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delity has made her desolate and naked. public breakfasts and clothing the chil(Rev. xvii. 16.)

dren, and thus getting the parents to In NORTH AMERICA, though accounts attend mass. The chief body of the rediffer, and probably the chief increase of porters for the public journals are said to papists has been from emigrants of their be papists. While a few of the higher communion from other countries, it is classes, many of the lower it is believed, probable that papists have also been to a have been entrapped into this snare of certain extent successful in turning Pro- the enemy. In Scotland there once were testants to their awful delusions, and it is but few Roman Catholic families, there believed that foreign wealth has been are now in Glasgow alone 30,000 Roman furnished to a considerable extent to aid Catholics, and it is believed that there has the progress of popery in America. been an increase of popery on the eastern

In IRELAND, the undisguised, bitter, and as well as on the western coast.* persecuting spirit of popery on the one The influence of papists with the hand, and on the other ihe large circula- government under all recent administration of the Holy Scriptures, have been tions has been manifested not only by overruled and blessed by the mercy of the grant to Maynooth College, and the God, to withdraw many a spiritually. withholding of grants from the Kildare minded follower of Christ from its ranks, Place Society, but in aiding the sending and it is not believed by some, who have out priests abroad, and in the national systhe means of information, to be there tem of education now adopted in Ireland. making progress.

I am credibly informed that, since the Respecting Great Britain, we have year 1815, large sums have been remitinformation of ils progress of a painful ied from the continent to this country character. In 1775, there were but about and Ireland, for the purpose of promoting 30 chapels in Great Britain. In the year popery; my informant puts the sum at 1835 there were 510; in England 421, £400,000, and stated the name of the and in Scotland 89. In that year 11 new person to whom the distribution of it ones have been built. In Dover, and also was assigned. in Kidderminster, a protestant chapel has After making every abatement from been converted into a papal chapel. They the increase of population, there is then will, with praiseworthy zeal if it were in painful evidence of the growth of popery a right cause, build a chapel where they in protestant Britain. We have to say have not a dozen members, and this chapel is sometimes filled by the zeal of The following account is taken from the those members from the neighbourhood. Record of Jan. 21, 1836. “ The Roman CathoThere were said to be, in 1835, 700 lic Bishop of Edinburgh, at the opening of the ecclesiastics in Great Britain, and they conventual church, is said thus to have ex.

pressed himself. “Since the period of the had resorted in several places to preach- Reformation there was a time when one soliing in the open air. Popish colleges tary Catholic priest wandered over the length and seminaries are multiplying, and these and breadth of the kingdom-now your places are modern institutions; there were then of worship adorn the places of the land and & popish colleges and 52 seminaries, and are widely scattered over the face of the counin many of them great decorum and ap- mighty with almost all the splendour of Catho

try;-now you at noon-day worship the Alplication to their objects is manifested. lic times and Catholic countries. Scarce now Monasteries and nunneries are also be- does the year roll over in which several edi. ginning. With these efforts are con

fices are not reared and dedicated to God, nected several tract societies; they have according to the form and faith of the Cathobeen very active in distributing tracts in in the first conventual chapel that has dared

lic church. You are yet assembled, my friends, favour of popery at the doors of meet- to raise its head in this kingdom since the ings and churches, and at the Scotch Reformation. Yes, my fellow Catholics, if church near Covent-garden, at the even- to-day St. Margaret stands alone, the time ing service they distributed them in the may not be far distant when the increase of church. They form schools adapted 10 as much joy as I at this moment experience

similar institutions may be proclaimed with attract the children of the poor, giving in alluding to its solitary existence.'”


of the papists of our day as Paul did of speak with abhorrence; it being most the Jews, I bear them record they have dishonourable to God, and most ruinous a zeal of God, but not according to to man. But even here we must be knowledge, and that, like the Pharisees of old, they compass sea and land to his Bible, to judge of the true character of make one proselyte, and they have been Popery. successful in those countries where pro

Extracts from a few of the first pages of the testantism is in its purest form.

prayers of the Roman Missal, for the use of

the laity. Before we proceed to show what the

Page xvii. I beseech the blessed Mary, Scriptures say of popery, let us inost ever a virgin, blessed Michael the arch-angel, carefully distinguish the system, from blessed John the Baptist, the holy Apostles the men under the system. For the men

Peter and Paul, and all the saints, and you 0 under the system, we would do every

father, to pray to the Lord our God for me.

xviii. We beseech thee, O Lord, by the thing in our power, we would say every

merits of thy saints whose relics are here, and thing that truth will allow that is kind

of all the saints, that thou wouldest vouchand loving. We are sure God has his safe to forgive me all my sins. people among them, ignorant of the real

the intercession of glorious and character of this falling away from the

blessed Mary, the ever Virgin mother of God,

of the blessed Apostles Peter and Paul, of truth, and thinking that they are in the

blessed - and of all the saints, grant us in only true church of Christ, for he him- thy mercy health, and peace. self has bid his people to come out of xxii. Accept, o holy Father, Almighty Babylon, (Rev. xviii. 4,) and therefore it and eternal God, this unspotted host which í is of such importance to set before their

thy unworthy servant offer unto thee, my minds the light of God's word. We be

living and true God, for my innumerable sins,

offences, and negligences, and for all here lieve that there are bright and holy ex- present, and also for all faithful Christians, amples of devotion among the papists. both living and dead, that it may avail both We cannot look at the Jansenists without me and them unto everlasting life. seeing this. Though there are passages

xxiv. We offer unto thee, O Lord, the in God's word which make us tremble

chalice of salvation, beseeching thy clemency,

that it may ascend before thy Divine Majesty for all under the full power of popery as as a sweet odour for our salvation, and for in the extremest danger, (Rev. xiv. 9- that of the whole world. 11,) yet I cannot read the pious practical xxv. Afier pronouncing the words of conworks of Bellarmine, himself the great

secration, the Priest kneeling ADORES and ele

vates the sacred host. defender of popery, and know that he

The adoration of the cross, (notwithstandsaid, “upon account of the uncertainty ing a previous note that they only adore Jesus of life it is most safe to rely on Christ Christ,) is awfully idolatrous. One hymn is alone,” without hoping that he was led

left untranslated. It is indeed too open for the before his death to renounce all confi

light of this country. This is the meaning of

one verse in the hymn; “Hail () cross, our dence in any thing but God's testimony

cnly hope in this time of the passion, increase concerning his Son, and so became a

the grace of the faithful, and pardon our sins.' child of our Heavenly Father, and an See p. 294, 295. heir of our Saviour's kingdom. We be

But I cannot transcribe any more of these lieve also that there are in our country

idolatries and blasphemies. They run through

the whole Missal, with such an intermixture now thousands of truly benevolent, ami

of the Scriptures and pious prayers, as to able, moral men, among the papists, who

make it eminently THE MYSTERY abhor from their hearts cruelty and tyranny. It is not in malice and hatred of the The Council of Trent is the chief standard papists that we write against popery; but,

of the Roman Catholic Religion.—The folwe take God to witness, it is in love 10

lowing extracts from the DecreeS OF THE

Council of Trent, on the Rule of Faith, will God and man, in real fidelity to his truth,

show how it adds to God's word. The sacred and to fulfil that confession of the truth Council receive and reverence with EQUAL to which Christ calls his disciples. piety and veneration all the books as well of of the system itself* we can only

ihe Old (in this is included a great part of the

Apocrypha) as of the New Testament, the • The following extracts and creed will same God being the author of both, and also enable even the uninformed reader who knows the aforesaid TRADITIONS, pertaining to faith




careful in our abhorrence of popery, not damnation is just of those who say, 10 bear false witness, or to think by false. Let us do evil that good may come. hood to promote the cause of truth; the We cannot, if Christians, rejoice in ini


and manners, whether received from Christ I constantly hold that there is a purgatory, himself, or dictated by the Holy Spirit, and and that the souls detained therein are helped preserved in the Catholic Church by continual by the suffrages of the faithful. succession. This is contrary to Deut. iv. 2. • Likewise, that the saints reigning together Mait. xv. 3—9. Rev. xxii. 18. “It has not with Christ, are to be honoured and invocated, appeared expedient to the Fathers, that the that they offer prayers to God for us, and that mass should be everywhere celebrated in the their relics are to be venerated. vulgar tongue.' This perpetuates prayers in 'I most firmly assert, that the images of an unknown tongue, directly contrary to 1 Christ, and of the mother of God ever virgin, Cor. xiv. The Catechism of the Council of and also of the other saints, are to be had and Trent says, “This our Church cannot err in retained; and that due honour and veneration the delivery of faith and discipline of man- are to be given them. ners.' p. 96. This is contrary io Rom. xi. 20 I also affirm, that the power of indulgences -22.

was left by Christ in the Church, and that the The Roman Catholic CREED OF Pope Pius use of them is most wholesome to Christian IV., added to the Decrees of the Council, is a people. summary of its doctrinal decisions; it is as *I acknowledge the holy catholic and aposfollows, after giving the Nicene Creed:-- tolical Roman church, the mother and mis

"I most firmly admit and embrace apostoli- tress of all churches; and I promise and swear cal and ecclesiastical traditions, and all other true obedience to the Roman bishop, the succonstitutions and observances of the same cessor of St. Peter, the prince of the apostles, church.

and vicar of Jesus Christ. I also admit the sacred scriptures, accord- I also profess and undoubtedly receive all ing to the sense which the holy mother church other things delivered, defined, and declared has held, and does hold, to whom it belongs by the sacred canons, and general councils, to judge of the true sense and interpretation and particularly by the holy council of Trent; of the holy scriptures; nor will I ever take or and likewise I also condemn, reject, and interpret them otherwise, than according to anathemtaize all things contrary thereto, and the unanimous consent of the fathers. all heresies whatsoever, condemned, rejected,

"I profess also, that there are truly and pro- and anathematized by the church. perly seven sacraments of the new law, insti- • This true catholic faith, out of which none inted by Jesus Christ our Lord, and for the can be saved, which I now freely profess, and salvation of mankind, though all are not neces- truly hold, I, N. promise, vow and swear most sary for every one; viz. baptism, confirmation, constantly to hold and profess the same whole eucharist, penance, extreme unction, order, and entire, with God's assistance, to the end and matrimony, and that they confer grace; of my life; and to procure, as far as lies in my and of these, baptism, confirmation, and order, power, that the saine shall be held, taught, and cannot be reiterated without sacrilege. preached by all who are under me, or are entrust

I also receive and admit the ceremonies of ed to my care, by virtue of my office. So help the Catholic church, received and approved me God, and these holy gospels of God.' in the solemn administration of all the above How enormous are the evils of this creed, said sacraments.

1. It adds to the word of God human tra"I receive and embrace all and every one ditions. 2. It binds the conscience to human of the things, which have been defined and interpretation. 3. It multiplies God's sacradeclared in the holy council of Trent, concern- ments from two to seven, and makes them ing original sin and justification.

necessarily confer grace. 4. It approves the I prosess likewise, that in the mass is of- adoration of what is really only four and fered to God a true, proper, and propitiatory water. 5. It sets aside the grace of the gospel sacrifice for the living and the dead; and that on justification. 6. It makes a constant rein the most holy sacrifice of the eucharist newal of Christ's sacrifice, against God's plain there is truly, really, and substantially the word. Heb. ix. 25-28. 7. It sets aside body and blood, together with the soul and Christ's appointment of both bread and wine. divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ; and that 8. It makes a purgatory which God has not there is made a conversion of the whole sub- made. 9. It requires what God has expressly stance of the bread into the body, and of the forbidden, idolairy by the invocation of saints, whole substance of the wine into the blood, and the retaining of images. 10. It brings in which conversion the Catholic church calls indulgences, and so sets aside the whole doetransubstantiation.

trine of all men's total corruption, of after 'I confess also, that under either kind alone, having done all, being unprofitable servants, whole and entire, Christ and a true sacrament and of the sufficient and perfect sacrifice of is received.

Christ. 11. It makes the pope lord it over


quity; we should mourn over it, as the these words, 'If any one shall say

that apostle did when he said, many walk of the good works of a justified man are so whom I have told you often, and now the gists of God that they are not also tell you even weeping, that they are the the merits of the same justified person; enemies of the cross of Christ, whose or that he, being justified by the good end is destruction, whose God is their works which are performed by him belly, and whose glory is in their shame, through the grace of God and merits of who mind earthly things.

Jesus Christ, whose living member he is, It is the peculiarity of this system to does not truly merit increase of grace and retain the doctrine of the gospel of our eternal life, and the attainment of that Lord Jesus Christ, nominally and in out- eternal life, if he shall depart in grace ward appearance, but in reality to set it and even the increase of glory, let him be all aside. It has two horns like a lamb, accursed.' but it speaks as a dragon. Rev. xiii. The prayer about the ashes on Ash11. Salvation by grace is wholly cor- Wednesday puts human inventions in rupted by the Romanist. The Bible the place of Christ. Roman Missal, p. doctrine is plain and explicit. By grace 115. • Grant by our calling on thy are ye saved through faith, and that not most holy name, whoever shall be touched of yourselves, it is the gift of God, not by these ashes, for the remission of their of works, lest any man should boast. sins, may receive health of body and deFor we are his workmanship created in fence of soul.' Mercifully vouchsafe to Christ Jesus . unto good works which bless these ashes which we design to reGod hath before ordained that we should ceive on our heads in token of our huwalk in them. Ephes. ii. There is no miliation, and to obtain forgiveness,' proroom for mistake here: salvation is wholly merendæ veniæ, • for deserving pardon.' of grace, all human merit is excluded,

The prayer on Wednesday in Ember and works flow from our being created Week sets aside Christ and puts fasting in Christ Jesus to them.

in his place. Judge, reader, for yourself. In the 9th, 11th, and 24th canons of See Roman Missal, p. 61.

• Let our the council of Trent (afterwards quoted,) fasts we beseech thee, O Lord, be acceptthese truths are expressly denied. In able to thee, that by ATONING for our the 32d canon good works are expressed to be the merits of the justified person in

EVERLASTING effects of thy promises.' God's heritage, against his word, Matt. xx. 25, There is added the word • Through,' 26, and the honour of our Redeemer. Ephes. intending, I suppose, to point outi. 22. 12. It approves all the false doctrine of Through our Lord Jesus Christ; but his the council, and the word of iniquity of former

name is left out here as in other prayers : councils. 13. It denies salvation, in utter intolerance, to all who differ from the church of but if inserted, the evil doctrine is not Rome, and obliges every papist to do his ut- mended. (Gal. v. 4.) most to spread the peculiar errors of his sys- The doctrine of forgiveness of sins is tem. It blinds, manacles, and delivers up as so stated in the TRENT CATECHISM, as a slave to popery the human intellect and entirely to destroy the main doctrine of the affections; the whole body, soul, and spirit of an immortal being. What Christian can find

Bible.' Through this man is preached the good tidings of our free salvation by Christ, unto you the forgiveness of sins, and through all this mass of superstition and anti- by him all that believe are justified christian delusion? How can I make my from all things, Acts xiii. While, with way through all these human additions, to the

THE MYSTERY which marks the whole of love of my God who was in Christ reconciling the world unto himself not imputing their tres- Popery, it acknowledges that God only passes unto them, and invites me freely to come can forgive sins, and ihat Christ received and be reconciled, seeing Christ was made sin this gifi; it pretends that he granted this

for us who knew no sin, that we might be made power 10 the bishops and priests in the the righteousness of God in him? Christian Church, and asserts that the priests and reader, may God preserve us from being corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ.

the sacraments are • as it were the instru(2 Cor. xi. 3.)

ments to the forgiveness of sins, by which



Christ our Lord, who is the very Author great whore that sitteth upon mony and Giver of Salvation, works in us for- waters, (Rev. xvii. 1.) the man of sin, giveness of sins and righteousness.'* We (2 Thess.) Volumes have been written are dependent then not on Christ, but on to show that these names belong to popePapal priests, for our forgiveness and ry, and volumes have been written to righteousness: and so the creature is ex- refute the charges—but the mark is on alted in the place of the Creator and Re- the forehead-(Rev. xvii. 5.) and the deemer, and the doctrine of salvation by broad face of popery to this day answers grace is really frustrated.t

so to the description, that it never can be The open and undisguised conduct of shaken off. the papists in Ireland has given us the Popery is the mystERY OF INIQUITY, actual sight of and contact with the per. The name is full of instruction. What secuting spirit of popery in our own day. besides of wickedness, in the whole his. Events passing before our eyes have tory of man, has ever been so wonderfully proved it to be the same as ever: only, mysterious ? The Apostle himself who instead of the open warfare of death by had seen such marvels as he had described fire, we have the more insidious plans of in his former chapters on beholding this starvation and ruin, by withholding those woman on the beast, without crowns just righis which the laws of the country either on its head or its horns, says, when give to protestant ministers.

I saw her I wondered with great admiThe name given in the Scriptures to ration. There is no special mystery in the great corruption of Christianity, that Rome pagan, nor even in Mahomedanwas to take place before the coming again ism, still less in infidelity; ambition, and of our Lord, is mystery: (Rev. xvii. 5.) lust, and pride, there work naturally and the mystery of iniquity, (2 Thess. ii. 7.) obviously. But what a mystery there is Babylon the great, (Rev. xvii. 5.) the in popery! Look at some of its preten

sions, and its realities. It boasts of pu• See Trent Catechism, page 103.

If it be said the absolutions of the Church rity, sanctily, universality, and apostoliof England, whether in its ordinary service, its city, and yet has practised the most sacraments, or especially in its visitation of horrible wickedness ihat this world has the sick, have fallen into the same error: we ever seen. O mystery of mysteries! The utterly deny that the Priest or Presbyter gives shepherd is the wolf devouring the flock. absolution. Ministers have committed to them The servant of Jesus Christ claiming to the preaching of the gospel of free forgiveness by the blood of Jesus, to be received in faith be his only true follower, sets aside his and penitence, and with this, the confirmation Master's laws, tramples upon his word, of forgiveness to the believer, by administering and exalts his own inventions above them. those ordinances which the Lord has appoint- The follower of that lowly One who ed, Baptism and the Lord's Supper, as signs and seals of his forgiving love. The Lord has washed his disciples' feet, requires emintrasted the ministers of his gospel with the perors and kings to kiss his feet and do mysteries of Christ and the word of reconcilia- him homage. He styles himself • servant tion. We are the heralds and witnesses of his of servants,' and yet claims a direct, sugrace, and the stewards to dispense his mys; preme, spiritual power, and thereby interies. (Matt. xxviii. 19, 20. John xx. 22. 1 Cor. iv. 1, 2. 2 Cor. v. 18, 19. James vi 14, directly, as Bellarmine says, a certain 16.) Beyond this plain word of God the and that a supreme power in temporal Church of England goes not. The words in things. In profession he owns God and the visitation of the sick absolution, “I absolve Jesus Christ, humility, and justice, truth, tbee” (though it is admitted that the expres- and love, and yet under this pretence has sions may be easily abused) mean not more than “I pronoance thee absolved," as is clear masked the very utmost pride, injustice, from the express statement in the 74th article falsehood, wickedness, and crueliy, disof the Irish Church: “God hath given power pensing with the laws of God, murdering to his ministers, not simply to forgive sins men, women and children who have fol. (which prerogative he has reserved only to lowed their conscience and the word of himself), bat in his name to declare and pro- God, rather than his blasphemous decrees. nounce unto such as truly repent and believe his holy gospel, the absolution and forgiveness horrible scheme of satanic religion! of sins." See Usher's Certaio Discourses. What mysteries it comprehends! to for

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