The Geographical Journal, Band 32

Royal Geographical Society., 1908
Includes the Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society, formerly published separately.

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Seite 484 - Egypt. The Phoenicians accordingly, setting out from the Red Sea, navigated the southern sea ; when autumn came, they went ashore, and sowed the land, by whatever part of Libya they happened to be sailing, and waited for harvest ; then having reaped the corn, they put to sea again. When two years had thus passed, in the third, having doubled the pillars of Hercules, they arrived in Egypt, and related what to me does not seem credible, but may to others, that as they sailed round Libya, they had the...
Seite iv - All Subscriptions are payable in advance, on the 1st of January in each year. The privileges of a Fellow include admission (with one Friend) to all ordinary Meetings of the Society, and the use of the Library and Map-room. Each Fellow is also entitled to receive a copy of all the Society's periodical publications.
Seite 484 - Neco, King of Egypt, was the first whom we know of that proved this; he, when he had ceased digging the canal leading from the Nile to the Arabian Gulf, sent certain Phoenicians in ships, with orders to sail back through the Pillars of Hercules into the northern sea, and so to return to Egypt.
Seite 211 - Mines and Minerals of the British Empire. Being a Description of the Historical, Physical, and- Industrial Features of the Principal Centres of Mineral Production in the British Dominions beyond the Seas.
Seite 393 - Committee appointed by the Secretary of State for the Colonies to advise him in matters affecting the survey of British Colonies and Protectorates, more especially those in Tropical Africa...
Seite 95 - President, in the Chair. THE Secretary read the Minutes of the last Anniversary Meeting, which were confirmed and signed by the President.
Seite 543 - National Antarctic Expedition, 1901-1904. Meteorology, Part I. Observations at Winter Quarters and on Sledge Journeys, with Discussions by Various Authors. Prepared under the Superintendence of the Director of the Meteorological Office with the Co-operation of a Committee of the Royal Society.
Seite 326 - Royal Atlas of Modern Geography. Exhibiting, in a series of entirely original and authentic maps, the present condition of geographical discovery and research in the several countries, empires, and states of the world.
Seite 647 - This is the first time that any serious attempt has been made to satisfy this eall.
Seite 373 - Resolved that it is desirable, for manifest reasons, that a uniform set of symbols and conventional signs be adopted by all nations for use upon these maps. " Resolved that an International Committee should be formed to consider the question, and that, in order to provide a basis for the discussion, each Government and other map-producing office should be requested to supply to the committee, within the next twelve months, specimens of the 1 : 1,000,000 maps which have been produced.

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