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(Successors to Mr. H, D. SYMONDS), No. 20, Paternoster-Row;
By whom Communications (post paid) are received.

(Price 13s. 6d, Half-Bound.]

Printed by Charles Synire, Furnival's- Inn-Court,


No XC!I.-Vol. XVI.)

For JULY, 1811.

[New Series.

“ We shall never envy the honours which wit and learning obtain in any other cause, if we can be numbered among the writers who have given ardour to virtue, and confidence to truth."-DR. JOHNSON,

ORIGINAL COMMUNICATIONS. Memoirs of PRINCE Eugene. first, since Charles V. who had any Continued from p. 447. Vol. 15.) character, and who was not supersti.

tious; and I longed to serve him even (1711.)

after his death. I ran to almost all THERE I found the Emperor the Electors, to dispose them to se

L and his ministers still irresolute cure the Imperial crown to his bro. between their private state and tbe ther; and I went to solicit the Dutch general interest. “A halter or a again to continue their credit in cordon, in a word,” said I, to Ragotzi money and in friendship to the King and Caroli. “Finish this tedious re. of Spain, Charles II. who became the bellion : you will have a good oppor. Emperor Charles VI. tunity, for the Turks are going to The Protestants did not fail to assist Charles XII. and, unless Peter 1. spread the report, that the court of commits some blunder, he will occu. Rome, sometimes humiliated by Jopy them a long time."

seph I. had bribed the physicians: but They sent to me (I may say to me, we should never believe defamatory as they think the President of War is libels, or these authors of pretended the Grand Visier) a minister called private anecdotes, with their maligZephala Aga, to assure the Emperor, nant doubts. For a long time it has on their part, that they no longer had been the fashion to make all great any enmity towards him : but that it personages die of poison. was against the Russians his eminence Tallard, more dangerous in peace wished to avenge himself, for reasons than in war; whom I should not known to the whole world. Those have left a prisoner in England, if I were his words.

thought he would have obtained any Joseph the 1st, was attacked with interest there, made the Tories trithe small pox. There were no good umph, and crushed the Whigs. His physicians at Vienna; one was pro- assiduity towards Miss Masham, a cured from Lintz: it came out so new favourite of the Queen, in the full and well, that I thought him place of the Duchess of Marlborough; saved. I wished to take my leave his address in society : and his preof him before I set off for the Low sents of Burgundy and Champagne Countries : he sent me word, that I to Right Honorable Members of Parhad already exposed my life but too liament, who were amateurs of it, much for him, and that'he needed it' changed the face of the affairs of elsewhere, not with the small-pox. I Europe; and afterwards, a M. Me. did not insist upon it, and I set off on nager, who was sent there by Louis the 16th of April. Three days after- XIV. The consequences will be wards, I heard of his death, from the seen. ignorance of the college of physicians Marlborough played during the of Upper and Lower Austria, who rest of his tine in the Low Countries. disputed all night on the means of Yet he found means to finish his rernedying a great heat in the bowels military career with glory: he forced which the Emperor felt. I regretted the lines of the French behind the greatly the loss of this prince, who Senzee, aod took the town of Boy. was only in his thirty-third year; the chain.

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