Address to the Landowners of England, on the Corn Laws


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Seite 22 - The insolvency of tenants, at this period, was unparalleled in the history of the agricultural classes, and the inefficacy of the Act of 1815 was so universally acknowledged, that an alteration in the law was made in the Session of 1822 ; but the alteration being contingent upon circumstances which never occurred, no permanent practical change took place till the year 1828, when the present system was adopted. During the period, therefore, from 1815 to 1828, the prohibitory system of 1815 was in...
Seite 21 - During the interval, from 1815 to 1822, the farmer experienced the most extraordinary fluctuations in the price of his merchandize, fluctuations arising from the variations of. the seasons, but aggravated by the state of the law, which either rigorously prohibited, or indiscriminately admitted foreign corn.* What, however, I am particularly anxious to direct your attention to, is the utter inefficiency of the law to accomplish either of its two purposes, of protecting the farmer from too low, and...
Seite 24 - ... that those who resort to it, are in the habit of demanding from their tenants a larger rent than they are capable of paying. Nothing, I must confess, is more distressing to me, than to witness these half-yearly annunciations of this mis-called liberality of certain portions of the landed interest. Has it never struck you, fellow citizens, that this proceeding is no evidence of liberality, but rather of extortion ; that the return of part of the rent may be proper, when called for by temporary...
Seite 14 - It is, nevertheless, a question which must be solved, before we can determine whether agricultural prosperity can be truly predicated of that period of our history. Summon, therefore, into your presence, the men who are old enough to remember those times, and who are both able and willing to give you an account of their then condition. Let these enquiries be made in various situations. Make them in districts of old enclosure —make them in districts of open field —make them in the North, and in...
Seite 30 - I have remarked in some a reluctance to enquire in to* the state of your manufacturing and commercial countrymen. In the manufacture of fine woollen cloth, the wages paid by the manufacturer amount to .about 60 per cent, upon the total expenditure incurred between the purchase of the wool in .the foreign port, and the period when the cloth is in a state fit for sale ; in the manufacture of linen yarn, the corresponding expenditure in wages is about 48 per cent. In the manufacture of earthenware,...
Seite 27 - His object, in the present appeal to the land-owners of the country, is to shew, that the corn laws are unjust in principle;— that they have not answered the purpose of protecting the agriculturist ;—and that their only result is, ' to confer the fraction ' of a benefit upon one, and that, the wealthiest class of the ' nation, and to do unmixed evil to every other class.

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