A manual of inorganic chemistry, Volume 1

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William Collins, Sons, & Company, Limited., 1885 - Chemistry, Inorganic

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Page 352 - Its vapor is greenish-yellow like chlorine. When heated in the air it takes fire and burns with a blue flame tinged with green, evolving white fumes of tellurous oxide.
Page 124 - I / / 1012 ^ vols. 1000 temperature it would become specifically lighter, and the duration of the summer would be insufficient to effect the liquefaction of the ice ; our climate would become arctic in its character ; and our lakes and rivers could not fulfil their greatest use, namely, the preservation and sustenance of a large portion of the animal kingdom. Fig. 53 gives a graphical representation of the changes of volume experienced by water on being heated from the solid state at 0 up to 200....
Page 169 - ... flow. The southern belt of high pressure lies nearly parallel to the equator, and is of nearly uniform breadth throughout; but the belt north of the equator has a very irregular outline, and great differences in its breadth and in its inclination to the equator, — these irregularities being due to the unequal distribution of land and water in the Northern Hemisphere. Considered...

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