The Mining and Smelting Magazine, Band 5

The Office, 1864

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Seite 344 - MINES.— Rogers' Law relating to Mines, Minerals, and Quarries in Great Britain and Ireland ; with a Summary of the Laws of Foreign States and Practical Directions for obtaining Government Grants to work Foreign Mines.
Seite 19 - Work,' as herein-after used, shall mean every Work for the Manufacture of Alkali, Sulphate of Soda, or Sulphate of Potash in which Muriatic Acid Gas is evolved...
Seite 154 - This machine made 2J strokes per minute, and was capable of supplying about 20 cubic feet of air, compressed to five atmospheres, per minute. The other machine consisted of a horizontal pump and two vertical branches. The piston was surrounded by water, which rose and fell alternately in the two columns : when it rose...
Seite 113 - The Right Honourable the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade have received, from the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, a copy of a...
Seite 159 - Machine, which is the invention of Mr. Blake of Newhaven, Connecticut, is employed for breaking limestone and ore for blast furnaces and also stone for metalling roads. It is driven by steam power, and consists of a crushing hopper, in which the stone is broken between a pair of jaws, one fixed in the frame of the machine, and the other vibrating on a centre through a short distance, worked by an ordinary toggle joint and long lever which receives its motion from a crank shaft. The machine is shown...
Seite 89 - When the steam begins to escape from between the surfaces of the valve, it gets between the concave and convex surfaces of the two flanges, and its force thus acts upon a larger area, and reacts upon the concave surface of the valve, and causes it to open to a greater extent than the ordinary safety-valve.
Seite 82 - Accounts relating to Trade and Navigation of the United Kingdom for the nine months ended 30th Sept.
Seite 154 - Modane, was at the rate of 4'719' per day. At this rate of progress at both ends, the tunnel would be finished in nine years two and a-half months from that time. It was not, however, too much to expect a progress of 2 metres per day at each end, seeing that machines had only been in use at Bardonneche about two years and a-half, and at Modaue half-a-year.
Seite 109 - A DISTRICT has been discovered in Russia of similar formation to that of the oil-producing region of Pennsylvania, and other parts of America.
Seite 15 - J. Beete Jukes, MA, FRS, Local Director of the Geological Survey of Ireland ; The Earl Ducie, FRS Secretaries.— Rev.

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