death could in probability have driven sibly use him more barbarously, than to so great a part of mankind into the acfeast upon his living flesh and blood? It knowledgment of so unreasonable and is one of the greatest wonders in the senseless a doctrine. world, that it should ever enter into the O blessed Saviour! thou best friend minds of men to put upon our Saviour's and greatest lover of mankind, who can words, so easily capable of a more con- imagine thou didst ever intend that men venient sense, and so necessarily re- should ever kill one another for not being quiring it, a meaning so plainly contrary able to believe contrary to their senses; to reason and sense, and even to hu- for being unwilling to think, that thou manity itself. Had the ancient Christians shouldst make one of the most horrid owned any such doctrine, we should have and barbarous things that can be imaheard it from the adversaries of our reli- gined, a main duty and principal mystery gion in every page of their writings; and of thy religion; for not flattering the pride they would have desired no greater ad- and presumption of the priest, who says vantage against the Christians, than to he can make God, and for not complying have been able to hit them in the teeth with the folly and stupidity of the people, with their feastings upon the natural flesh who are made to believe that they can eat and blood of their Lord, and their God, him? and their best friend. What endless 4. Upon account of the danger of triumphs would they have made upon idolatry; which they are certainly guilty this subject? And with what confidence of if this doctrine be not true, and such would they have set the cruelty used by a change as they pretend be not made in Christians in their sacrament, against the sacrament: for if it be not, then they their God Saturn's eating his own chil- worship a creature instead of the Creator, dren, and all the cruel and bloody rites God blessed for ever. But such a change of their idolatry? But that no such thing I have shown to be impossible; or if it was then objected by the leathens to the could be, yet they can never be certain Christians, is to a wise man instead of a that it is, and consequently are always in danger of idolatry: and that they can themselves from idolatry because they never be certain that such a change is intend to worship God and not a creature; made, is evident; because, according to for so the Persians inight be excused from the express determination of the council idolatry in worshipping the sun, because of Trent, that depends upon the mind they intend to worship God and not a and intention of the priest, which cannot creature; and so indeed we may excuse certainly be known but by revelation, all the idolatry that ever was in the world, which is not pretended in this case. And which is nothing else but a mistake of the if they be mistaken in this change, through Deily, and upon that mistake a worshipthe knavery or crossness of the priest, ing of something as God which is not who will not make God but, when he God. thinks fit, they must not think to excuse




Tae glorious gospel of the blessed Christian, and the holiness which it proGod, committed to the trust of his min- duces in his life. He that believeth hath isters (1 Tim. i. 11), is the richest trea- the witness in himself. In his very sure which they can dispense 10 men. coming to Christ he knows that he is In proportion to the excellency of the among the elect, and has been drawn of treasure is the responsibility of faithful- the Father to come; all that the Father ness to their trust.

giveth me shall come unto me: no man How rich that treasure is, what tongue can come to me, except the Father draw can utter! It is the good tidings of great him: my sheep hear my voice; I know joy, which shall be to all people, that them, and they follow me. Under the there has been born for us, a Saviour, blessed influence of these truths, and by which is Christ the Lord. It is the faith- the new creating power of the Holy ful saying, worthy of all acceptation, Ghost, the Christian loves as his tender that Christ Jesus came into the world Father the Great God, loves his Saviour to save sinners, even the very chief. It Jesus, and all his fellow-men; and in the is the good news, that, though our God diligent use of all God's appointed means is beyond compare pure and holy, just of grace, he is daily conformed, more and and righteous, he so loved the world, the more, to his heavenly Lord, and becomes sinful, rebellious world, that he gave

his meet for his everlasting inheritance. only begotten Son, that whosoever be- Satan, the god of this world, seeing lieveth in him should not perish, but this blessed effect of the pure gospel of have everlasting life.

Christ, has ever bent his strength from By simple faith in God's testimony the very beginning, to mar and adulterate concerning his Son, we enter into the it. We see this in the necessity of the most delightful of all feelings, that God first council at Jerusalem, and in the loves us, though vile and sinful, and is epistles generally, especially those to the our most tender and mercisul Father, and Romans and Galatians. The Lord who thus we have the rich privilege of being foresaw that Rome would be one grand his children. This faith is its own evi- instrument employed by Satan to obscure dence in the peace, joy, love, and grati- and overthrow the gospel of the grace of tude with which it fills the bosom of the God, in his infinite wisdom and love pro• Abridged from the Introduction to “ The

vided the most complete, systematic, full Testimony of the Reformers, edited by Mr. and orderly statement of salvation by Bickersteth. London."

grace, addressed specially to the Romans, VOL. 1,4

that it might be their guard from these lights in the world, holding forth the devices of that enemy.

word of life. To maintain the purity of the gospel, Popery is a more dangerous enemy to be full of zeal and godly jealousy on because it pretends to be the warmest and this point, is a great part of our fidelity as only real friend of Christ. Believing stewards of the mysteries of Christ. what protestants do of popery, its state Especially does it become us 10 be so and progress cannot but be a matter of when there is reason to think that the deep interest and concern. If we love, grossest corruption of the gospel that the as we do from the heart, papists who as world has ever yet seen, is again reviving our fellow men, are with ourselves the among us.

objects of the love of the same God and We live in most awful, heart-stirring Father, (John iii. 16.) who are with ourand fearful times, from infidelity as well selves redeemed by the same divine blood, as from popery.

We cannot indeed be (2 Cor. v. 19.) and who have the same blind 10 the l'act, that INFIDELITY is a promises of the Holy Spirit as ourselves, more open enemy to Christ than popery, (Luke xi. 13.) how can we but see, with not even pretending to hold one of the deep sympathy, any progress in that truths of the gospel, and in its very na- which we believe is abominable to God, ture excluding altogether the hopes, the our Father, and ruinous to the everlastjoys, and the holiness, the present and ing welfare of our fellow men, our breththe everlasting happiness of delighting in ren in the flesh! God, which comes by Christ our Sa- We believe popery to be THE MYSTERY viour. The writings of infidels on the OF INIQUITY, (2 Thess. ii. 7.) with Cecil, continent fearsully embody now all kinds we think it “ the masterpiece of Satan— of blasphemy. In the language of Cecil, formed to overwhelm-lo enchant-0 • The infidel conspiracy approaches near- sit as the great whore making the earth est to popery. But infidelity is a suicide. drunk with her fornications,(Rev. It dies by its own malignity. It is known xvii. 1, 2.) and believing this, and knowand read of all men. No man was ever ing that there are now in the world proinjured essentially by it who was forti- bably one hundred millions of our fellow fied with but a small portion of the genu- men under this delusion, surely it is our jne spirit of Christianiiy, its contrition bounden duty with all affection and and its docility. Nor is it one in its earnesiness to entreat all papists, come efforts; its end is one, but its means are out of her that ye partake not of her disjointed, various and often clashing. sins, and that ye receive not of her Popery debases and alloys Christianity; plagues. but infidelity is a furnace, wherein it is There is much reason to fear that purified and refined. The injuries done POPERY IS NOW ADVANCING and extending to it by popery will be repaired by the in this country and in the United States very attacks of infidelity." Yet Mr. of America ; and it is very desirable that Cecil said, " The church has endured a Protestants should be made acquainted pagan and a papal persecution. There

There with this fact, and be stirred up to exerremains for her an infidel persecution,- tion against so great an evil. general, bitter, purifying, and cement- In considering the present state of ing."

popery, it must be admitted that it has We must not then overlook this soe, as different features in different countries. one also to be met: and it can only be On THE CONTINENT, popery, in its ecmet by the same bright, holy, joyful, and clesiastical revenues and political power, heavenly light of divine truth shining in has materially suffered by the varied our principles, in our words, and in our revolutions which have taken place in lives; that ye may be blameless and France, in Spain, in Portugal, and in harmless, the sons of God without re- other countries. Its dominion and influbuke in the midst of a crooked and per- ence to injure externally, have thus been verse nation, among whom ye shine as greatly crippled and overthrown. Infi

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