Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Ausgabe 300


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Seite 138 - North of station 482 feet; a sandstone post about 48 by 12 by 12 inches, set about 36 inches in the ground, in the center of top of which is cemented a bronze meridian tablet.
Seite 62 - ... had been struck in western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, and carefully examining the geological surroundings of each, I found that every one of them was situated either directly on or near the crown of an anticlinal axis, while wells that had been bored in the synclines on either side furnished little or no gas, but in many cases large quantities of salt water. Further observation showed that the...
Seite iii - Ore deposits of the Silver Peak quadrangle, Nevada, by JE Spurr. 1906. 174 pp., 24 pis. B 289. A reconnaissance of the Matanuska...
Seite vi - Underground waters of Tennessee and Kentucky west of Tennessee River and of an adjacent area in Illinois, by LC Glenn.
Seite 66 - The gas from the upper sand is said by well superintendants to burn with a whiter but more sooty flame than that from the greater depth. According to the statements generally heard at the wells, the occurrence of an upper, less productive gas sand, yielding gas of greater illuminating power, is a very common feature in many gas fields.
Seite i - Systematic geology and paleontology; D, Petrography and mineralogy; E, Chemistry and physics; F, Geography; G, Miscellaneous; H, Forestry; I, Irrigation; J, Water storage; K, Pumping water; L, Quality of water; M, General hydrographic investigations...
Seite 139 - Vanceville, 1.7 miles northwest of, bridge over Pigeon Creek, 235 feet south of center of crossroads, set in north end of southwest abutment; bronze tablet stamped "1044 PITTSBURG," 1,042.454 WASHINGTON, NORTHEAST ALONG BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD, VIA EIGHTY-FOUR TO FINLEYVILLE STATION. Washington, Cherry and Main streets, southeastern end of boundary wall of court house, in south side; bronze tablet...
Seite v - PP 45. The geography and geology of Alaska, a summary of existing knowledge, by AH Brooks, with a section on climate, by Cleveland Abbe, jr., and a topographic map and description thereof, by RM Goode. 1905. 327 pp., 34 pis. B 273. The drumlins of southeastern Wisconsin (preliminary paper), by WC Alden.
Seite iii - Lee. 1906. 28 pp., 6 pis. B 297. The Yampa coal field, Routt County, Colo., by NM Fenneman, Hoyt S. Gale, and MR Campbell. 1906.
Seite iii - A reconnaissance of some gold and tin deposits of the southern Appalachians, by LC Groton, with notes on the Dahlonega mines, by W.

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