La Plata, the Argentine Confederation and Paraguay: Being a Narrative of the Exploration of the Tributaries of the River La Plata and Adjacent Countries During the Years 1853, '54, '55 and '56, Under the Orders of the United States Government

Harper & Brothers, 1859 - 632 Seiten

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Seite 313 - It was a principle that the right to a thing gives a right to the means without which it could not be used, that is to say, that the means follow the end. Thus a right to navigate a river draws to it a right to moor vessels to its shores, to land on them in cases of distress, or for other necessary purposes, &c.
Seite 565 - Although the primary object of the Expedition is the promotion of the great interests of commerce and navigation, yet you will take all occasions, not incompatible with the great purposes of your undertaking, to extend the bounds of science, and promote the acquisition of knowledge.
Seite 265 - ... the calyx, with its hundred petals. When it first opens, it is white, with pink in the middle, which spreads over the whole flower the more it advances in age, and it is generally found the next day altogether of a pink colour ; as if to enhance its beauty it is sw-eet scented. Like others of its tribe, the petals and stamens pass gradually into each other, and many petaloid leaves may be observed which have vestiges of an anther.
Seite 596 - Your Department, then, is solicited to take the first step in bringing about a commercial intercourse between those countries and the United States, through these internal and fluvial avenues. It respectfully asks that you will immediately select one of the small government steamers carrying about five feet water to proceed to the upper tributaries of La Plata, certainly as far as Assumption, to make a geographical reconnoissance, and a hydrographical survey.
Seite 539 - It is proven against them by the undeniable testimony of their own papers, that in Paraguay they took the field, with organized armies, to oppose themselves to the crown...
Seite 265 - The stem of the flower is an inch thick near the calyx, and is studded with sharp elastic prickles, about three quarters of an inch in length. The calyx is fourleaved, each...
Seite 601 - ... Bravo,) and southwest portion of Texas. I perceive already several species, entirely new to science, and I am satisfied that, on a more critical examination of the whole collection, many more will turn out to be so. But the accession of new species is not the sole point of interest in the collection we owe to your exertions. Its study will touch to other problems as yet but little understood. And first and foremost is the problem of the natural affinities of these fishes with the types, now extinct,...
Seite 286 - I am constrained to consider the attack upon her as unjustifiable and as calling for satisfaction from the Paraguayan Government. Citizens of the United States also who were established in business in Paraguay have had their property seized and taken from them, and have otherwise been treated by the authorities in an insulting and arbitrary manner, which requires redress.
Seite 432 - ... the salubrity of its climate, and the riches of its natural resources ; and brings into communication with the Atlantic some of the richest and most populous provinces — Santiago del Estero, Tucuman, Salta, Jujui, &c.
Seite 265 - ... three to five inches high, on the inside light green, like the surface of the leaf, on the outside like the leafs lower surface, of a bright crimson.

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