a discourse of virginia


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Seite 6 - A True Relation of such occurrences and accidents of noate as hath hapned in Virginia since the first planting of that Collony, which is now resident in the South part thereof, till the last returne from thence. Written by Captaine Smith, Coronell of the said Collony, to a worshipfull friend of his in England.
Seite 35 - Leviticall law, for the lives of Robinson and Emry, pretending the fault was his that had led them to their ends; but he quickly...
Seite 18 - Our men were destroyed with cruel diseases, as swellings, flixes, burning fevers, and by wars ; and some departed suddenly. But for the most part they died of mere famine. There were never Englishmen left in a foreign country in such misery as we were, in this new discovered Virginia.
Seite 26 - Crofts feared not to saie, that, if others would ioyne wth him, he would pull me out of my seate, and out of my skynn too. Others would saie (whose names I spare), that, vnless I would amend their allowance, they would be their owne caruers.
Seite 18 - God to put a terror in the savages' hearts, we had all perished by those wild and cruel pagans, being in that weak estate as we were; our men night and day groaning in every corner of the fort most pitiful to hear. If there were any conscience in men, it would make their hearts to bleed to hear the pitiful murmurings and outcries of our sick men, without relief every night and day for the space of six weeks; some departing out of the world, many times three or four in a night, in the morning their...
Seite 35 - Mr Archer, being settled in his authority, sought how to call Mr Smyth's lief in question, and had indited him vpon a chapter in Leuiticus for the death of his twoe men. He had had his tryall...
Seite 18 - ... which was at a flood very salt, at a low tide full of slime and filth; which was the destruction of many of our men.
Seite 23 - Recorder of Virginia. The President made a speeche to the Collony, that he thought it fitt to acquaint them whie I was deposed. I ame now forced to stuff my paper with frivolous trifles, that our graue and worthy Councell may the better strike those vaynes where the corrupt blood lyeth, and that they may see in what manner of governmt the hope of the Collony now travayleth.
Seite 16 - Gosnold,5 vpon whose liefs stood a great part of the good succes and fortune of our gouernment and Collony. In his sicknes tyme, the President did easily foretel his owne deposing from his comaund ; so much differed the President and the other Councellors in mannaging the government of the Collonye.
Seite 13 - Newport,3 haueing allwayes his eyes and eares open to the proceedings of the Collonye, 3 or 4 dayes before his departure asked the President how he thought himself settled in the gouernment: whose answere was, that no disturbance could indaunger him or the Collonye, but it must be wrought eyther by Captayne Gosnold or Mr Archer ; 4 for the one was strong wth freinds and followers, and could if he would; and the other was troubled wth an ambitious spirit, and would if he could.

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