The Mining and Smelting Magazine, Band 3

The Office, 1863

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Seite 100 - Surely there is a vein for the silver, And a place for gold where they fine it. Iron is taken out of the earth, And brass is molten out of the stone.
Seite 167 - Mysore, to be an Ordinary Member of the Civil Division of the Second Class, or Knights Commanders of the Most Honourable Order of tht Bath; and of Colonel Edward Charles Warde, of the Royal Artillery...
Seite 35 - ... in brilliancy. It is not, however, very lasting. Owing to its great volatility, a portion introduced at once into the flame merely shows the line as a brilliant flash, remaining only a fraction of a second; but if it be introduced into the flame gradually, the line continues present for a much longer time. If, also, a piece of metallic thallium be introduced into the flame on a platinum wire loop, they fuse together, and the alloy gives the green line rather more permanently, although of course...
Seite 200 - ... would be difficult to find more characteristic examples than the two extracts here placed in conjunction, both relating to the exhaustion of our national supply of coal, and both being exponents of his patriotic wishes for the welfare of his country. Speaking of a well-known coal-field, he says, "This magnificent bed of coal has been most barbarously treated. The pits have generally been worked by contractors under the superintendence of viewers, called ground bailiffs. In consequence of the...
Seite 161 - ... atom of the minerals now considered: There is but one place from whence these minerals may have come; this is, the bowels of the earth, the place of power and expansion, the place...
Seite 91 - Accounts relating to Trade and Navigation of the United Kingdom for the nine months ended 30th Sept.
Seite 161 - ... proceeded that intense heat, by which loose materials have been consolidated into rocks, as well as that enormous force, by which the regular strata have been broken and displaced.
Seite 285 - Anthracite, or nearly pure carbon, on the one hand, and petroleum, or carbon with a maximum of hydrogen, on the other, represent the two extremes of the process of which bituminous coals and asphalts are intermediate terms. Petroleum, as is well known, impregnates certain rocks, from which it flows spontaneously, and the solid forms of bitumen are often disseminated throughout limestones or sandstones, from which they may be in part removed by heat, and more completely by solvents such as benzole.
Seite 107 - ... next, giving an alloy of excellent quality. The ordinary coppers of commerce generally fail, owing, it is said, to the presence of iron, which appears to be specially prejudicial. Further, the alloy must be melted two or three times, as that obtained from the first melting is excessively brittle. "Each successive melting, up to a certain point determined by the working, and particularly the forging properties of the metal, improves its tenacity and strength.
Seite 301 - The Cassiterides : an Inquiry into the Commercial Operations of the Phoenicians in Western Europe; with particular reference to the British Tin Trade.

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