Queen Elizabeth: Various Scenes and Events in the Life of Her Majesty

Sherman, French, 1913 - 295 Seiten

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Seite 57 - This judgment I have of you, that you will not be corrupted with any manner of gift and that you will be faithful to the State, and that without respect of my private will, you will give me that counsel that you think best...
Seite 246 - Latin and the Languages I have mentioned, she is Mistress of Spanish, Scotch and Dutch : Whoever speaks to her, it is kneeling ; now and then she raises some with her Hand. While we were there, W.
Seite 226 - I know already, by your forwardness, that you have deserved rewards and crowns; and We do assure you, on the word of a prince, they shall be duly paid you. In the...
Seite 225 - I am come amongst you, as you see, at this time, not for my recreation and disport, but being resolved, in the midst and heat of the battle, to live or die amongst you all, to lay down for my God, and for my kingdom, and for my people, my honour and my blood, even in the dust. I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman, but I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England too...
Seite 53 - Christ was the word that spake it; He took the bread and brake it ; And what the word did make it, That I believe and take it.
Seite 225 - My loving people, we have been persuaded by some that are careful of our safety, to take heed how we commit ourselves to armed multitudes, for fear of treachery. But I assure you, I do not desire to live to distrust my faithful and loving people.
Seite 225 - I know I have the body of a weak and feeble woman. But I have the heart and stomach of a king, and of a king of England, too, and think foul scorn that Parma or Spain or any prince of Europe should dare to invade the borders of my realm — to which, rather than any dishonor shall grow by me, I myself will take up arms.
Seite 100 - Majesty understand, how her singular kindness doth overcome my power to acquit it; who, though she will not be a mother, yet she sheweth herself, by feeding me with her own princely hand, as a careful nurse. And if I may be weaned to feed myself, I shall be more ready to serve her on the earth. If not, I hope to be in heaven a servitor for her and God's Church.
Seite 245 - First went gentlemen, barons, earls, knights of the garter, all richly dressed, and bare-headed ; next came the chancellor, bearing the seals, in a red silk purse, between two, one of which...
Seite 249 - When she smiled, it was a pure sunshine, that every one did choose to bask in, if they could ; but anon came a storm, from a sudden gathering of clouds, and the thunder fell, in a wondrous manner, on all alike...

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