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mon to all Men ; the ungrateful Return he met with for all his Labours and useful Discoveries; and the mean unmanly perfonal Abuses from fome, whose Stations called for more decent Language ; and the affected Contempt of his Writings, from almost all the then great Men, would have exasperated others as well as him. And tho he has proved those whom he has fixed fome Titles to (which it is thought is by Patent, fine Die) did well deserve them, having been embarked in a Design to destroy all the Remains of Learning and Religion among us, yet do they complain as much as if they had no Right to them. It is true any Man may call Names; and he and they have called each other so; but he has proved that they deserved theirs; but he is dead and gone, and so are some of them; and if the Survivors, or Successors, of them we refer to,

will with Candour examine his Difcoveries, object and publish such Objections, with their Names to them, they shall be treated with all that Respect and Deference their Stations deserve; and with all that Mildness and Christian Benevolence they shall set us an Example of.

What Hurt have his Writings don What one Inconvenience hath accrued from reading them? All who have read them, have a great Esteem for the Sacred Scriptures ; are induced to learn the original Language they were wrote in ; on all Occasions thew a Zeal for the great Truths of Christianity, and are enabled to give a Reafon of the Hope that is in them. Numbers of unlearned Mechanicks, not only those of the higher Class in the Trading Life, but many who live from Hand to Mouth, find Time to ļearn the Hebrer Language, (a Lan


guage in itself the fullest, conciseft, and easiest learnt of any that is, or ever was, in Use,) and to see for themselves the Evidence of our Faith, which thro' the Ignorance of Hebrew, has been almost disputed out of the World. What erroneous Principles has Mr. Hutchinson advanced ! What one Article of our Faith has he opposed ! Nay, what one Article has he not illustrated, explained, and brought additional Proofs of? A Trinity in Unity; Three Persons coequal and coeternal; the Covenant of Grace, made and sworn to by these Great Ones before the World was; the Coming forth of one of them to take our Nature upon him ; of another to influence the Mind, and assist us against the Wiles of our invisible Enemy; the Meaning of the Titles and Offices ascribed to these great Persons; the Manner of their performing their


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Part"; the Duty required of us on our Part; the Genius of the Hebrew Tongue, and Meaning of it, and the Hieroglyphicks described in it ---The Fluid of the Air, and it's mechanical Agency, it’s Trinity .in Unity; the Manner of it's performing all the Operations of Nature, are what his Writings tend to the Proof and Illuftration of: And you will always find the highest Veneration and closest Attachment to the great Articles and Principles of our Religion in those who read his Writings. They may perhaps laugh at a Vacuum, and occult Qualities in Philosophy ; and sometimes from a full Conviction of the direct Tendency of Modern Philofophy to Deism, Arianism, and which is not much worse, Atheism, may express themfelves with too much Warmth, nay, with Bitterness; which those, who cannot bear found Doc

trine, would not bear could they help it. The Light of Nature paffes indeed with us for an Ignis Fatuus; and they who set it up for a Guide, as Men who know not what they are about ; who are themselves deceived by Words, or 'would deceive others : Nature being no more than the Things that are created; or thật Agency of the Air which forms Things, and which has no more Knowledge in itself than the Wheels of a Watch have. Reason is but the Capacity of the Soul to know; no more in the Soul, than the Eye in the Body, hath no Light in itself; but the Light of Revelation we look on as sufficient to guide us into all Truth. The Demonstration of the Being and Attributes of God. by a Parcel of Words, called Metaphyficks, we look on as prefumptuous in the Attempt, the being wiser than God, or, wife above what is written; and the Argument, as hi


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