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Exod.ix. 16, 17. And in very deed for this cause bave I raised thee up, for to few in thee my power, and that my name may be declared throughout all the earth. As yet exaltest thou thyself against my people!

THE Marquis of Argyle, who did not believe that the King would ever have ventured into Scotland upon the conditions he had sent, was surprised with the account the commissioners had given him, “ that his Majesty “ resolved to embark the next day; that he would leave “ all his chaplains and his other servants behind him, “ and only deferred to take the Covenant himself till he “ came thither, with a resolution to satisfy the Kirk if " they pressed it.” Thereupon he immediately dif- Argyle patched away another vessel with new propositions, which propofithe commissioners were to infist upon, and not to consent to the King's coming into that kingdom, without mifled the he likewise consented to those.. But that veffel met not


sends new

tions ; which


VOL. III. P. 2.


arrives in

with the King's fleet, which, that it might avoid that of the Parliament, which attended to intercept the King, had held its course more northward, where there are good harbours; and so had put into a harbour near Stirling, that is, within a day's journey of it, but where there was no town nearer than that for his Majesty's reception, or where there was any accommodation even for

very ordinary passengers. 'The King From thence notice was sent to the Council of the Scotland. King's arrival : the first welcome he received was a

new demand “that he would sign the Covenant himself, “ before he fet his foot on shore ;" which all about him pressed him to do: and he now found, that he

had made haste thither upon very unskilful imaginaThe King tions and presumptions : yet he consented unto what Covenant. they so imperiously required, that he might have leave

to put himself into the hands of those who resolved nothing less than to serve him. The lords of the other party, who had prevailed with him to submit to all that had been required of him, quickly found that they had deceived both him and themselves, and that nobody had any authority but those men who were their mortal enemies. So that they would not expose themselves to be imprisoned, or to be removed from the King; but, with his Majesty's leave, and having given him the best advice they could, what he should do for himself, and what he should do for them, they put themselves on Thore before the King disembarked ; and found means to go to those places where they might be some time

concealed, and which were like to be at distance enough Hamilton from the King. And shortly after Duke Hamilton re

tired to the island of Arran, which belonged to himself; part from where he had a little house well enough accommodated, ilie King, the island being for the most part inhabited with wild

-beasts :

and Lau. therdale de

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