The California Homoeopath, Band 8


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Seite 201 - Oh yet we trust that somehow good Will be the final goal of ill, To pangs of nature, sins of will, Defects of doubt, and taints of blood ; That nothing walks with aimless feet ; That not one life shall be destroyed, Or cast as rubbish to the void, When God hath made the pile complete...
Seite 143 - May I ask for the publicity of your pages to aid me in procuring co-operation in a scientific investigation for which I am responsible? I refer to the Census of Hallucinations, which was begun several years ago by the "Society for Psychical Research...
Seite 243 - MD, Professor of Diseases of the Rectum at the New York Post-graduate Medical School and Hospital, etc.
Seite 271 - H2O2 must be used with caution about the hair if the color of the hair is a matter of importance to the patient, for this drug, under an alias, is the golden hair bleach of the nymph's dispare, and a dark-haired man with a canarycolored moustache is a stirring object.
Seite 271 - The exceptions which prove the rule are easily appreciated when we have them to deal with. Peroxide of hydrogen is an unstable compound, and becomes weaker as oxygen is given off, but Marchand's 15volume solution will retain active germicidal powders for many months, if kept tightly corked in a cold place.
Seite 143 - Have you ever, when completely awake, had a vivid impression of seeing or being touched by a living being or inanimate object, or of hearing a voice ; which impression, so far as you could discover, was not due to any external physical cause...
Seite 270 - In abscess of the brain, where we could not thoroughly wash the pus out of tortuous canals without injuring the tissues, the H2O2 injected at a superficial point will follow the pus, and throw it out, too, in a foaming mixture. It is best to inject a small quantity, wait until foaming ceases, and repeat injections until the last one fail-s to bubble. Then we know that the pus cavity is chemically clean, as far as live microbes are concerned. In appendicitis, we can open the abscess, inject Peroxide...
Seite 247 - Again, more than half of the saccharine ingredient of this preparation is cane sugar, added for the purpose of preservation, and this material is very liable, when in excess, to ferment in the alimentary canal, giving rise to irritant products that impede digestion. Infants fed upon condensed milk, though fat, are pale, lethargic and flabby ; although large, are far from strong ; have little power to resist diseases ; often cut their teeth late, and are very likely to drift into rickets.
Seite 282 - I have not failed once for many years, by a single vesication over the fourth and fifth dorsal vertebrae, to put an end at "once to the sickness of pregnancy for the whole remaining period of gestation, no matter at what stage I was consulted. The neuralgic toothache and pruritus pudendi of the puerperal condition yielded as readily, and to one application.

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