The Western Journal of the Medical and Physical Sciences, Band 10

Daniel Drake, 1837

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Seite 214 - is a disease that affects the whole system ; it affects the head, the trunk of the body, and the extremities ; it affects the circulation, the absorption, and the nervous system ; it affects the skin, the muscular fibres, and the membranes; it affects the body and likewise the mind.
Seite 61 - The child had slept two or three nights in the same bed with a boy fourteen years old, and had complained of being very much hurt by him during the night. Leeches and other external applications, together with appropriate internal remedies, were prescribed ; but the debility increased, and on the 20th of February the child died. The coroner's inquest was taken ; previous to which the body was inspected, and the abdominal and thoracic viscera found free of disease. From these circumstances, Mr. Ward,...
Seite 37 - From the first appearance of this ground may be dated the origin of the modern pillow lace trade ; but it was not until the beginning of the present century that the...
Seite 245 - MD, Professor of Materia Medica and Medical Jurisprudence in the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York. THE HISTORY, DIAGNOSIS, AND TREATMENT OF THE FEVERS OF THE UNITED STATES.
Seite 393 - ... are necessary at the beginning of the treatment; the one to reduce the violence of the general circulation, the other to empty the distended capillaries of the part. As long as the pulse is quick, full, and hard, it is in vain to take blood from the affected part; if we could completely empty its gorged capillary vessels, they would be instantly gorged again, whilst the heart and large arteries are injecting them with so much violence.
Seite 593 - The use of the valvula coed in cascal digestion. — That the ccecal digestion may take place, it is necessary that the still digestible remains of the food should be rendered acid and changed into chyme, as in the stomach, before its mixture with the bile. This could not happen if the bile flowed continually into the ccecum, and it is therefore probable, that its opening into the small intestines is closed during chymification, as the stomach is closed during its digestion, only with the difference...
Seite 33 - In 1815 he was appointed Professor of the Institutes of Medicine and Lecturer on Medical Jurisprudence in the College of Physicians and Surgeons established at Fairfield, in Western New York.
Seite 200 - ... beneficial. Nor should the weather be scrupulously studied. Though I would not advise a consumptive patient to expose himself recklessly to the severest inclemencies of the weather, I would nevertheless warn him against allowing the dread of taking cold to confine him on every occasion when the temperature may be low or the skies overcast.
Seite 381 - ... consider a plantation as painters do a picture, and group their trees in the same manner as these do their figures, having their principal and subservient masses. This is the substance of what I learnt during my stay in China, partly from my own observation, but chiefly from the lessons of Lepqua: and from what has been said it may be inferred, that the art of laying out grounds, after the Chinese manner, is exceedingly difficult, and not to be attained by persons of narrow intellects. For though...
Seite 583 - ... will produce thirty tons, or sixty-seven thousand two hundred pounds, of potatoes annually ; which, being divided by the three hundred and sixty-five days of a year, will give one pound for each of four meals, or four pounds a-day, during the whole year, for forty-two persons. Hence, it is manifest that two millions and a half of acres of potatoes will permanently produce vegetable food for upwards of one hundred millions of people, or four times our present population ; allowing the remaining...

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