Mining and Engineering World, Volume 28

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Mining and Engineering World, 1908 - Mineral industries

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Page 205 - That out of the first annual appropriation so received by any station an amount not exceeding one-fifth may be expended in the erection, enlargement, or repair of a building or buildings necessary for carrying on the work of such station; and thereafter an amount not exceeding five per centum of such annual appropriation may be so expended.
Page 289 - All records of mining claims hereafter made shall contain the name or names of the locators, the date of the location, and such a description of the claim or claims located by reference to some natural object or permanent monument as will identify the claim.
Page 139 - For redemption of outstanding certificates an exact equivalent in amount of the appropriate kinds of money is held in the Treasury, and is not included in the account of money held as assets of the government.
Page 251 - ... 1. The coal should be supplied to the furnace in small quantities at frequent intervals. The more nearly the feed approaches a continuous and uniform supply the better the results. 2. The air supply should be slightly in excess of the theoretical amount required and be admitted principally through the fuel bed, with an auxiliary supply admitted at the front or rear of the furnace to burn gases from the coal.
Page 289 - It shall be the duty of the adverse claimant, within thirty days after filing his claim, to commence proceedings in a court of competent jurisdiction, to determine the question of the right of possession, and prosecute the same with reasonable...
Page 126 - ... increases. These features of the soils are especially marked on the broad, flat ridges characterizing much of the Piedmont Plateau region. The roan gneiss leaves a greenish sandy soil on disintegration, and an ocher-yellow to dark reddish-brown or chocolate-colored clayey soil on decomposition. Black stains of manganese are associated with many of the soils derived from hornblendic rocks. A clew to the nature of the...
Page 245 - ... advanced in value or condition by refining or grinding, or by other process, and not specially provided for in this Act.
Page 93 - Contributory negligence is such an act or omission on the part of the plaintiff, amounting to a want of ordinary care, as, concurring or co-operating with the negligent act of the defendant, is a proximate cause or occasion of the injury complained of.
Page 65 - ... a large percentage of black sands, and it is then often difficult to concentrate the monazite to a marketable grade. As an offset to this, however, especially in regions where granite is associated with the hornblendic rocks, gold is often found in the concentrates in quantity more than sufficient to pay the cost of separation, and in the same localities the concentrates generally carry also a quantity of zircon. This zircon is in the form of small, clear crystals with brilliant luster, which...
Page 25 - In dry rocks the principal points of accumulation of oil will be at or near the bottom of the synclines or at the lowest point of the porous medium, or at any point where the slope of the rock is not sufficient to overcome the friction, such as structural terraces or benches.

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