Catalogue of the Library of the Historical Society of the State of Montana: Also a Report of the Librarian for the Years 1891-92, Being the First Biennial Report and Catalogue Ever Published by the State Or Society. In Two Part. Part 1: The Publications of this State and of Other States and General History. Part 2: Publications of the United States which Have Been Received at this Library to November 30, 1892

C. K. Wells Company, printers, 1892 - 128 Seiten

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Seite 15 - Indian tribes — -their history, characteristics, religion, etc. ; sketches of prominent chiefs, orators and warriors, together with contributions of Indian weapons, costumes, ornaments, curiosities, and implements ; also, stone axes, spears, arrow heads, pottery, or other relics.
Seite 15 - ... past years, or single numbers even. Publishers are earnestly requested to contribute their publications regularly, all of which will be carefully preserved and bound.
Seite 23 - April 30, 1889, at the Centennial Celebration of the Inauguration of George Washington as the first President of the United States.
Seite 116 - Price 10 cents. 65. Stratigraphy of the Bituminous Coal Field of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia, by Israel C. White. 1891. 8". 212pp. 11 pi. Price 20 cents. 66. On a Group of Volcanic Rocks from the Tewan Mountains, New Mexico, and on the occurrence of Primary Quartz in certain Basalts, by Joseph Paxson Iddings.
Seite 118 - Tables and Results of the Precipitation of Rain and Snow in the US, etc., by Chas.
Seite 21 - The State Historical Society, heretofore organized under the incorporation laws of the state, shall be the trustee of the state, and as such shall faithfully expend and apply all money received from the state to the uses and purposes directed by law, and shall hold all its present and future collections and property for the state...
Seite 21 - Montana, now organized under the provisions of an act of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Montana, entitled an "Act to incorporate the Historical Society of Montana...
Seite 21 - The supervision of instruction in the public schools shall be vested in a board of education, whose powers and duties shall be prescribed by law. The superintendent of public instruction shall be president of the board. Until otherwise provided by law, the governor, secretary of state, and attorney general shall be ex-officio members, and with the superintendent, compose said board of education.
Seite 125 - These series are based on Sixth Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor, 1890, Cost of Production, part III; and Seventh Annual Report of the Commissioner of Labor, 1891, Cost of Production, vol. II, part III- Only data for so-called "normal" families in all industries (identified by budget numbers, Seventh Annual Report, pp.
Seite 15 - Indian troubles, or the late rebellion; biographies of the pioneers; prominent citizens and public men of every county either living or deceased, together with their portraits and autographs: a sketch of the settlement of every township, village, and neighborhood...

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